Using a Journal as a Tool For Health and Healing in the New Year

Keeping a journal or personal diary is an amazingly simple tool that supports and enhances self-awareness and mindfulness.

Journal writing is quick and easy, yet so beneficial! In a few brief sentences, in just a few minutes a day, you can reduce stress from unexpressed emotions and open up doors to healing.”

— Dr. Linda Miles

UNITED STATES , December 30, 2020 / — Keeping a journal or personal diary is an amazingly simple tool that supports and enhances self-awareness and mindfulness. Writing about where you are, where you were, and where you want to go allows you to review and track your thoughts and experiences in a tangible, visible form. You begin to observe and recognize what you are doing with your life, and notice that there are areas you may want to change.

Regular journaling can also improve blood pressure, insomnia, mental well-being, and boost the immune system, according to a 10-year research program conducted by James Pennebaker of the University of Texas.

Meet Jane

Jane is a 35 year-old divorced woman with a 5 year-old son. Although her marriage ended two years ago, she still struggles with finding a sense of direction in her personal life. At work and in her parenting, she is focused and goal-directed, yet when her son is with his dad every other week, and she is alone at home, she finds herself in a funk. She often feels fatigued and spends her free time absently watching TV, overeating junk food, or drinking wine.

As part of Jane's therapy, I suggested that she keep a journal to help her look at patterns in her thoughts and emotions. As a result, she was better able to see how frozen she had been in her personal life after her divorce. By stepping back and writing about her experiences on a daily basis, she became mindful of her inner numbness and inspired to look for ways to find joy and inner contentment. She recently shared, with a laugh, "I did not realize I was such a zombie!" Although it may be painful at times for Jane to write about her feelings of emptiness, doing so helps motivate her toward healing and change.

It's Your Turn

Mindful journaling is about paying attention. Although some people find it helpful to write pages at the time, this is not necessary. In fact, the method I recommend most is simply answering two straightforward questions:

1. What thoughts or feelings were most important to you today?

2. What lessons did you learn today?

Here is an example of an entry Jane may have made in her own journal:

1. Today I felt sad and lonely.

2. I need to plan ahead for time to be with others, exercise, and find meaningful activity.

You may start your journal any time. Below are some helpful tips:

• Decide in advance whether you want to keep your journal entries private or not, though you can change your mind about this at any point.

• Keep your journal, along with a pen or pencil, where you will see it every day — on the kitchen table, your desk, or in your briefcase — as a reminder to keep it up daily.

• You may wish to use different ink colors when writing about certain feelings (e.g., green = growth, blue = sadness, orange = joy, red = anger, etc.). Make sure to include a color key in your journal so that you are consistent.

• Using a pre-formatted book like The 5 Year Journal found at, is an easy way to keep a journal. You can also use a computer, a blank book, or simply a notebook. Choose one that has enough pages to write a few lines each day for five years.

• Don't worry about skipping one or more days or even weeks. When you look back at your entries, these gaps will be very telling.

Journal writing is quick and easy, yet so beneficial! In a few brief sentences, in just a few minutes a day, you can reduce stress from unexpressed emotions and open up doors to healing. In addition, re-reading sections regularly allows you to track recurring destructive thoughts and feelings. By identifying trends, triggers, and effective coping strategies, you can take steps toward positive and permanent change for improved mental and physical health.

Dr. Linda Miles, is a highly regarded psychotherapist with over 30 years experience. Her book The New Marriage, Transcending the Happily Ever After Myth was a finalist for the Forward Book of the Year Award. She has written many articles for professionals and published in national magazines such as Parents and Entrepreneur. Follow her on Twitter at drlinda03. Visit [] for more information.

Dr. Linda Miles
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My Proud Baby Joins Donation Drive to Support Families

A Partnership With Two Local Non-Profits Aims To Provide Essential Items

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 29, 2020 / — My Proud Baby has joined together with Black Latino Alliance and Compton Advocates to help sponsor a donation drive of essential baby items supporting local parents in need. They are requesting items like diapers, wipes, baby formula, swaddle blankets, and any other item that could benefit struggling families.

