Myanmar migrant employees work overseas to feed their households. Now they can not ship the cash dwelling

“I left him with my mum,” said the Myanmar migrant worker, 26, who is living in Thailand.

Every morning, long queues of people wait for hours outside banks and ATMs across Myanmar. Withdrawal limits have been capped at about 200,000 kyat ($120) per customer per day and some have even run out of cash as people stop depositing money due to security concerns.

“Normally, when I send money back home my family is able to get the cash out the next day,” Su said. “But lately the internet is not working and it’s difficult to get the money out, and we do not feel we can trust the bank, either.”

Su and her husband are among the 1.7 million Myanmar nationals working in neighboring Thailand, according to the Migrant Workers Group, and part of a vital network of overseas workers who support relatives at home. The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates some $1.4 billion was sent to Myanmar in 2015 from overseas workers.

The current situation has left thousands of migrants living with

Source: EIN Presswire