International Biosciences' Children's DNA Test Features in The Sun

International Biosciences, a Brighton based DNA testing company, has recently had its latest Children’s DNA Discovery test reviewed in The Sun.

BRIGHTON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 15, 2016 / — The test is one of the latest personalised genetic tests on the market and purports to determine a child’s competence, prowess and academic potential in certain areas by analysing their genes.

International Biosciences' Sales and Marketing Director, Mr Mark Purseglove, notes that, "The Sun is a leading newspaper with the tenth biggest circulation in the world and the biggest in the UK. Having our company’s latest product, the Children's DNA Discovery Test, featured in a newspaper with such a wide distribution is a great opportunity to build product and brand awareness, which is an essential part of all our marketing efforts. This product review is an important source of information for those seeking our services and to learn about them."

The test, carried out on two young girls, is performed by swabbing the mouth using sterile mouth swabs and then sending these swabs to the laboratory for testing. The results are reviewed by the girls’ mother who describes them as "an interesting mix of surprises and information". A company representative further comments on the test by stating that, "This genetic test is useful, fun and can really help parents maximize their parenting and guide their children better."

Asked by The Sun whether it is right to carry out such tests on children, Annabel Laister, from International Biosciences, states that, "We feel it gives parents a great opportunity to find out more about how their children’s genes influence their innate abilities and tendencies […] as well as boost the child’s potential." Annabel’s views are juxtaposed with those of Dr David King, Director of Human Genetics Alert whose views sharply contrast Annabel’s. His concerns revolve around the questionable reliability of these tests and whether they could lead to children being stigmatized at school by teachers and peers. To view full article as featured in The Sun Click Here.

On a concluding note, the company states that, "International Biosciences understands the concerns voiced by Dr. King. We understand the product’s limitations and advise parents to consider the multitude of factors that influence their child’s personality, traits and abilities. We do not in any way state that the information provided by this test is life-changing. The test can make the job of parenting easier by understanding how your child’s genes influence who they are; but genes are not the be-all-and-end all: many environmental, lifestyle and social factors might override what our genes predispose us towards. As Annabel is quoted as saying in the The Sun, this test provides “additional guidance” and children should, as Dr. King notes, "have a right to an open future, not to be stereotyped by their parents on the basis of genes."

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Givling Survey: 91% Say Casual Games Help Them Cope with Stress

One Third of Gamers Say De-Stressing Element of Games Positively Impacts Job, Relationships, Parenting or Schoolwork

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, October 22, 2015 / — Givling, developer of gamified crowdfunding apps for social good, unveiled findings from a consumer survey that suggests online games can help players reduce stress and perhaps even help people manage stress better.

The majority of survey participants reported being most drawn to so-called “casual” games such as puzzles, trivia, and mazes that are typically played on a mobile phone or computer. Of the 70% of those surveyed who said they regularly take part in such gaming, 91% claimed the games help them de-stress. In fact, 53% say they play games specifically to de-stress while nearly a third claim the de-stressing element of games can have a positive impact on their job, relationships, parenting or schoolwork.

Furthermore, players who report leading stressful lives are 10% more likely to deal with stress than those who don’t play games. 71% of those who play games say they generally live happy and productive lives as opposed to the slightly higher percentage (76%) of non-gamers who expressed the same.

“It might seem counter intuitive to those who think playing games might stress people out or hurt their lives by taking up too much of their time, but our research shows gaming can have quite the opposite effect,” said Givling Founder and CEO Lizbeth Pratt.

Is gaming a waste of time?

To be sure, 60% of those who don’t play games dismiss them as a waste of time. But 65% of those who play say if they weren’t playing games, they’d be doing something else that’s unproductive.

Is gaming about being anti-social?

While 75% of gamers said they were more likely to play alone than with others, the groups of gamers and non-gamers both shared similar results when it came to being sociable—about half of both groups reported helping people at least once per day and maintaining a positive outlook for humanity.

“For a long time, I think some assumed that gamers don’t contribute as much to society or care about people as much as non-gamers,” continued Pratt. “Clearly this isn’t the case. People who like to play games are just as likely to help out humanity. They’re just as likely to care about other people, and they’re just as hopeful for a better world.”

