MLocator can be yourperfect choice

September 23, 2022

Cambridge, MA, (September 23rd, 2022) - Recently, MLocator joins forces with its engineers to

grow better and rolls out new product that facilitates communication. By employing MLocator,

users can track a phone number without installing software. In combination with GPS positioning

system and WiFi signal, accurate location can be easily accessed in the form of mapping. Users

can get peace of mind by knowing where their families are located especially if they cannot be


Its ease of use and streamline process make it stand out from the rest. In addition, they can

tracce mobile devices across 150 regions. There is no need to worry about cross-compatibility


"MLocator is continuously developing high-value products and services for customer. It value

user experience, dedicated to facilitating communication between family members" - says Marie,

head of product.


MLocator, established in 2020, grows faster with its ambition to provide high-end product for

users. It now employs 130 people and works together to create excellent products. This internet

software provider develops mobile applications and websites for Android, iOS, Mac and

Windows users. It comes with a wide range of products or services that facilitate communication

between family members and simplify people's life. Soouya aims to develop office software in

the future years and looks for reliable partner to cooperate with.

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