In LA County, Black babies are 2-3 times less likely to reach their first birthday than other babies. Studies have also found that in LA County, Black mothers have been dying 4x more than other mothers, and unfortunately this rate is trending up. One of the leading causes of both of these startling mortality rates is stress on the mother and baby during and after their pregnancy. The efforts by the companies and organizations hosting this donation drive hope to relive a portion of this stress on black mothers, babies, and families.

Due to the pandemic, this donation drive is being hosted both in person and virtually. Those willing to donate are encourage to shop with one of the event sponsors and have the donation shipped directly to Black Latino Alliance.

“This year has been hard on so many families. I’m so happy to join these amazing organizations to bring some relief and help to those families who need it” says Angelou Masters, Owner at My Proud Baby. This is the first donation drive that the company has sponsored.

How to Donate with My Proud Baby:
1.Find the item you would like to donate on .
2.Use code "donate" for 20% off of your purchase.
3.Enter the shipping information below when checking out to ship the order directly to BL Alliance:

The Alliance BL
30 North Raymond Avenue Suite 411
Pasadena, CA 91103

The essential baby item donation drive ends January 31, 2021. For more Information please check out the official Eventbrite event page for the donation.

About My Proud Baby: My Proud Baby was started in 2019 and believes that it is important for babies to see themselves represented in the world around them. They celebrate the heritage and culture surrounding minority babies and bring to the forefront the things that make families unique. Their products are mostly baby swaddle blankets that feature their unique patterns and designs. Their online network also includes a parenting blog and facebook group where parents of black children can get relevant parenting information, share tips, and engage in progressive conversation.

Angelou Masters
Angelou Masters
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Divorce Law Blog Site by Gloria James-Civetta & Co

family law

family law

Singapore Divorce Lawyer Blog site is a rich library containing practical information on the issues and procedures that will affect couples facing divorce.

The Singapore Divorce lawyer blog is our platform for sharing our expertise in matrimonial law and offering free consultations on the divorce process to our potential clients.”

— Gloria James

SINGAPORE, December 29, 2020 / — Singapore Divorce Lawyer Blog site is a rich library containing practical information on the issues and procedures that will affect couples facing divorce.

Suppose you are interested to learn more about the divorce process in Singapore. In that case, you can head online and explore over 250 informative blogs that will help inform you on the many issues associated with the divorce process.

The Singapore Divorce lawyer blog is our platform for sharing our expertise in matrimonial law and offering free consultations on the divorce process to our potential clients.

Blogs are organized into categories and segregated as per the below-mentioned categories;

• The Singapore divorce process
• Child custody & support issues
• Spousal support
• Division of marital assets
• Divorce strategy
• Pre & post-divorce issues

"In this manner, individuals can access a multitude of articles and discover issues they may not have been aware of previously" – Gloria James

The website is not a substitute for face-to-face interaction with a divorce lawyer who can advise divorcing couples on their own set of specific circumstances.

About Gloria James-Civetta & Co

Gloria James-Civetta has continued its expansion with a 12-strong family law team and five trainees for 2021.

The team, headed by Gloria James, specializes in all aspects of Family Law, acting for our clients at the Family Court and High Court of Singapore.

"We look forward to continuing our successful track record and developing and enhancing the careers of our junior and trainee lawyers." – Gloria James

Head divorce lawyer Ms. Gloria James has more than 25 years of experience handling divorce and family law proceedings.

She is an accredited:
• Collaborative Family Practitioner
• Child Representative Lawyer (Family Justice Court)
• Parenting Coordination Lawyer
• Associate Mediator of the Singapore Mediation Centre, Family Justice Court, and State Courts
• Mediator (Family Justice Court & SMC Family Panel)
• CDC Divorce Coach® (Certified Divorce Coach Board of Standards)

Gustavo Civetta
Gloria James-Civetta & Co
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Four Experts In Personal And Professional Development Aim To Ease The Post-Pandemic Panic

Four Dynamic Women Are Creating a Life Coaching Initiative The Is Proving To Change Lives On A Massive Scale

