WTOP announces third season of Not for Lazy Moms podcast featuring The Real Housewives of Potomac host Monique Samuels

WASHINGTON, D.C., US, October 6, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — WTOP is excited to launch season three of the Not for Lazy Moms podcast with host Monique Samuels, one of the stars of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Potomac show.

The Not for Lazy Moms podcast is for parents who want it all and do it all, and who are striving to be the best versions of themselves when it comes to parenting, relationships, career development and self care.

Samuels is joined on the show by her husband, Chris Samuels, former offensive tackle for the Washington Football Team, and Aly Jacobs, co-founder of k + a Brand Consulting and a former DC radio personality. Monique, her co-hosts and their weekly special guests tell it like it is no matter the topic.

“This season we are focused on changing our mindset when it comes to parenting, relationships and business,” said Monique Samuels. “With each episode we are pushing ourselves to see the positives in any situation so that we can be fully present in the moment which will make well-rounded individuals.”

In season three of the podcast, Not for Lazy Moms takes on topics ranging from business ownership, to self-care, parenting during a pandemic, balancing your career and everything in between!

“What I love about Monique is she is not afraid to speak about what’s on her mind. The show covers topics that real people can relate to and that is so refreshing,” said Julia Ziegler, Director of News & Programming for WTOP. “We are excited to have Not for Lazy Moms as part of the WTOP podcast community.”

Season three of the Not For Lazy Moms podcast launches today! The first three episodes feature the following topics:

• Available Now! Ep. 1 – Kids Are People – Respecting your child’s voice and creating an environment that teaches them to be independent thinkers and boost self-confidence.

• Available Oct. 13! Ep. 2 – Busy Being Unproductive – Learning how to overcome procrastination and being unproductive in our marriages, family and business endeavors. Create routines that allow us to be present with our family and avoid feeling like the days are passing and accomplishments are minimal.

• Available Oct. 20! Ep. 3 – Potty Training Mommy & Daddy – How to introduce potty training at an early age along with tips and tricks for potty training walkers.

Subscribe for your weekly dose of the Not For Lazy Moms podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and TuneIn. You can also find the podcast on PodcastOne and WTOP.com.

About Monique Samuels:

Monique Samuels, a star on Bravo’s hit reality television series The Real Housewives of Potomac, is an entrepreneur, speaker, media personality, writer, and philanthropist. Most importantly, Monique is also a loving wife and mom of three. She is known for her ability to balance her personal and professional lives and “do it all.” Among her many accomplishments, Monique is the founder of Mila Eve Essentials, an essential products company featuring 100% pure, therapeutic essential oils and other self-care products and CEO of Not For Lazy Moms, a multi-platform media company that provides a destination and online community for resourceful women who want it all and do it all. Not For Lazy Moms began as a blog and has grown into a powerful community where parents can find inspiration for maintaining themselves as well as lifestyle tips and natural alternatives for their families. The website inspired a Not For Lazy Moms podcast, which debuted in August of 2018. The Not For Lazy Moms community is where people share stories about overcoming obstacles in life, open up about challenges, and share ideas and advice on parenthood, relationships, healthy living, happiness, and so much more. You can tune into her podcasts on all major platforms and join the Not For Lazy Moms community at www.NotForLazyMoms.com. Check out Monique’s 100% pure, therapeutic essential oils and other self-care products at www.MilaEveEssentials.com.

About WTOP:

WTOP serves the Washington D.C. metro area 24/7 with top news, traffic and weather. WTOP can be heard on 103.5 FM, 107.7 FM and 103.9 FM. WTOP’s live stream and news content are also available on any device at WTOP.com, the WTOP app and on smart speakers like Alexa and Google Home. WTOP and its sister news operation, Federal News Network, are owned by Hubbard Radio, LLC. WTOP produces over a dozen podcasts including 22 Hours: An American Nightmare (winner of a regional Edward R. Murrow Award), Colors: A Dialogue on Race in America and Target USA.

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by Tim Austin

Permission To Be Tough: Raising Boys To Be Rugged Gentlemen

More than a deeply revealing book, “Permission to be Tough” is a father’s direct response to the need to “raise boys to be rugged gentlemen.

We live in troubled times, and at some level, we as parents must assume a certain level of responsibility for a common endemic of an entitlement mentality, which breeds unacceptable behavior patterns.”

— Tim Austin

MESA, ARIZONA, U.S.A., October 5, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — "Parenting is a tough job; kids don't come with instruction booklets! We are living in a social environment that tends to create more feelings of entitlement than respect and boundaries. When it comes to raising sons, the process must include a certain amount of "intentional" actions to teach sons to be gentlemen…in practical ways that fall into the parameters of the age-old saying, "Children learn from what they live." -Tim Austin

Just in time to honor of the Parents as Teachers VIRTUAL 2020 International Conference, “Permission To Be Tough,” bestselling author, Tim Austin, notes, "we live in a troubled world, where raising loving, responsible, young men is a challenge." He takes a deep look at the important issues relevant to raising “rugged gentlemen,” in a world where it is necessary to sometimes give them “permission to be tough.”

