Bobby Brock Insurance Celebrates Major Milestone of Helping 100,000th Medicare Beneficiary

June 23, 2022

Justin Brock Bobby Brock Insurance MedicareCon

Bobby Brock Insurance helps 100,000 Medicare Beneficiaries

Justin Brock is the top Medicare Authority in the Country

Bobby Brock Insurance is on a mission to help 1,000,000 Medicare beneficiaries, but since they just hit 100,000 they're considering upgrading that goal.

One thing about a goal at scale is that you cannot do it all on your own.”
— Justin Brock

TUPELO, MS, UNITED STATES, June 23, 2022 / -- Over the last 10 years, Justin Brock has dedicated every waking hour to growing his family owned agency to a Nationally acclaimed leader in the Medicare insurance consultation sector of the Financial Services Industry. Health Insurance is an often overlooked factor in the financial scope for many professionals in the industry, which can cause people a tremendous amount of trouble on the consumer side. Justin noticed this and embarked on a journey with his dedicated and growing team to help as many Medicare beneficiaries as possible get the most out of their benefit offering without spending more than they had to. They came up with the mission statement of "On a Mission to Help One Million Medicare Beneficiaries", but considering they have just hit 100,000 beneficiaries served they're thinking about changing that goal altogether.

"One thing about a goal at scale is that you cannot do it all on your own", Justin says. He credits much of their success to his teams efforts in marketing to the hearts and minds of other advisors that have joined their mission to help more people.

Bobby Brock Insurance was technically started in 1992 when Bobby Brock left a captive sales role with American General to pursue a career in helping shop Medigap plans in the Prentiss County Mississippi area before the most recent rendition of the plans' standardization. Bobby liked sales in the financial services arena, but wanted to spend his time helping people and not hurting them. The health and Medicare sector is one where it is very easy to find people who are overpaying or underinsured to help without selling them things that they do not need.

Bobby remained a strong independent agent with one administrative employee until Justin joined the team in 2014 after being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps. Right away Justin decided there were ways to operate this business at scale and create a value proposition to the community at greater magnitude. Utilizing the power of social media at the time he was able to create massive awareness both in the consumer community and insurance agent community regarding their service and product offering. This led to growing at a rate that facilitated the next level of expansion and resulted in their explosion over the next several years to 30 internal staff members and over 3,000 independent contractor partners nationwide.

But how does an agency grow from helping a few hundred Medicare beneficiaries a year to helping over 10,000 a year currently? Steven Martinez, the Chief Technology Officer of Safe Harbor Insurance, DBA Bobby Brock Insurance, thinks it is a combination of proprietary technology mixed with appropriate marketing and culture. This is why Justin and Steven have grown a team that combines so many skillsets. We now have 10 internal sales staff, 8 administrative staff, 4 graphic designers, 2 videographers, 2 agents support staff, a software engineer 4 C Suite executives cultured from within to lead this team to accomplishing these impressive goals. It is only with this staff they are able to throw their landmark annual Insurance Industry Conference, MedicareCon.

The Medicare sector of Financial Services needs more quality agents and marketing companies aiming to help beneficiaries the right way. Too many large call centers paying overseas dialers to pester our nation's most vulnerable generation with empty promises are getting away with low value proposition. Unfortunately, the governing body of Medicare, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has severely missed the mark in their most recent round of regulation which is broad sweeping and does nothing to punish the bad actors. Thankfully there is a crusade of quality citizens entering the space through a Capitalistic approach mixed with small business morals and values that struggle to exist in a Publicly traded company or private equity backed large corporation. Safe Harbor Insurance's team at Bobby Brock Insurance aims to empower this crusade with technology and intense support regardless of direct affiliation with their entity or not to continue to help as many people as they can and untangle the mess of the large valueless outbound call centers who focus on the most vulnerable and least lucid portion of the Medicare aged population.

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