Four Professional Women and Life Coaches Are Pooling Their Collective Brain-Power To Make Real Change

Four Experts in Mental Wellness and Life Coaching are pooling their brain-power to change lives with the Crown and Compass Initiative

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, December 28, 2020 / — Residual side-effects of the Pandemic are quickly consuming the conversation of mental health and helping professions nationwide. These side-effects of a year in social isolation are weight gain, career issues, and relationship obstacles, just to name a few. Studies are starting to show that the combination of economic hardship and loneliness is pushing people to the point of frantic concern. In response to the overwhelming demand The Crown and Compass Team, based out of Arlington Heights, Illinois is offering up their expertise to effect change.

A Kaiser Family Foundation poll taken in the US found that nearly half of Americans reported that the coronavirus crisis had harmed their mental health. After the stress of 2020, the helping industries such as life coaching and mental health professionals are in agreement that radical change is needed now. Julie Lokun, the founder of the Crown and Compass Life Coaching has newly launched the “Dream Catchers” initiative with a mission to give communities the tools to take back control of their lives. Lokun has announced today that the program will be accessible to all demographics and will be free of charge. The inaugural event begins on January 4th. Lokun has noticed a pattern of women who are crying out for a collection of real experiences that elevate their personal and professional aspirations. The launch of the “Dream Catchers” will be a vehicle to serve women on a massive level.

The Crown and Compass Coaching team is gearing up for the Dream Catchers Challenge by offering free resources on their website to encourage women to take inventory of their lives and understand that they are the only ones that have the power to change their circumstances. “Getting your house in order is the key to success”, Tristin Hodges, a licensed mental health professional, and life coach suggests. Hodges is kicking off the Dream Catchers event by revealing her own brand of a mindset-makeover. “Doing the internal work and figuring out a fresh approach to your personal and professional life is key”.

Hodges leads the team at Crown and Compass Life Coaching as a therapeutic advisor and leading expert in mindset development. The Pandemic, at the very least, has thrown a major curveball in our mental, physical and spiritual journeys. Hodges emphasizes that “Emotional agility and the ability to manage your emotional responses to situations is imperative– rather than simply reacting to a moment”. This emotional awareness has always been a pivotal skill for navigating the challenges associated with parenting, working, and relationships”.

In response to this explosive trend in needing professional support, Tristin Hodges and her partner, Julie Lokun, Masters Life Coach, have assembled a team of experts to provide the support for those looking for radical changes in their lives.

Tia Morell, a holistic health coach and team member of the Crown and Compass will lead this challenge on the wellness-focused Day 3. Morell iworks with clients from a holistic perspective that can alter their overall health journey. “I am thrilled to be working on this team of amazing women who have only one mission– which is to empower” Morell, will be the lead in terms of guiding participants to living a more mindful lifestyle-which ultimately will be the catalyst for changes in their health.

The synergy between the coaches guarantees a platform of accountability and substantive change. “People are waking up from the hibernation of the pandemic and looking at their personal and professional issues and don’t know what to do….” Explains Mika Altidor, Certified Life Coach, “The challenge begins on January 4th, and all the participants will be provided with a daily lesson and activity.” Altidor adds, “ All you have to do is sign up on our website and then open your mind to the possibilities of living in abundance. “

This team of four dynamic coaches is offering up a collaboration that is fresh and unlike any other coaching team. “Take advantage of the brain-power this team offers… may be your secret weapon for taking control of your life in 2021”, Lokun adds. To learn more about the Dream Catcher Challenge visit

Julie Lokun
Crown And Compass Life Coaching
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Mediated Online Solutions

MOS logo

mediation online solutions

Divorce and Coparenting Support

ALBANY, NY, USA, December 21, 2020 / — Introducing Mediation: A Better Way to Navigate through Divorce

(Elizabethtown, New York) Mediated Online Solutions is a newly-formed organization that offers virtual mediation, divorce coaching, and co-parenting support services for couples going through divorce or separation.