Austin asks the difficult questions: Do we, in reality, fail our youth by allowing expectations, which are not within the boundaries of reality?

Do we fail them each time we sweep under the rug problems that may surface because the role of parenting takes too much time or attention?

Do we inadvertently place too much emphasis on – or allow too much demand for – being the center of attention in life?

Tim Austin lives a simple and quiet life on his farm in Paonia, Colorado. He handles the business operations of a growing “retreat” area and volunteers as a high school wrestling coach and EMT for the local ambulance service in the off-season. The author loves spending time with grandchildren who are his pride and joy. The mountains are his favorite place to be: trail hiking, mountain climbing, bear hunting, elk hunting, stream fishing, backpacking, camping, or just sitting in a grove of aspen trees are but a few activities that add spice and adventure to life.

With a fresh perspective of the myriad people who shape a young man’s future, Austin provides insight, humor, and proven wisdom, backed by decades of being a parent and coach…and shows persons of influence in a young man’s life how to provide the kind of innovative, loving guidance young boys need. His book explains exactly what he feels should be expected of our young men, and how some parents inadvertently spoil them rotten. He speaks to the mother’s role to inspire and nurture, whereas a father performs better as role model – as he both affirms and challenges them to be their “best self.”

Austin shares his unique experiences as a child, a father, and an action-oriented leader of children, particularly in sports. His shared experience supports how sports plays a big part in the lives of many young men. and coaches are charged with developing the attitude of a winner. Together with parents and coaches, schools are instrumental in finding the “sweet spot” where boys are kept on a gentle leash – yet learn how to cope in a complicated world. And, in all this mix, “little princes” are sometimes dethroned yet are also provided an opportunity to “borrow courage” until theirs is evolved.

The author puts a wrap on the book by providing a full chapter of activities designed to strategically connect parent and son – and, in the end, give them permission to be tough and become rugged gentlemen. The reader will be challenged and changed by specifics in “Permission to Be Tough” about the current need for more connection with our children – particularly the boys in our charge. Austin’s message and meaning are clear, concise, and well-honed; it is a heart cry for our children that resonates with its readers.

A Foreword by Chad Moore, the Lead Pastor of Sun Valley Community Church in Gilbert, Arizona and testimonials and advance praises by school administrators, athletic coaches, literary agents and the author’s children embrace the powerhouse of Austin’s work as it weaves the pattern of history which brought us to this place—in a book where solutions leap from the pages into the eager hearts of its readers.


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Permission To Be Tough: Raising Boys To Be Rugged Gentlemen by Tim Austin

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With fires blazing around the world… How did one woman turn losing her home to a fire into a good thing?

Kim Stanwood Terranova, Author/Speaker

Kim Stanwood Terranova, Author/Speaker

Jennifer K. Hill Co-Host "Get Yourself the Job"/TV Host on Awake TV Network

Jennifer K. Hill Co-Host “Get Yourself the Job”/TV Host on Awake TV Network

Kim Stanwood Terranova's house before the fire

Kim Stanwood Terranova’s house before the fire

Kim Stanwood Terranova's house after the fire

Kim Stanwood Terranova’s house after the fire

Awake TV Network

Awake TV Network

Kim Stanwood Terranova, author of "The Technology of Intention," joins Jennifer Hill on Awake TV Network this Monday at 12pm PT to facilitate a free meditation

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 1, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Kim knows all too well what it takes to "Rise From The Rubble" of challenges in life.

In recent California fires, her Malibu home was completely destroyed leaving only a statue standing (before and after photos of her home included). Rather than let this discourage her, Kim used this experience to propel positive and miraculous changes in her life. Utilizing her years of experience in teaching others how to "Rise from the Rubble" of their own challenges, fear and heartbreak, Kim's principals remains the guiding light in her work today.

This Monday, October 5th, Kim joins Jennifer K. Hill at 12pm PT on Awake TV Network for a free Coalition for Global Unity meditation.

Click here to tune in this Monday: https://www.awaketvnetwork.live/browse

About Kim Stanwood Terranova

Kim Stanwood Terranova is committed to guiding people in fulfilling their greatest destiny. As a counselor, coach, speaker, author, and spiritual leader, Kim has been doing just that for over 25 years. She has immersed herself in the study and practice of Universal spiritual truth and wisdom, with a degree in Spiritual Studies, and as a licensed Practitioner of Truth through The Agape International Spiritual Center. Her wisdom is appreciated as a lead facilitator at the Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica, is the author of the #1 best-selling book "The Technology of Intention: Activating the Power of the Universe within You!," and as a course creator and teacher of the Spiritual Liberation in Action class for the esteemed Agape University.

