Sober Not Sorry: Novel Lifestyle Brand Takes Aim at Mommy Wine Culture

Megan Brown - Founder of Sober Brand Sober Not Sorry

Megan Brown, founder of Sober Not Sorry, sporting a SOBER MOM collection pom-pom beanie

Inspired by an uprising toward the glorification of drinking alcohol as a coping mechanism, modern brand Sober Not Sorry rises to offer the same for Sobriety.

BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES, February 2, 2021 / — Sober Not Sorry, a modern lifestyle brand by mompreneur and sober advocate Megan Brown will launch this month featuring nineteen collections of custom apparel and gifts boasting colorful, vibrant sober-centric designs. Brown, celebrating two years alcohol-free herself last month, created Sober Not Sorry to empower more people to live their alcohol-free lifestyle out-loud-and-proud, whatever your reason.

"I want to re-brand Sobriety, give it a voice and normalize it. Somewhere along the line, it has gotten a bad rap," says Brown. "Sobriety should emanate positive feelings of being alive, mindful, and fully present. Regarded as a pillar of health and wellness, I believe it can be something we aspire to be."

At the root of mommy wine culture lies a contorted narrative that drinking alcohol (especially wine) is the key to 'surviving' as a parent during these difficult times. Internet memes and products have reinforced the message, normalizing drinking alcohol to take the edge off of parenting with mantras like "Mama Needs Wine," "Mommy Juice," or "Kids Whine So I Wine." The pandemic has only fueled the mommy wine culture phenomenon, with heavy drinking among women up 41%.

"Contrary to popular belief, moms don't need wine for a single thing, and living sober is normal," says Brown. "I think that by shining a light on Sobriety, whatever your reason, we may have the chance to inspire others to question their relationship with alcohol much sooner or not pick up a drink in the first place."

Sober Not Sorry's lead collections boast popular messages like "Surviving, Thriving & Sober," "Sober-as-a-Mother," and "Sober Vibes." Each fresh design has its selection of colorful hoodies, t-shirts, beanies, totes, tanks, even framed poster prints. Whatever your reason for living alcohol-free, the variety radiates positivity, strength, and healthy living.

Brown hopes the brand launch will inspire a more candid, open conversation with women and their relationship with alcohol. "I think a huge amount of moms are struggling with alcohol but are too afraid to talk about it or stop, even though they want to," Brown says. "I didn't have to hit a proverbial 'rock bottom' to realize alcohol was no longer serving me. I just had to wake up and get honest with myself – alcohol was not helping me whatsoever; it was hurting me, especially as a mother. Sobriety has been the greatest gift I have ever given to myself and my family. I am proud to be alcohol-free and want to live it out loud – in full color! I believe that there are plenty of others that do too."

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About Writer and Entrepreneur Megan Brown

Writer and entrepreneur Megan Brown is a full-time marketing executive who built Sober Not Sorry while furloughed over the pandemic. Her self-made brand includes nineteen collections of vibrant sober-centric apparel and gifts that empower Sobriety. Former 'wine mom' herself, Brown blogs about her own powerful sober story on the brand's site and her Instagram and Facebook platforms. There, she honestly shares what it was like catching her addiction to alcohol early, sobering up, and how she maintains her alcohol-free lifestyle in a culture obsessed with it.

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