The team at Mediated Online Solutions offers a respectful alternative to the traditional adversarial process where parties battle out their differences and judges decide their fate. The goal in mediation is for the parties to reach a mutually beneficial agreement without the expense and stress of a lengthy court battle. In today’s unprecedented times, this is possible online through video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Skype. This allows for maximum convenience to the parties, who can conveniently – and safely – mediate their family law issue from the convenience of their home.
Debra Whitson is an experienced Mediator and Collaborative Divorce Attorney. Her prior experience as a prosecutor and her many years spent in her family law practice have led Debra to strongly believe that legal battles are more harmful than helpful to families. As a result, she is passionate about helping people find ways to make their own decisions rather than leaving it to the court. Debra uses her knowledge and experience to mediate divorce, separation, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, child custody, child/spousal support, and property division.
John Haverlick is a licensed clinical social worker, mediator, and family therapist who has spent over 50 years assisting children, families, and couples in recognizing their strength and resilience so that they can better cope with the situations in their lives. John is a trusted listener and guide, helping clients face some of their most difficult life obstacles with grace and compassion. He is also an expert at coaching individuals through life transitions such as divorce or separation. John has helped thousands of parents successfully navigate through the challenges of co-parenting after separation and the challenges of co-parenting through blended family situations.

With Debra’s legal expertise and John’s extensive experience in mental health, this power team is uniquely equipped to help couples with virtual coaching and mediation services to those going through divorce and co-parenting challenges. Being virtual means that they can help anyone, anywhere in the world at any time.

A mediated divorce helps families avoid the emotional toll of a litigated divorce and allows the parties to craft an agreement that is uniquely tailored to meet their needs. Because the process involves a pledge to treat each other with respect and teaches the couple better ways to communicate effectively, the parties can end their marriage and at the same time gain skills to more effectively co-parent and solve problems as they move forward. Most families who choose mediation spend less money on legal fees and litigation costs.
Mediated Online Solutions has received five-star reviews from clients who have seen positive results. One of those clients writes, “I wanted to go through the divorce process without losing my integrity and becoming bitter. Debra helped me navigate through my options with civility. Needing to get a divorce is unpleasant, but I was satisfied with the final outcome Debra helped me achieve.”

“We are so excited to be able to bring this service together and give people an option that allows them to mediate their life from home,” said Debra Whitson. “I have seen the toll that courtroom divorce and custody battles have taken on families, especially children. I can’t imagine why anyone would choose litigation over mediation.”

SERVICES OFFERED: Mediation, child custody support, co-parenting support, last will and testament support, Pre Nups and Post Nups,
Bridge gaps in communication
Prepare and organize
Handle any obstacles or challenges that come your way
Find the resource you need
And much more!

To learn more visit MOS website

Mediation Online Solutions is a relationship and divorce strategy-based business, with a team of attorneys and therapists helping clients get one common result: an inexpensive way to resolve conflicts outside of a courtroom.

Emily Reynolds Bergh
r public relations
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5 reasons you should consider mediation

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The Orthodox’s Courageous Battle against the Covid-19 Induced Rise in Abuse and Addictions

Rabbi Zvi Gluck

Rabbi Zvi Gluck

Amudim awareness event1

Amudim awareness event1



Amudim records unprecedented 69% rise in new caseloads since the start of coronavirus and subsequent lockdowns.

Amudim’s Covid hotline saved my life”

— Tammy, 33 and a mother of 4

NY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 20, 2020 / — “Amudim’s Covid hotline saved my life,” Tammy, 33 and a mother of 4, expresses gratefully. For years, she endured the throes of her husband’s verbal abuse, preferring to suffer in silence rather than bear the consequences and humiliation of divorce and single parenting. While her husband’s behavior was intolerable at home, at least he spent the majority of his time in the office and “hanging out with the guys,” as he’d succinctly portray his late nights out.

All that changed with the beginning of Covid and subsequent lockdown that had Tammy and her four kids living a nightmare and spending 24/7 in a small house in the presence of an abusive husband and father.

