"Flash Gordon" Star Turned Psychotherapist, Melody Anderson, Offering Special Counseling Practices Through Zoom

Melody Anderson. Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

“You are not alone in this because I am here and have the expertise to lessen your burden. The tragic ones are those who do not ask for help.”- Melody Anderson

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, October 28, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Jessica Grose of The New York Times, has cited a growing trend of substance abuse among caregivers she calls, “Pandemic Parenting.” Parents are extremely overwhelmed, as they must live with COVID-19, care and educate their children while having to work from home, face uncertain financial and career futures, deal with ailing parents, and run their households. Many have turned to THC gummies to help them sleep, as well as other drugs and alcohol to get a break from the pressure. Women’s alcohol intake has increased by 15% in the United States since March.

One woman who has been on the frontline of recovery and trauma treatment for over 20 years, is the well-known actress, now turned psychotherapist, Melody Anderson, LCSW. Ms. Anderson, starred in many films such as "Flash Gordon" and “Firewalker.” Today, she has stepped off the movie screen onto people’s computer screens, via her Zoom Therapy sessions. She specializes in addiction and trauma treatment, family and relational issues, grief, loss, and life changes. Anderson states, “My goal is to provide a personal map to help guide clients through these times with my on-going support and compassion.”

Ms. Anderson redirected her career path from acting, almost 24-years ago, when she graduated from New York University with a Masters Of Social Work. In her private practice, she treats everyone from film and sports celebrities to those who struggle to pay the rent. Ms. Anderson is a media presence who wrote, produced, and hosted her own talk-therapy radio show in New York, has appeared on television, radio, and has been a spokesperson in several documentaries. Due to Ms. Anderson’s successful career in Hollywood, she has been invited by those in the industry to consultant on their projects. She has also lectured at medical schools, treatment centers, and hospitals and presented at international conferences on families and addiction.

Ms. Anderson’s healing Skills are based on mindfulness and somatic principles. By calming the body when in the stages of flight, flight, freeze, or appease, which results from feelings of being danger, her Skills calm the body by bringing more oxygen into it, thus lowering one’s heart rate. The executive part of the brain is then able to engage in problem solving and rationally decide if the threat is real or not. This is because the mind is focused on the physical senses, instead of the fearful perceptions. After performing the Skills, clients are then asked to notice where in their bodies they feel the release and calming, which also helps them keep their focus away from the threatening thought and in the safety of the present.

Melody offers us two effective Skills:

“Try to take a pause at least once every hour and use your cell to help remind you. Gently breathe-out through your mouth, which empties your lungs of CO2 (carbon monoxide), making room for more oxygen. Most people get anxious or can even have panic attacks, because they have too much CO2 in their bodies and not enough oxygen. Then, gently breathe-in through your nose and hold for 5 seconds. Gently breathe-out again through your mouth, like you are blowing-out candles on a cake. Repeat 3 times and notice which parts of your body are relaxing. My other skill is “Grounding,” which helps my clients bring focus to their bodies and present in the moment. Just try placing a heavy bag or weighted blanket on your feet, then notice if there are any sensation shifts in your body, or not. You can use these tools especially while sitting at your computers, talking on your cell, writing, or Zooming all day!"

While these times can certainly be frightening and leave many to wonder what their next steps and future may look like, Ms. Anderson wants to remind you that support and guidance are always available. “You are not alone in this because I am here and have the expertise to lessen your burden. The tragic ones are those who do not ask for help.”

If you would like to learn more about Ms. Anderson, check-out her website www.counselingbymelody.com or call (310) 285-9410

Melody J. Anderson, LCSW, has a private psychotherapy practice in Westwood, LA and New York City. She works with couples, individuals, adolescents and families who face: anxiety, relational conflict, depression, trauma, addiction, impulse control, step-family issues, child-rearing, couple disputes, how to live with an addict, 12-Step Programs; life transitions, career concerns, life-coaching and grief. Ms. Anderson is also a Licensed California Reverend, offering pre-marital counseling and wedding services. She also offers marital guidance for couples in recovery. Skype and Zoom sessions are also available.

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