She has worked with and learned from world-renowned spiritual teachers including Dr. Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Rhonda Britten, Terry Cole Whittaker and many more.

About Jennifer K. Hill
Jennifer K. Hill has appeared on many major news outlets around the world including: KNX Radio, BBC News, ABC, NBC, FOX and E! News, and has been quoted in numerous online articles as well including The Ladders and Glassdoor. In addition, Jennifer has been featured speaker for various conferences, law firms and corporations around the United States.

In 2010, Jennifer opened her own corporate/legal staffing company, JHill’s Staffing Services, Inc., which was acquired by Marcum Search LLC in February of 2018, where she became the President of the California Search Division until recently transitioning to a Consultant role with the company.
In 2013, Jennifer published her first book “Stop Hoping, Start Hunting! A Job Seeker’s Guide to Finding a Dream Job.” She has also since published two widely acclaimed white papers focused on transformation in the legal industry, and recently released her second book, “101 Spiritual Tools for Uncertain Times” on Amazon Kindle.

About the Coalition for Global Unity
The intention of the Coalition for Global Unity is to generate wholeness within ourselves, and thus the world through uniting the world's consciousness once a week in meditation for 52 weeks.

Each member of the Coalition will facilitate a weekly meditation, teaching, or musical experience which will begin at 12pm PT and go for approximately 30 minutes.

About Awake TV Network

Awake TV is an interactive, conscious media platform. Coined "The Spiritual Netflix", we have a variety of channels and we host weekly live-streaming shows on awakening topics. We host live events and documentaries. Our International team of 60+ teachers are experts in science, spirituality, health, wellness, metaphysics, parenting, mindfulness, environmentalism, energy medicine, and unity consciousness. Awake TV's mission is to open the minds and hearts of humanity. We support the elevation of consciousness in all facets of society. We support the New World Paradigm with our high vibrational programming. We have over 1,800 videos of high vibrational content. We launched our platform on 11.11.19. Our focus is to raise the vibrational frequency of consciousness on our planet."

Jennifer Hill
MetaBizics LLC
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Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Friends Receives Top Honors From National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA)

Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Friends

The Second Miss Olive Book in The Doggy Diva Diaries Trilogy Recognized for its Anti-Bullying Message

SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — MediaVista Public Relations NEWS RELEASE

Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Friends
Receives Top Honors From National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA)

The Second Miss Olive Book in The Doggy Diva Diaries Trilogy Recognized for its Anti-Bullying Message


Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Friends was recognized by the National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA). The prestigious award is respected and trusted by parents worldwide and is the ultimate source for education professionals seeking the best products and books for children. The second book in The Doggy Diva Diaries trilogy continues the story of a little Italian Greyhound named Miss Olive, who is rescued from an animal shelter into a foster family and then happily finds her loving ‘furever’ home.

Written by Susan Marie and Miss Olive herself, and Illustrated by Rebekah Phillips and Kim Ranson, Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Friends has Miss Olive learning that when faced with bullying, her superpower is kindness, and that it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside. It’s the kindness and love you have on the inside that counts.

“I’m thrilled and honored that the education professionals, parents and children who read Miss Olive’s book for NAPPA connected with her journey,” said author Susan Marie. “We could all learn to be more kind and that’s exactly what Miss Olive is all about. When you approach new people with an open heart and an open mind, you just might make a ‘furever’ friend!”

Recommended for ages four through nine, Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Friends, with its anti-bullying message, shows children that making an effort to be kind is how to make lasting friendships. Miss Olive realizes that true friends will stick by her and won’t join in with taunts from bullies. She is thrilled to discover that she not only has a “furever” home, but she has “furever” friends as well.

Throughout its more than thirty years in existence, the NAPPA Awards has sought to find and showcase the best toys, baby and family products and books. As one of the longest-running awards programs in the country, NAPPA ensures that parents purchase the highest-quality products that help them connect and enjoy time with their families.

About Susan Marie
For over fifteen years, Susan Marie has been spreading the word about puppy love through her national weekly radio show, The Doggy Diva Show. On her show, Susan interviews pet industry experts, bestselling authors, pet health and lifestyle professionals and representatives from animal rescue organizations. Past guests include Bob Barker, Dean Koontz, Julia Cameron, Alison Eastwood, and America's Veterinarian, Dr. Marty Becker. The Doggy Diva Show can be heard on Pet Life Radio, Apple, Google Play, Stitcher and Speak Up Talk Radio.