“The tension at home became unbearable. He was angry, frustrated, a caged lion. We did what we could to stay out of his way and keep the peace, but no matter what we did, it was always wrong,” Tammy relives the horrors with a tremor in her voice. “Eventually, the verbal abuse turned physical. For so many years, I’d kept silent, confiding only the smallest bits and pieces to one very close friend. But I couldn’t handle it anymore, and finally, on my friend’s encouragement, I picked up the phone and called Amudim. The professional, caring support that I received literally saved my life. And my children’s, too.”

Tammy’s story, unfortunately, is not an isolated incident and is one of thousands of cases of abuse and addiction that were once taboo in the Orthodox sector, but are gradually coming to light in a worldwide effort on part of the Orthodox community to fight them and rescue innocent victims.

One hero spearheading positive change is Rabbi Zvi Gluck, CEO and director of Amudim Community Resources, an association and crisis center combating abuse and addictions in the Orthodox sector. “We operate with encouragement and support of Orthodox rabbis who agree that unless we fight the crimes and ills of sexual abuse, neglect, domestic violence and addiction with weapons of awareness and truth, we’re face community-wide disaster,” expresses Gluck.

He readily admits that it wasn’t long ago that few in the Orthodox world were willing to publicly discuss mental health or sensitive issues as abuse and addiction, yet Amudim is slowly causing the tide to turn. Since its inception in July of 2014, the organization had gone international with offices in New York, Florida, Ohio and Jerusalem. Fielding an average of 250 calls per day, it has assisted over 8,500 victims. When adding their family members and future generations into the equation, the organization has impacted, and continues to impact, tens of thousands. Thus Amudim is penetrating thick walls of silence and bringing painful issues to the surface to be combated on a community-wide level with the support of spiritual and community leaders and mental health professionals.

“We’ve seen firsthand that the Jewish community has come to terms with the painful reality that it isn’t immune to contemporary threats that destroy lives,” shares Humans of Judaism founder Nikki Schreiber who’s been running Amudim’s social media for the past two years.

Throughout six years, Amudim has run hundreds of awareness events, helped thousands of clients and opened multiple offices, steadily chipping away at stigmas that prevented too many from seeking help for too long. Today, Amudim is a household name and the go-to address for organizations, rabbis, schools and individuals dealing with difficult cases. This past year alone, it has logged upwards of 83,500 calls for help, as facets of the Covid-19 pandemic sparked an unprecedented mental health crisis.

Since the global outbreak of Covid-19 nine months ago, the numbers of recorded cases of abuse within the Orthodox community have been off the charts, Rabbi Gluck reveals the dismal statistics. In just nine months Amudim has documented a 59% increase in addiction, 55% spike in domestic violence, 74% rise in sexual abuse and whopping 150% surge in mental health cases.

“It hasn’t been easy keeping up with the volume of calls when our financial base was hard hit, but our case managers rose to the task even while working remotely under less-than-ideal circumstances and deluged with pleas for help,” he says proudly.
In the course of 2020, Amudim launched a variety of new initiatives to help people weather the storm. Its free Covid support line, staffed by over 100 mental health professionals, handled nearly 3,000 calls during its six months of operations, and a coronavirus page on its website provides a wealth of information including a full video library of new content for both adults and children addressing the pandemic and its ramifications in a meaningful way.

With abuse cases peaking in the past months and many more still emerging, Amudim’s resources are stretched to the max. Responding to an urgent community-wide need, the organization is sponsoring Unite to Heal, a 36-hour virtual benefit this Sunday and Monday, December 20-21, to fund and, hopefully expand, its activities.

With an all star line-up of over 100 rabbis, mental health professionals, organization heads, entertainers, matchmakers, athletes and other well-known voices, Amudim’s Unite to Heal fundraiser promises to be a blockbuster event.

“Dozens jumped on board, appreciating that Amudim is an essential organization,” enthuses event producer Yummy Schachter. “The across-the-spectrum participation in Unite to Heal speaks volumes about the importance of Amudim and the general consensus that these issues need to be discussed. The fact that over one hundred community VIPs are lending their voices to the 36 segment-36 hour livestream event will hopefully be an eye opener encouraging even more people to reach out for help and help others.”

