Motivational Speaker and Legislative Advocate is leading the battle in Ohio Divorce Reform

Kindra Beck, Motivational Speaker and Podcast Host of Speak Life Into Strife Is Changing The Face Of Divorce.

Kindra Beck, Motivational Speaker and Podcast Host Is Leading Ohio legislative divorce reform.

Kindra Beck, Is Taking Matters Into Her Own Hands And Changing The Face Of Divorce.

Life can present us with many unforeseen circumstances we cannot control, however, we can control our attitude and reactions to those situations”

— Kindra Beck

DAYTON, OHIO, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2021 / — KINDRA BECK is changing the face of high-conflict divorce by reaching out to those who are suffering as a result of the pandemic. Beck, the founder of Speak Life Into Strife Inc. mentors individuals who are grappling with the weight of a high-intensity legal battle. “I found it to be a natural evolution, “ Beck states, “From assisting clients who are drowning in a divorce- to assisting those who are experiencing loss due to the pandemic”. Beck and her team are giving back to the community and beyond by providing mentors, supplying resources and guidance for those who are isolated or are in desperate need of assistance.

According to the New York Times, the US divorce rates have reached all-time highs during the COVID pandemic. Data showed that people looking for divorces was 34% higher from March through June compared to 2019 and expected to continue. Couples were finding out that amidst the social, economic, and financial stress, in addition to any job changes, they were just not well equipped to handle the situation. For those couples that lost a loved one during the pandemic and were not able to be with them only heightened the significant strain on marriages. Parenting, too, has proven to be greatly affected by the onset of pandemic stressors. As homeschooling children became a requirement of the parents, the anxiety of how to manage a career, educate their child (children), and juggle daily chores that increased as everyone stayed home grew heavier on the married couple every day. In order to mitigate the sharp increase in the divorce rates inflicted by the pandemic Beck feels it is her mission to provide support and diminish isolation and legal confusion that is a bi-product of divorce proceedings.

With the growing number of divorces, Beck knows this helpful knowledge will equip those to reestablish their identity after a traumatic separation or divorce. “Life can present us with many unforeseen circumstances we cannot control, however, we can control our attitude and reactions to those situations”.Beck continued, “I feel so blessed that I had a community of support during my divorce and I recognize that often, it takes a mentor, or several, to guide you through the total confusion of this terribly painful process.”

Beck, founder of Speak Life into Strife, is a mission-focused company servicing clients who too, are passionate about changing the face of divorce. She is on the cutting edge of addressing hard topics and providing ways to combat struggles at a personal and professional level. Beck offers her voice to local (and virtual) lunch and learns, support groups, corporate functions, and church events. In particular, Beck advocates for those experiencing parental alienation during a difficult divorce and facilitates a positive path to keep them moving forward.

Beck offers a variety of resources for her clients as a part of her reform. Her podcast, of the same name, Speak Life Into Strife, is launching a new series, January 22nd, and offering resources to listeners, such as experts in mental health, nutrition, finances and so much more. The podcast, popular amongst a demographic of 30 to 60-year-old women and men, has developed a following of ardent supporters, as she is giving a voice to victims of legislative-inflicted punitive strongholds. “Kindra deviates from the norm and is not apologetic in her crusade to temper the inequality of divorce law”, notes Julie Lokun, JD and Masters Certified Coach at Crown & Compass, LLC. She can bring others forth from the dark into the light to see hope, positivity, and their future self.

Beck speaks from personal experience on what has helped her overcome challenging situations. “Our lives are mapped out before we were born, we are challenged, rewarded, and living what has already been written. It is up to us to navigate what we have been given and create a positive or negative reaction to those situations.” For a limited time Beck is offering her speaking services, nationwide via zoom, for free. “I hope this is the catalyst for change, and I truly hope others will follow my lead and understand the importance of giving back at this critical time”.

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