Susan is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators as well as the Dog Writer’s Association of America and the Florida Writers Association. A devoted champion of animals, Susan donates a portion of the proceeds from Miss Olive books to animal rescue organizations. She’s passionate about passing along the love of animals to future generations.

About Miss Olive:
Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Home and Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Friends are the first and second books (respectively) in a trilogy about the adventures of Miss Olive, an Italian Greyhound rescue. The real Miss Olive was adopted in 2015 by author Susan Marie from Italian Greyhound Rescue Gulf Coast. Miss Olive was a victim of neglect and health issues, having lost her teeth due to lack of medical attention and one of her legs to cancer. The neglect and illness that she experienced has never affected her loving, gentle spirit; she is always ready for a snuggle. Miss Olive joins Susan Marie at the microphone each week as the co-host of radio show The Doggy Diva Show on Pet Life Radio.

Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Friends is available on Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com.

Learn more about Susan, Miss Olive and Miss Olive’s book trilogy by visiting www.TheDoggyDiva.com.

# # #

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Sex Power Couple Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire to Stream Live “Kink for Lovers” at the Legendary Folsom Fair

Sex Power Couple King Noire & Jet Setting Jasmine Teach Kink for Lovers at Tomorrow’s Folsom Fair

Margaret Cho Will Be Hosting Folsom Fair 2020

Hosted by Margaret Cho Sunday, September 27

The first question we ask is, ‘How did you first learn about sex?'”

— Jet Setting Jasmine

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, September 26, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Sex power couple Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire will be streaming worldwide for “Kink for Lovers,” live on Sunday, September 27 at the legendary Folsom Fair 2020 hosted by actor/comedian/activist Margaret Cho 11am – 6pm PT at www.folsomstreetfair.org

Hot off the heels of their Huffington Post interview, The Porn Industry Has A White Supremacy Problem. Meet The Couple Working To Fix It: King Noire and Jet Setting Jasmine want to decolonize Black and brown bodies in the adult film industry, the happily-married, sex-positive couple will be sharing their knowledge on how you can achieve a loving, safe and respectful relationship while enjoying kink and playing with others.

“The first question we ask is, ‘How did you first learn about sex?’” Jet Setting Jasmine said to Huffington Post. “Everyone starts with some sort of pornographic material, even if it’s an intimate scene in a mainstream film. In this small sort of research study, we already see the way people unintentionally learn about sex is through entertainment and media. And when you’re learning about people’s bodies and reactions from that alone, you’re incredibly limited in how you see people of color.”

You may read the Huffington Post interview with King Noire and Jet Setting Jasmine in its entirety here https://www.huffpost.com/entry/racism-in-porn_n_5f6a191bc5b6968b276fc4fe?ncid=engmodushpmg00000006

For more information on The Folsom Fair go to https://www.folsomstreetevents.org/folsom-street-fair and you may follow on social media on Twitter at https://twitter.com/folsomstevents on Facebook at www.facebook.com/folsomstreetevents and on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/folsomstreetevents/

To donate text Folsom2020 to 345345.

For more information on King Noire and Jet Setting Jasmine go here https://www.jsjlinks.com/

You may follow Jet Setting Jasmine on Twitter at https://twitter.com/JetSetJasmine and on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/jetsettingjasmine/

You may follow King Noire on Twitter at https://twitter.com/KingNoire and on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/therealkingnoire/

About King Noire

King Noire is an accomplished and award-winning writer, porn performer, artist, Master Fetish Trainer, MC and global activist using the proceeds of his album ‘Music Is My Weapon’ to build a school, fresh water well and medical clinic in Guinea Bissau, West Africa. He has used his position in the adult industry to develop an ethically sound molded toy in partnership with Lust Arts; raise consciousness around kink safety for people of color; and offering sex education to audiences ranging from college students to medical providers.

King has taken the Adult Entertainment Industry by storm, partnering with Jet Setting Jasmine to form Royal Fetish Films. The company has celebrated three industry Fetish Awards for Orally Yours (2016), Collared in Shadows (2017) and Sacred Sex (2018). King brings his directorial and editing skills to each set creating art and beauty, in spaces that have been long neglected for people of color in Kink. The duo’s love of the arts, film and sex education are combined to produce erotica that stimulates and engages the audience to explore their sexual boundaries.

King is also very proud of his contributions to the music industry. His start in entertainment, as a hip-hop artist under the name Hasan Salaam, achieved Best Underground Song of the Year and Best Live Performance for the Underground Music Awards. He has also been featured musically on MTV UK, Fuse, NBC and CSPAN. He has performed internationally with music veterans, Outkast, Damian Marley & Redman and continues to add to his music catalogue with the launch of The Royal Fetish Experience.

