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Great Parenting Simplified (GPS) survey results reveal pains of pandemic parenting and ways that you can make an immediate difference and get support at home.

More than 37% of parents surveyed admitted they are “totally overwhelmed” and experiencing “financial problems.”… with no end in sight to the pandemic”

— Jacqueline Green, founder and CEO of the nonprofit cooperative, GPS. a

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA, October 14, 2020 / — More than one-third of all parents surveyed about parenting during the pandemic by Great Parenting Simplified (GPS) insist they “can’t take on another thing at the moment” and are struggling to make it through each day.

GPS is a global online parenting network that has already supported 40,000 families in more than 101 countries during the past 10 years. Its programs include parent coaching, group support and access to leading parenting experts — ALL ONLINE! It now wants to provide community-based support to an expanded network of parents, but it can’t do it alone.

“We need your help to get funding in place to provide support for families right now, in their homes,” says Jacqueline Green, the founder of the movement.
By making a small donation to GPS’s recently launched crowdfunding Help Families Survive the Pandemic you can be a part of a village that is helping someone else just like you.

Most parents GPS surveyed during the month of September agree that the global pandemic has made parenting harder and 27% say despite some support from their village they are still struggling. “These are the parents that GPS has the ability to support, to get them and their children from struggling to thriving,” says Green.

More than 37% of parents surveyed admitted they are “totally overwhelmed” and experiencing “financial problems.” In addition, insomnia and the increase in high-risk coping mechanisms are leading to an increase in mental health issues for these parents, with no end in sight to the pandemic, says Green.

GPS is poised to support these parents with the COVID safe tools that help teach parents “real and usable techniques that help the whole family,” as well as “introduce new ideas to help parents reframe their mindsets.”

With a fundraising goal set for $75,000, says Green, we are hopeful that we will be able to get as many families serviced as soon as possible. “You can be a part of this village and support these parents in need,” says Green.

To support the movement go to: Help Families Survive the Pandemic or (standing for crowdfund). There you can read testimonials from parents who have benefited from GPS programming in the past, as well as donate to a family or many families. $30 is all that is needed to support one family.

About Great Parenting Simplified (GPS)
We provide a safe space where parents know they will receive simple and actionable support from peers and certified parent coaches to help transform their relationships within their family. During the current pandemic, we want to be able to expand our program to offer it to more parents in need. #PandemicParenting #ittakesavillage

We have a proven and effective on-line program that can provide the support families need. It includes:-
– Supportive and practical private online community
– Live coaching calls
– Focused training for specific needs highlighted by the pandemic such as anxiety or co-parenting
– Access to global parenting experts through our Great Parenting Show

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