Learn more about this groundbreaking event at

Ayala Man
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Lifetime Networks’ The Balancing Act, Sought Segment on Vikki Jones’ Functional & Fashionable Tote Bags & Briefcases

Vikki Jones Designed Her Bag for Business (Photo Courtesy Vikki Jones)

Vikki Jones Designed Her Bag for Business

Bucket Bag

Ice White Bucket Bag w/ Magnetic Closures by Vikki Jones

Luxury Laptop Bag

High-Tech Leather Laptop Tote

The Balancing Act, a morning talk show on Lifetime TV Network takes interest in Vikki Jones’ ’fashionable sleek styled’ fully functional handbags and totes.

It's fascinating to know that my creativity is attracting national television! As with any venture, I think it's important that one makes the best decision(s) and alignment for their ideas. ”

— Vikki Jones

NEW YORK , NEW YORK, USA, December 19, 2020 / — Vikki Jones’ brand reinvents luxury for the modern woman, striking an exact balance between design, functionality, and style. The quality of limited stylish pieces attracted the attention of producers of Lifetime Network daytime TV show, The Balancing Act. Co-hosted by Daytime TV legend Montell Williams, The Balancing Act ‘targets women who do it all’, delivering 'style makeovers, parenting tips and the latest news in health and wealth. It aspires to “guide them through parenthood and work-life”.

Designed with the conscious, fashionable professional in mind, Vikki Jones tote bags feature designated smart-device spaces, ample room for stationery supplies, and plenty of pockets, making transitions from the cafe workday to evenings out seamless. “It is a struggle to put things back in their place in an orderly manner when pressed for time, but when it amounts to wasted time and missed opportunities, that is unacceptable,” says Vikki Jones.

Being a professional on the move presented a problem: storage. Plenty of options existed in the market, aimed at professionals and freelancers, but none were both efficient and attractive. Struggling to stay mobile and still work, Jones says, that “it was at that moment – bag malfunction while boarding a flight to an important event – I decided I was going to do something about it.”

The Balancing Act suggested a short segment entitled "Dress For Success: Fashion and Functionality For Business Women” featuring Jones' business and toe bags. The show would have aired on The Lifetime Network at the end of Q1/2021, and an additional 500 times in National Broadcast Syndication. 

About Vikki Jones Tote Bags:

Vikki Jones Totes offers bags and select premier items with superior craftsmanship, hassle-free functionality, made from quality fabrics and materials.

About Vikki Jones:

Vikki Jones is an entrepreneur and founder of VMH Publishing – a four-time award-winning book publishing house. Her work includes some of the most powerful influencers and brands in the world. Including the NFL, WOBI, The Economist, Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Airlines), Former President Barack Obama, Tyler Perry (Producer), Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks), Joel Osteen (Inspirational Speaker), Ariana Huffington (Founder Huff Post), and a host of others.

PRAD Publicity
PRAD Publicity
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Vikki Jones Shares Why She Designed n a Handbag That ‘Works’ For My Business’

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Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation logo

PPFF’s mission is to inspire stewardship of Pennsylvania’s state parks and forests.

Paul Fogal, Josie Byzek, and Mary Hirst join the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation's Board of Directors

Pennsylvania’s parks and forests benefit from the vast expertise the board of directors brings to the issues and challenges facing these special places.”

— Marci J. Mowery

CAMP HILL, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2020 / — The Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation (PPFF), the only non-profit whose mission is to inspire stewardship of Pennsylvania’s state parks and forests welcomes three new members to their Board of Directors; Paul Fogal, Josie Byzek, and Mary Hirst.

Paul Fogal is a founding partner of Pocono Whitewater, Skirmish, and Pocono Biking and has over 40 years of experience as a park concessionaire in the United States and Canada. An avid traveler, Fogal has visited and recreated in all 7 continents. Through his business actively, Fogal has been involved in Pocono Mts. Visitors Bureau, Discover Lehigh Valley, Carbon Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development, America Outdoors, Friends of the Lehigh River, Lehigh Outfitters Association, Jim Thorpe Tourist Agency, and Wildlands Conservancy. He currently serves on the board of the Jim Thorpe Tourist Agency and Penn Forest Zoning Board, and has previous experience as a board member with the Delaware and Lehigh Heritage Corridor and the Rails to Trails Conservancy regional board.