About Jet Setting Jasmine

Jet Setting Jasmine is a licensed clinical psychotherapist with a strong emphasis on Intimacy Post Injury and Illness. She is the owner and lead therapist of full-service mental health practice, Blue Pearl Therapy. Jasmine is an international sex educator and Master Fetish Trainer. Along with her partner King Noire Jasmine co-owns the three-time award winning, Royal Fetish Films and has over 20 years of experience in the adult industry, in front and behind the camera.

The duo’s love of the arts, film and sex education are combined to produce erotica that stimulates and engages the audience to explore their sexual boundaries. Their work on the Decolonization of Sex, Porn and Politics, Sex Positive Parenting and Sex & Mental Health has been featured in VICE, Playboy, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, NPR, Essence, BBC, Business Insider, Psychology Today and more. Jasmine is heavily sought out for her experience with challenging conventional approaches to womanhood; including redefining everything from careers, sexuality, to parenting based on one’s self-approval instead of societal norms.


Folsom Street Events is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to create world-class leather and fetish events that unite the alternative sexuality communities with safe, consent-based venues for self-expression, art and entertainment. Our events raise funds to sustain SF Bay Area-based charities. We value sexual freedom, diversity, and volunteerism. All of our events are adult-oriented, sex-positive events.

Since our founding in 1984, FSE has given over $7 million dollars in proceeds to local nonprofit LGBTQ2S+ and allied organizations.

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Royal Fetish Radio hosted by King Noire and Jet Setting Jasmine

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The SheNetwork® Trademark Reveals Unique Space For Women Entrepreneurs

Millionaire Training Book

Millionaire Training Book

The SheNetwork®

The SheNetwork®

The SheNetwork® (Sharing Her Excellence) was founded to give women a community to give and receive encouragement, empowerment, and support.

"Let's face it: there is enough competition in the world, but The She Network is a place where you can come to collaborate with other women".”

— Taylor Thompson

PROSPER, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — International speaker, successful mompreneur, and trainer and coach, Taylor Thompson is making a big impact in the business world. The business mogul recently received the registered trademark for her new network, The SheNetwork® (Sharing Her Excellence). Additionally, she recently launched “The Millionaire Training” to rave reviews.

The SheNetwork® (Sharing Her Excellence) was founded and created out of Thompson’s personal experiences that convinced her that women need community, a safe haven where they can give and receive encouragement, empowerment, and support as they strive to be the best of who they were created to be. Let's face it: there is enough competition in the world, but The SheNetwork® is a place where you can come to collaborate with other women,” says Thompson.

“Managing mindset is daily, and as women entrepreneurs, challenges come at us from every direction,” says Thompson. “From relationships, finances, health, parenting, and building our business, while you forsake self-care.” Thompson decided enough was enough and set out to found The SheNetwork® (Sharing Her Excellence). Thompson explains that “it’s about creating a community where women collaborate versus compete.”

Those who wish to join this supportive women's network community and take their business and life to the next level can learn more at https://myshenetwork.com. Inside the membership, members can find Monthly Mastermind Workshops, Access to the entire Membership Site Vault, Access to all Top Entrepreneur Coaching Interviews, and much more.

“The Millionaire Training” is the cornerstone training that has created top industry leaders. It is accepted to be the essential foundation to anyone building a business and is more relevant today than when it was originally recorded. Now the book that has brought success to so many is available for all on Amazon. To purchase a copy, visit https://amzn.to/314B4wV.

About Taylor Thompson: Thompson is an international speaker, a successful mompreneur, and a trainer and coach who mentors hundreds and thousands of networkers around the world. When she’s not working, Thompson enjoys spending time and life with her best friend, confidant, mentor, soulmate and true love of her life, Larry, and her three daughters in Prosper, TX.

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Canadian-Based Provisional Clinical Psychologist Launches New Book on Neuroplasticity and Biblical Meditation

Renowned Provisional Clinical Psychologist

Neuroplasticity: Healing the brain from Psychological Disorders Through Biblical Meditation

Renowned Provisional Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Courtney Dookie, provides transformational insights to readers across the globe with his new book!

EDMONTON, NORTHERN ALBERTA, CANADA, September 23, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Renowned Provisional Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Courtney Dookie, is blazing new trails in his industry while providing practical and transformational strategies to his clientele throughout North America

Dr. Dookie is a highly sought-after thought leader in his field and his loyal client base looks to him for trusted counsel and sage advice. His enthusiastic approach to modern psychology is paired with his vast knowledge regarding neuroplasticity and biblical meditation practices.

