Google adds new listing options for business profiles, including services, discussions, and streamlined catalog uploads

Google it announced some new, streamlined options to improve your Google Business profile, including new service lists, booking options, and a simplified process of scanning your product catalog to maximize discovery within Google’s Shopping tools.

First, Google has added a new process for service-based businesses to add new services directly from their search and map list.

As explained by Google:

“If your business offers local services – such as construction, car repairs or hair styling – you can now use the ‘Edit Profile’ menu on Search to easily update the services you offer, and, if applicable, the local areas you serve and personal grooming companies, show you specialties such as eyelash extensions, box braids, curly hair, scandreadlocks or beard finishes. “

Businesses can now also make online bookings directly from Google Search via Google’s backup partners. Once you sign up for a profile from one of the many supported platforms (listed here), you can take bookings from your search list, and further streamline the connection.

Restaurants can now also add menu items to their business profile on Search and Maps.

“Simply add and edit your entire menu or suggested dishes via the ‘Edit Profile’ menu on Search. These new access points help food businesses update their information and communicate with customers directly from the apps they already use.”

Google says that in the coming weeks, businesses can also add and update online ordering options directly from Google Search.

This is important because the ordering of food on Google has increased by more than 230% since last year.

I mean, it makes perfect sense, given the pandemic, but more and more people are now looking for ordering options, and that’s likely to remain the case, even if things can return to normal.

Google also offers businesses more options to create placements, again directly from the search and Maps list.

This is another way to add more context to your Google business listings and provide relevant updates on your latest sales and events.

Lastly, Google makes it easier to upload your product catalog through an integration with Punctual, which extracts inventory data directly from your in-store barcode scanners.

Eligible US merchants can now sign up for Google Pointy, which will make it easier to record real-time product information through direct integration.

Pointy removes the hassle of entering product details manually, which can be especially difficult if you sell a lot of products. When you scan items sold in your store, the products are automatically added to your business profile so potential customers can see what is currently in stock. Suitable dealers can now get Pointy for free until September 30th. “

This is a major bottleneck for many e-commerce stores, with the craftsmanship you need to upload your entire product catalog, and keep it up to date, and sometimes seems like an overwhelming task. Pinterest also added improved options for corporate feed intake to streamline this process, and through Pointy, Google also wants to make it as easy as possible to merge your online and in-store listings.

Google also notes that searches for “who has” + “in stock” has grown by more than 8,000% year-on-year, underscoring the potential of this integration.

With the rise of e-commerce, Google has made a number of improvements to its shopping lists, including free product lists in search and integrations with Shopify and WooCommerce to streamline the process. These new tools offer more connectivity options, which will help get users to Google for their product searches, and maintain their position as an important destination for all kinds of discovery.

You can apply these new updates to your Google Business Profile by logging in to the Google Account associated with your business and then typing the name of your business, or ‘my business’, into Google Search. You can also tap on your profile photo and then on ‘Your Business Profile’ on Google Maps.

Source: EIN Presswire