Isles of Scilly: The unique island paradise off the coast of England

(CNN) — It’s mid-morning when three velvet-helmeted swimmers suddenly bob up from deep underneath the turquoise sea.

Dazzles of light dance as kayakers swoosh oars through glacier-clear water, propelling over a kelp forest towards Nor Nour, a tiny, deserted island.

It’s then the divers appear: Atlantic Grey seals just meters away, rare in many places but not here on the Isles of Scilly, an isolated archipelago off the UK’s Cornish coast, slung out into the middle of the Atlantic.

Nornour is part of the Scillies’ Eastern Isles. It’s about 25 minutes of paddling from St. Martin’s, one of the Scillies’ five inhabited islands.

As usual, Nornour’s moon-white shores are deserted, as is the prehistoric village which survives there.

The village has grass-lined circles of stone: remnants of Iron Age huts, still standing despite having been lived in more than 2,000 years ago.

Previously hidden beneath the sands, the houses were revealed In 1962 — along with more than 300 enameled Roman…

Source: EIN Presswire