Dr. Courtney Dookie is a speaker, coach, and mentor for over 17 years. He does workshops and seminars on the following topics: How God designs the mind, parenting your child's mind, healing the mind and brain through biblical Meditation, how prayer transforms the mind, and God's plan to restore the mind the ten principles for mind growth. He is the author of two books, Neuroplasticity: Healing the Brain from Psychological Disorders through Biblical Meditation and Christian Contemplative Meditation Practice: How Biblical Contemplative Practice Facilitates Neuroplasticity in Adults who have Experienced Developmental Trauma.

On September 20th, Dr. Dookie hosted a Virtual book launch at 2:00PM-4:30MST. He will debut his latest book, “Neuroplasticity: Healing the Brain from Psychological Disorders Through Biblical Meditation. During the virtual launch, the viewers will experience powerful gospel music, an enlightening presentation by Dr. Dookie, a Q&A and a Free Giveaway! To take part in this innovative event, be sure to join the Facebook Group: Healing Power of Biblical Meditation. Attendees may also participate in the virtual book launch via YouTube Live.

His new book, “Neuroplasticity: Healing the Brain from Psychological Disorders Through Biblical Meditation” is not your average self-help book. The book discusses the utilization of biblical contemplative practice in facilitating neuroplasticity in adults who experience psychological disorders. It examines psychological disorder from four perspectives, these are: spiritual faculty, physiological faculty, psychological faculty, and relational faculty. These four faculties are the foundation of the mind. Having chaos or rigidity in any one faculty will lead to disintegration in the central nervous system, which inevitably leads to mental distress. This book demonstrates from scientific research how to use prayer and Biblical meditations to heal the brain from psychological distress, such as trauma, anxiety, depression, and addictions. In addition, the following areas are covered in the book: “The mind: God’s design”, “parent-child relationship and its impact on brain development”, “insecure attachment and how it affects the brain”, and “God, attachment and the brain”. It looks at how God changes the brain through the process of neuroplasticity.

Dr. Courtney Dookie demonstrated how to use biblical meditation and prayer to:

1. Improve memory, focus and concentration
2. Regulate emotions associated with trauma, depression, and anxiety
3. Manage crisis and adapt to the crisis moment
4. Increases empathy for self, others and our community
5. Improve interpersonal connections between spouses, friends, families, and co-workers
6. Develop a closer connection with God and help us to understand His will for our lives
7. Heal the brain from the damage caused by trauma
8. Change the structure and function of the negative impact of development trauma/childhood trauma
9. Reconstruct negative thought patterns, regulate emotions, and transform lives
10. Helps you to understand your purpose and live life to your full potential

Dr. Dookie is married to Sania Dookie, and they have two beautiful children, Raziela and Mikael. He is a Registered Provisional Clinical Psychologist with Alberta College of Psychologist and a member of the Psychologist Association of Alberta. He is passionate about helping individuals find real transformation and renewing of their minds. He is the founder of Mind Renewal Ministry and currently serves as a clinical psychologist in his private practice Dookies’ Psychological Services in Northern Alberta. He has his Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, with an emphasis on developmental trauma. He achieved his BA in Theology at Northern Caribbean University, Jamaica, and MA in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy at Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada. Dr. Dookie has been providing individuals and couples therapy since 2012. He specializes in developmental trauma, addiction, and mental disorders.

Dr. Dookie is putting his own principles into practice to ensure that he is positive, productive and prosperous amid the pandemic! His thought-provoking reading materials will help you to understand your purpose and live life to your fullest potential. All of Dr. Courtney Dookie’s books are currently available on Amazon and his website: www.drcourtneydookie.ca

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Power Couple Eric and Dr. Sakeisha Hylick Launch Widely Anticipated Book, ‘Struggling to Keep the Vows’

Struggling To Keep The Vows Special Event

Struggling To Keep The Vows Special Event

Marriage Can Win

Marriage Can Win

Relationship Experts, Thought leaders and Visionaries Navigate Marriage Challenges in Collaboration Publication

While marriage is a sacred, lifelong commitment, it is not always easy to stay true to the vows. Couples struggle through the daily stresses of life that can chip away at the relationship.”

— Eric & Dr. Sakeisha Hylick

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Top-selling authors, and power couple, Eric and Dr. Sakeisha Hylick understand the struggles of marriage and have counseled thousands of couples through their ‘Marriage Can Win’ books, seminars, radio show and podcast. Now, they’re offering deeper insights into the struggles within a marriage with their new book: "Struggling to Keep the Vows". This book offers an intense, open, and honest look at the issues couples face in their day-to-day marriage and provides real-world counsel and experiences as guides to renew the love and commitment of their vows.

“While marriage is a sacred, lifelong commitment, it is not always easy to stay true to the vows,” says the Hylicks, “Couples struggle through the daily stresses of life that can chip away at the health of a relationship.”

