Randy Gene Foncree's newly released "The Little Devil That Couldn't: Make Little Joey Stumble" is an uplifting message of doing what is right

September 23, 2022

"The Little Devil That Couldn't: Make Little Joey Stumble" from Christian Faith Publishing author Randy Gene Foncree is a delightful opportunity to discuss the power of prayer with young children.

MEADVILLE, Pa., Sept. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- "The Little Devil That Couldn't: Make Little Joey Stumble": an encouraging approach to discuss the dangers of temptation and how to work through challenging situations. "The Little Devil That Couldn't: Make Little Joey Stumble" is the creation of published author Randy Gene Foncree.

Foncree shares, "All children face temptation.

"Do I do what my parents tell me or not? Do I do the chores I'm asked to do or not? Do I take care of my little sister for my parents as they go clean the church or not?

"What if there's an unseen enemy lurking about putting thoughts in our minds, trying to get us to stumble and make the wrong choices? What if we have the power in God's strength to overcome those intrusive thoughts? The Little Devil That Couldn't is such a story.

"This story pulls back the curtain, if you will, and puts evil on display. Little Joey, the main character of this story, has this unseen enemy, but seen by us, trying to get him to stumble and make wrong choices. He is tasked with the responsibility of taking his little sister to the park for the afternoon. Then this little devil shows up, trying to get him aggravated and upset with the demands of the situation and his little sister. Joey would rather be hanging out with his school friends, but his little sister wants to play longer and even wants ice cream.

"As little Joey begins to overcome all the suggestions of this little devil, you see something happen in his heart and life. He repents of his thoughts and actions toward his little sister and the request of his parents. The little devil sees he is getting nowhere fast and eventually moves on to an easier target, William the school bully.

"As Joey gets home after an exhausting day, his parents thank him for his obedience and rewards him and his sister with something all kids love to do. Enjoy this story. And I pray it challenges, uplifts, and encourages you in your walk with the Lord."

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Randy Gene Foncree's new book brings an important message to children who are finding themselves in more social settings without parental guidance to help them make correct choices.

Foncree shares in hopes of helping the next generation learn about wrong versus right and relying on their faith for guidance.

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