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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES, November 6, 2020 / — Family is the cornerstone of society where we acquire a wonderful sense of belonging, acceptance, and our deepest connections. Research suggests that children who are valued members of a family unit develop a healthier sense of well-being creating positive impact on their social behaviors and success later in life. But even the healthiest families go through tough times that can affect the entire family structure. Whether conflicts result from behavioral or mental health concerns when families are in crisis there is a way to work through it. Quality therapy can make all the difference in the world.

Natalie Whatcott and Sarah Sanders are top notch behavioral health professionals and owners of Utah Behavior Services.

“Our principal philosophy is primarily focused not only on treating individuals but designed to address what impacts families as a whole,” says Sarah. “Whether it’s the children or the adults that are conflicted with emotional or social difficulties we seek to improve communication, and work to resolve behavioral difficulties while offering constructive strategies and the proper tools to help them navigate their lives and strengthen their family relationships.”

Providing a safe, supportive environment and with genuine compassion, the team at Utah Behavior services assist clients in developing coping skills that will help them handle challenges and provide lasting change.

“What distinguishes us the most is recognizing that in a family crisis the entire unit is affected not just one person,” says Natalie. “As a solution focused practice, we thoroughly assess every situation, identify conflict, and then provide the family with the most effective tools and tried and true methods to help improve a wide range of issues the families may be struggling with.”

According to Sarah and Natalie, family therapy and proper parenting is especially critical for children to help work out their problems or any behavioral issues and find solutions.

“In a changing technologically advanced world we have to parent differently,” says Sarah. “Particularly when the kids are struggling it won’t be effective to solely treat the child, everyone in that family has to learn how to do things differently so the change can be long term.”

Family members are encouraged to express thoughts and emotions, understand and respect each other’s point of view, appreciate each other’s individuality, while acquiring an enhanced sense of connection.

“Recognizing our children’s strengths and understanding their weaknesses is absolutely critical,” says Natalie.

In these times of COVID-19 and stay at home orders, Natalie and Sarah say more time together can prove beneficial for families. It’s about taking the opportunity to communicate more openly and learn how to make compromises. It’s all about choice.

“Our clients are the are the heroes of their stories, it’s not about us,” says Sarah. “By learning and applying the skills we provide families acquire a different perspective and then we know we have done our job well.”

The reason Sarah and Natalie are so passionate about their work is their belief that supporting families as a whole is the key to achieving lasting change for any child or individual.

“It’s uplifting to know that in these challenging moments our family is our most vital resource,” says Natalie. “By embracing one another’s differences, diversity helps us bond and respect each other and resolve conflicts.”

By seeing strengths in each other and learning the right skills what develops are healthier happier family members and what we need in order to have a well- functioning family.

“Remember who you are, stick by your values, and most of all be kind to one another and you can never go wrong.” says Natalie.

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