Does playing longer mute gaming’s mental health benefits?

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, the benefits of games don’t seem to go down as gaming frequency goes up, though the survey does suggest that longer gaming sessions might erode at least some of gaming’s positive effects over time: those who tend to play 30 minutes at most per session are 17% more likely to have a positive outlook on life than those who play an hour.

For the most part, survey respondents report frequent play but short sessions: 69% play at least several days a week while 48% play at least once per day; 46% play no more than 30 minutes per session while 28% play up to an hour.

“While it may not be advisable for people to whittle the day away playing games, our survey suggests most people bring a healthy approach to gaming, fitting it in for a few minutes here and there to reap some significant mental health benefits,” added Pratt.

More than 500 US-based Internet users 18 years old and over participated in the Givling survey, which was conducted online in September of 2015.

Connect with Givling:

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About Givling
Launched in March of 2015, Givling sprung from a very simple idea: merge crowdfunding and gaming to help solve a major financial problem while rewarding funders for their generosity. Givling is an online trivia game in which players (or “funders”) pay 50 cents to compete with one another for the chance to win cash awards and million dollar potential. The more people pay to play, the more money Givling collects to help pay off the student loans of those in Givling’s queue. Givling gives away 90% of all proceeds to pay champions and student loans in queue. Givling can be played in all US states except Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Iowa, Maryland and Tennessee.

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Tucker Toys Wins 11 Awards – Adds Direct Retailer and Consumer Business Model

Tucker Toys’ Award-Winning 2015 Lineup

Tucker wins 11 awards, expands business model and also enters special needs toy market.

VOORHEES, NJ, USA, October 1, 2015 / — It’s been a great year for Tucker Toys. The toy manufacturer has taken the consumer market by storm with partners like the Toy Insider, and the new 2015 toy introductions have received 11 awards in 2015 as a consumer-facing company. The choice to also engage with retailers directly has proven very rewarding.

Between March – July, Tucker Toys evolved from marketing only through a few international distributors to 45 countries currently with a strong public outreach, engaging kids and families directly. Every toy created by Tucker has received awards from various prestigious organizations including Mom’s Choice, Parents’ Choice, The National Parenting Center, The Toy Insider and veteran toy marketer Einstein, da Vinci and Goldberg. Most recently, two of Tucker's toys received special needs approval by AblePlay (division of Lekotek), proving the versatility of Tucker’s toy innovation that brings value to parents and benefits to children across the spectrum.

While every toy from Tucker’s 2015 lineup is award-winning, no one anticipated that two balls, one with more than a decade’s global history and one brand-new for 2015, were so exceptional that they found a place among toys unique enough to accommodate children with special needs – an endorsement that was completely unexpected when Tucker’s new evolution began. The famous Phlat Ball and E-Z Grip Ball have been donated by Tucker nationally to all of AblePlay’s Toy Lending Libraries.

"The Phlat Ball and E-Z Grip Ball provide kids with special needs an inclusive experience during play. The balls are enticing to kids of all abilities and there are tons of ways to explore and play! The Lekotek mission is to make the world of play accessible to all children and unite families. Toys like the Phlat Ball and E-Z Grip Ball can help kids reach milestones while having fun!" – Ahren Hoffman, Manager of Industry Relations & Partnerships

The Crush-It! Bat knocked 2015 out of the park, literally. The world’s only adjustable-power bat received 5 awards in 3 months, as its racquet-string technology provides unprecedented safety among baseball bats and unparalleled versatility that facilitates social interaction among kids of all ages and skill levels.

The Zoingo Boingo Pogo continues to receive more awards with its popularity. The ZB Freestyle Board (spin-off of Zoingo Boingo Pogo) caters to older kids and won the National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval because of its uniqueness and that the toy testers would not stop playing with it!

With so much positive feedback from the public, Tucker Toys has been paying it forward through donations to youth camps and community organizations all over the U.S., Canada and the UK. Publications are featuring Tucker Toys in their repertoires of toys recommended for healthy, active families.

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