Parental Alienation and Family Courts: How to Help the Judge Give You the Relief that You Desperately Need

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The debate is over: There is no doubt that Parental Alienation exists.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, February 22, 2021 / — Family Access – Fighting for Children’s Rights and the Steel Partners Foundation are excited to have Attorney Ashish Joshi as Co-Director for the 2021 virtual parental alienation conference, “Helping Courts Understand the Phenomenon of Alienation.” The conference will take place on May 14-16, 2021.

The debate is over: There is no doubt that Parental Alienation exists. While the detractors continue to create a smokescreen of “controversy” about Parental Alienation (PA), an overwhelming number of family courts around the country and internationally have accepted the notion of parental alienation, condemned it, and have acknowledged it as a significant factor in their decisions modifying custody and providing other appropriate intervention. Regardless of how one labels the phenomenon —call it parental alienation, brainwashing, programming, or pathological parenting—American family courts have concluded that parental alienation exists and needs to be addressed. As one trial judge quipped: Anybody old enough to drink coffee knows that embittered parties can and do manipulate their children.

Attorney Ashish Joshi serves as the lead counsel in high-stakes, complex disputes and litigation matters. Mr. Joshi has counseled and/or represented clients in state and federal courts across the United States and internationally, including in India, United Kingdom, Canada, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, British Virgin Islands, and China. Mr. Joshi has been admitted to the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States, State Bars of New York, Michigan, District of Columbia, and Gujarat, India.

“As a lawyer who represents targeted parents and grandparents in family courts around the country, I am excited about this conference,” said Mr. Joshi. “I look forward to presenting with other world-renowned experts and helping people find solutions to the problems posed by parental alienation.”

Mr. Joshi’s focus lies at the intersection of forensic sciences, human rights, and complex disputes in situations involving severe parental alienation and psychological maltreatment of children, false allegations of child abuse, recovery of abducted children, and/or hidden assets in foreign jurisdictions and multi-jurisdictional disputes. He has served as lead counsel in some of the most significant matters in these specialized areas of law.

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Our primary concern is the children and grandchildren and then the complete family. Sadly, the children and grandchildren who are alienated from family are being treated as pawns and property. They are neither. They are human beings, and they should not be regarded as such by their parents or any other family member. We contend that it should be illegal to use children as pawns or instruments of spiteful behavior to prevent them from interacting with ALL other family members. Our purpose and goal are to ensure the preservation of extended, traditional family relationships. In the process of this hell on earth called alienation, we need all the knowledge, support, and resources we can get to help our children and grandchildren and then ourselves. Professionals who deal with alienation in helping families will glean much from this website as well. To contact us, please email

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