Struggling to Keep the Vows addresses issues couples have such as:

Feeling like they are not being heard in their marriage
Struggling with living paycheck-to-paycheck
How to support a spouse that has experienced the loss of a job or maybe even a loved one
Balancing marriage, parenting, business, and/or ministry
The feeling of being overwhelmed while appearing to keep it all together
Wanting to rebuild trust but unsure if they are able to

To celebrate the launch of Struggling to Keep the Vows, Eric and Dr. Sakeisha Hylick will host a very Special Private Event on Facebook Live event on Wednesday, September 30, 2020 starting at 7 p.m. EST. The Hylicks will be joined by several authors and couples who will offer examples of lessons from their own marriages. This event will have live interviews, a Q&A session, a group toast, and giveaways. The event is free, but registration is required; sign up at bit.ly/KeepTheVows to save your spot and learn more.

Struggling to Keep the Vows is available right now at https://www.marriagescanwin.com/audio-book/struggling-to-keep-the-vows-eric-amp-dr-sakeisha-hylick

Eric and Dr. Sakeisha Hylick have overcome the odds, both personally and professionally. Both were reared in single parent homes and they decided at the initial phase of their marriage that divorce was NOT an option. This passion and energy led them to launch a variety of endeavors in addition to ‘Date Night with the Hylicks’, including a book, Struggling to Keep the Vows (releasing September 25, 2020), a rebroadcast of the ‘Vows to Victory’ Summit (released the week of September 7, 2020), and a collection of innovative dating guides that are now available online at marriagescanwin.com.

The Hylick’s decided their marriage was going to succeed where their parents' marriages had previously failed. Fueled with a desire for their marriage to win, they embarked upon a 20-plus year journey to ensure that their marriage would win. Together they've endeavored to be transparent in their marriage to help others win in their marriages as well. They offer a no-holds-barred approach when it comes to love and marriage.

Together they've endeavored to be transparent in their marriage to help others win in their marriages as well. “Being able is one thing,” says the power couple. “That creates potential in you, but it doesn’t empower you. Empowerment comes through putting your ability into action.”
About Eric and Dr. Sakeisha Hylick: Dr. Sakeisha Hylick has been a leader in the Healthcare Arena as a registered pharmacist and has served in the leadership capacity for the past 18+ years. Together with her husband she has authored a book entitled, Marriage Can Win, and Co-authored books such as Girl Get Up and Win and the newly released Wife Material. Dr. Hylick has hosted conferences and has been a guest speaker at events and radio interviews across the United States. She tackles with ease what is referred to as “The Great Divide” in marriages, which are challenges with Communication, Finances and Sex.

Eric Hylick is a Marriage/Relationship Strategist, Best Selling Author, John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer. He is also co-owner of Marriage Can Win. He holds an MBA, is an ordained minister and founder of Covenant Kingdom Builders Ministries. Eric Hylick has been sought after as a guest speaker and host of numerous business and ministry conferences throughout the United States. Join the Marriage Can Win movement for relationships at www.marriagecanwin.com.

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Pandemic Parenting is Causing Additional Stress to Families – a Global Movement will Provide Additional Support.

Parenting in a Pandemic

Great Parenting Simplified – Pandemic Parenting Movement

Great Parenting Simplified Logo

Great Parenting Simplified Logo

Great Parenting Simplified has supported 40,000 families in over 101 countries, is seeking to expand community-based support to parents and caregivers globally.

We believe that parents need help more than ever,”

— Jacqueline Green, founder and CEO of the nonprofit cooperative, GPS.

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA, September 23, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The intensity and uncertainty that COVID has brought have impacted everybody. Great Parenting Simplified (GPS) has seen additional calls for support during the pandemic. More and more families are breaking down, with mental illness, coparenting strife including divorce, and a rise of serious behaviour issues.

Many people know families who are struggling but don’t know the best way to help. GPS set up the Pandemic Parenting Movement, for people to come together and let parents know that we acknowledge that parenting is hard, and parenting in a pandemic can be nearly impossible. Parents and caregivers need to know that people understand and that there is a real, tangible village to support them.

“We believe that parents need help more than ever,” said Jacqueline Green, founder and CEO of the nonprofit cooperative, GPS. “Over the past 10 years, we have delivered effective and pragmatic help online, whether it be through community support, training for a specific need such as anxiety or co-parenting, one on one coaching or group support. We know our program is effective and can provide long term solutions.”

People who want to support the movement can go online to https://fundrazr.com/GPS-2020-2H and meet parents who have benefited from finding their GPS. Here people can join the movement and donate to get help themselves, or for someone they know, or put their donation towards general funds for families in need.

The movement seeks to raise $75,000 to train more coaches so that more families can be helped and to help remove financial barriers to taking the program.