"I would like to thank PPFF for the opportunity to serve on the board and look forward to helping maintain the outstanding quality of our Parks and Forest resources for myself and future generations." Said Fogal.
Josie Byzek is the Executive Editor for New Mobility Magazine, an award-winning lifestyle magazine for wheelchair users that covers topics like travel, health & wellness, and parenting. Josie is past secretary for the Center for Independent Living of Central Pennsylvania, has served as a school board member of Susquehanna Township School District and has chaired the SPIL and Education Committee of the Pennsylvania Statewide Independent Living Council.

"There are so many accessible opportunities available in our state parks and forests, and I'm looking forward to helping the board connect Pennsylvanians with disabilities to these venues." Said Byzek.

Mary Hirst is a newly retired park manager from the Ole Bull State Park Complex, and the first female field park manager in the state park system. A lifelong park user, Hirst now volunteers as the chair and founding member of the Friends of Ole Bull State Park, is an EMT and the President of the Kettle Creek Ambulance Association. During the summer months, she can be found campground hosting, sharing her knowledge of the outdoors with visitors to state parks. With vast knowledge of the workings of our state parks system, her input will be valuable to the foundation.

“Parks have played an important role in my life and in the lives of so many people. PPFF provides an important service to parks, both through financial support and volunteer recruitment. I look forward to staying involved with, and lending my continued support to the state park system as a member of this board.” Said Hirst.

These three board members join the existing twelve members of the board, which include:

Chair, Brad Mallory, former Secretary, PaDot
Vice Chair, Tina Molski, Director of Operations – REI's East Coast Distribution Center
Secretary, Mary Soderberg, Retired, Former State Budget Secretary
Treasurer, Dr. Jim Grace, retired, Deputy Secretary for Parks and Forestry
Brian Clark, esquire, Buchanan, Ingersoll and Rooney
George Fernandez, CEO, the Latino Connection
Kate Harper, esquire, Timoney Knox, LLP
Brad Jones, President and CEO, Harristown Enterprises Inc.
Rep. Mark Longietti, Member, PA House of Representatives
Eric Madden, Vice President/Deputy Chief Marketing Officer at Johnson, Mirmiran and Thompson, Inc
Maria Montero, External Affairs Manager at Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority
Eric Williams, Community Affairs Liaison for the City of Pittsburgh, Mayor Peduto’s Office

“We are excited to welcome these new members to the Board of Directors of the Foundation,” said Marci Mowery, President of the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation. “Pennsylvania’s parks and forests benefit from the vast expertise the board of directors brings to the issues and challenges facing these special places.”

Brad Mallory, Board Chair had this to say about the additions. “We are thrilled to welcome Paul, Josie and Mary to our Board of Directors. They bring a diverse set of experiences and skills to the Board but are united in their passion for and commitment to Pennsylvania’s state parks and forests.”

Marci J. Mowery
PA Parks and Forests Foundation
+1 717-236-7644
email us here
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Meet Stephanie – Co-Creator of KidDazzle™

KidDazzle Logo

Kids wearing KidDazzle

Looking Dressy while not getting Messy, The Kidcover™️

Finally, a KidCover™ that allows your 6 month to 2 year old to eat and craft without the worry of ruining yet another outfit.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, December 15, 2020 / — Finally, a KidCover™ that allows your 6 month to 2 year old to eat and craft without the worry of ruining yet another outfit. “We became determined to find a way to minimize our time spent removing stains and maximize fleeting moments we had with our babies”. Bring on the spaghetti sauce and grape juice and let them feast.

As parents of three toddlers, Stephanie spent countless hours stuck in her laundry room struggling to remove food stains from her children’s clothing. “Each meal we fed our children inevitably led to a wardrobe change causing our laundry baskets to constantly be overflowing”. Sound familiar? We have all been there. Even though we want our children to learn for themselves, we still tend to nervously watch every hand and arm movement, afraid of an impending mess. All children in the beginning seem to be an artist struggling to finish their creation. Complete “with hand-prints of spaghetti sauce and splotches of grape juice”.