About Great Parenting Simplified
As a non-profit movement, Great Parenting Simplified has supported over 40,000 parents across 101 countries over the past 10 years. We provide a safe space where parents know they will receive simple and actionable support from peers and certified parent coaches to help transform their relationships within their family. During the current pandemic, we want to be able to expand our program to offer it to more parents in need. #PandemicParenting

We have a proven and effective on-line program that can provide the support families need. It includes:-
– Supportive and practical private online community
– Live coaching calls
– Focused training for specific needs highlighted by the pandemic such as anxiety or co-parenting
– Access to global parenting experts through our Great Parenting Show

For media enquiries or interviews please contact Victoria Bennett victoria@bmwconsults.com +1 403 589 7992
Local spokespeople are available globally too.

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Pandemic Parenting Video

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Award-Winning STEM Picture Book About Animals Now Available in Spanish

Así crezco cover image

Así crezco, the Spanish edition of This Is How I Grow, will be released by Science Naturally on October 7.

Así crezco bat illustration

Stunning illustrations share the stories of eight mammal babies.

Panoramic illustrations showcase family bonding and early science education for Spanish-speaking children and dual-language classrooms.

The intricate illustrations capture and expand a child's awareness of scientific detail, from the specificities of habitats to the physical, emotional, and environmental changes animals undergo.”

— Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert, professor of Hispanic studies, Vassar College

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Science Naturally is thrilled to announce that their newest animal-themed book, This Is How I Grow, is now also available in Spanish as Así crezco.

The animal stories in Así crezco celebrate what unites all mammals, while fostering empathy, kindness, and compassion in their young readers. As the newest book in the Beginnings collection, Así crezco introduces readers to eight different animal ambassadors from habitats around the globe.

This beautiful book conveys that childhood is the period of time where mammals must rely on their family and community. In two-page vignettes, each mammal baby soliloquizes on their birth, nursing, and weaning experiences before exploring the incredible variety of skills they must learn in order to survive and thrive. From bats learning how to fly to elephants gaining control of their trunks, animal mothers and others in the community help their young develop the tools they need to hunt, forage, or scavenge. This is an engaging approach for children ages 7–10 who are just starting to explore what it means to be “all grown up.”

According to Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert, professor of Hispanic studies at Vassar College, “The intricate illustrations capture and expand a child's awareness of scientific detail, from the specificities of habitats to the physical, emotional, and environmental changes animals undergo.” And Don Wilson, from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, says, “This book provides nicely illustrated and scientifically accurate, but easily absorbed stories about familiar animals."

Así crezco also helps bring valuable life science concepts into the homes and classrooms of English language learners (ELL’s). Studies show that science teachers who don't speak Spanish can still effectively teach ELLs if they provide their students with materials translated to their native language. Additionally, a 2014 case study of ELLs in science class revealed that providing translated materials can be important “as a tool towards understanding and gaining fluency in academic English.”

Author Dia L. Michels says, “We know that there's a scarcity of adequate Spanish-language STEM resources. This is an extreme disservice to Spanish-speaking students and those from mixed-language families. We hope this book will be one small step toward closing that gap.”

The original English book (This is How I Grow, March 2020) received a Book of the Year award from Creative Child Magazine, a Feathered Quill Book Award, and a Brain Child award.

The back of the book contains questions that encourage readers to delve more deeply into the visual text. These reference pages allow parents and educators to address the questions young scientists are likely to ask as they explore the pages. An extensive Teacher’s Guide, available for free download, provides further information, hands-on activities, and articulations to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), making this book an invaluable science resource.

Author Dia L. Michels is an award-winning science and parenting writer who has authored or edited over a dozen books for both children and adults. This is her fourth book exploring science topics through animal stories. Studying mammals has helped her appreciate the simplicity and importance of attachment parenting and breastfeeding. The mother of three grown children, she lives in Washington D.C.

Wesley Davies is an artist from New England who specializes in illustration and comic art. He received a B.A. in anthropology from Kenyon College, earning Phi Beta Kappa honors. He provided spot drawings for Platypus Media’s 2018 publication Babies Nurse. This book marks his debut as a children’s book illustrator.

Science Naturally is a small independent press in Washington, D.C. Our books are distributed to the trade by the National Book Network [NBNbooks.com (domestic) and NBNi.co.uk (international)]. For more information about our publications, direct or bulk purchase, or to request a review copy, please contact us. Cover images and sample content are available at ScienceNaturally.com.

Así crezco
Science Naturally • October 2020
Written by Dia L. Michels • Illustrated by Wesley Davies
Ages 7–10 • Grade 2–5
Spanish • 8.5 x 11” • 54 pages
Paperback ($12.95) ISBN: 978-1-938492-27-3
eBook ($11.99) ISBN: 978-1-938492-28-0
English Paperback ($12.95) ISBN: 978-1-93-849208-2

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