After endless hours of research, development, countless versions, kid-led testing and very messy mealtimes, we are proud to have created KidCover™ and are so excited to share it with you! The KidCover™ is a functional, fun and fashionable product that lets your child make a mess without causing you to stress.
Our motivation is to create innovative products that make parenting related tasks easier, so you can spend more time focusing on what matters most – your children. Currently there are two adorable designs available. Both the Tiny Tux™ and Precious Pearls™ versions of KidCover™ include the following features:

The large pocket catches falling food and liquids that always seem to miss your child’s mouth.
The bib portion of KidCover™ is made with 100% food grade silicone, which is non-toxic and hygienic as it is naturally resistant to bacteria. The smock portion is constructed using polyester with a waterproof coating.
The KidCover™ is BPA free, PVC free, lead free and phthalate free. The material is easily wipeable, machine washable, waterproof, and stain and odour resistant. It is durable enough to withstand repeated use by even the most frequent of eaters.
The KidCover™ has a size adjustable neck strap, with a fastener that is easy to open and close, so it can quickly be secured onto the squirmiest of toddlers.
While the amazing silicone pocket captures most food, the KidCover™ also includes extra-long material to keep laps clean. The neck is specifically designed to keep collars fresh, and the cuffs that are snug enough to keep sleeves dry, but stretchy enough to fit over pudgy baby hands.
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The Black Lives You Don’t Hear About in the News Still Matter

Join The Sister to Sister podcast every Tuesday Hosted by Women’s Prosperity Network

'Life was better for slaves before being freed.' Imagine sitting in an academic lecture hall and hearing a lecturer say that. Can you imagine being a black person and hearing it?”

— Trish Carr, host Sister to Sister

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, US, December 14, 2020 / — In these divided times, Women’s Prosperity Network is proud to host the Sister to Sister podcast, a weekly conversation with women of color that reveals the one-on-one, every-day impact of racism. Rather than debating the controversial issues of systemic racism, white privilege, discrimination, white supremacy and the many arguments surrounding racism, the guests simply share what they’ve experienced in their daily lives.

Yes, there are stories of overt racism – watching a KKK parade on ‘main street,’ not being invited to a white friend’s family home because you’re black, a white mother whose parents were embarrassed by having black grandchildren – but it’s also the offhand comments born of ignorance that are just as hurtful. Whether it’s referring to a black woman as “gal” (a term that cuts to the core as a sign of disrespect as ‘House Gal’ was a slave term), touching a woman’s braids, natural curl or cornrows, or commenting how ‘well-spoken’ a person of color is, these are micro-aggressions about which most white people are simply ignorant.

Viewers are invited to listen with an open mind and open heart to real stories from real people and find out how they can take action to drive change. Guests come from all walks of life, everyone from PhD’s to stay at home moms. They illustrate person-to-person racism as well as systemic racism, such as the 12-year army veteran, best-selling author and parenting expert whose 7-year old son was labeled “special needs” and put into remedial classes simply because he fit the profile of black male with a single mother. After uncovering that designation, she fought to have him tested AND found that rather than too slow, he was ‘exceptional’ and moved into advanced programs.

For 13 years, Women’s Prosperity Network, founded by three sisters, has been a sisterhood and a movement of women coming together in collaboration to make a massive positive difference in the world. With members in North America, Europe, Australia, Africa and the Caribbean, it’s the premier community for impact-driven women, providing business-building and skill-building tools, training, and consulting programs.

Women’s Prosperity takes pride in leading the way on this crucial conversation and revealing the systemic, interpersonal and unintended racism that anyone who was socialized as white perpetrates unknowingly. The podcast is live on Facebook Tuesday’s at 11AM ET / 8AM PT and available at:

Learn more, including how to start a chapter in your area at

Trish Carr
Women's Prosperity Network
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Source: EIN Presswire