Free course helps parents bring out the best in their children and themselves in spite of COVID-19 constraints

Happy child

The on-line course “Children” is based on a booklet from “The Scientology Handbook”.

“The Scientology Handbook” covering common areas of life that people sometimes struggle with.

Free Volunteer Minister DVD and portfolio giving advice and help for common problems in life.

Most parents want to do everything they can to help their children but don’t know what to do in certain situations. This course gives simple tools that help.

A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is about the best therapy a child can have.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, October 28, 2020 / — How to raise a happy, healthy child is not something most parents are taught. In fact, many just stumble through the entire process, albeit with the best intentions. Consequently, it is all too common to find an unhappy state of affairs in families, with constant friction between parents and children.

Today, with more children staying at home due to COVID-19 restrictions, many parents would like to improve their parenting skills.

A free online course is available to anyone interested in learning the basic skills and information on raising children. Based on the works of humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard (see for more information), the course, called “Children,” shows how to bring out the best in a child, and their parents. It is a valuable resource to help anyone raising children in today’s challenging environment.

Raising children should be a joy. And can be. In fact, it can be one of the most rewarding of all human experiences. The application of Scientology principles to the bringing up of children can ensure that they are happy, loving and productive, and that they become valuable members of the societies in which they live.

Mr. Hubbard summed it up this way: “A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is about the best therapy a child can have.”

This course and corresponding booklet cover:

• How to raise a child without breaking his spirit;
• How to have a child who is willing to contribute to the family;
• How to help a child quickly overcome daily upsets and tribulations of life;
• What children need most from their parents;
• Exact tools you can use in raising your children to be happy, healthy, intelligent and self-confident in life.

The course takes six to seven hours to complete online with easy step-by-step instructions and practical drills to do. It is self-paced so some will do it slightly faster and some will take more time to fully absorb this interesting information. Timing is up to the individual doing the course. It is available 24/7 so parents can do it after their children are in bed and use the lessons the next day.

The materials are integrated within the online course. In other words, once logged on, one can read the materials from within the online course program as each step is done. Help with the online courses is always available using the ‘Need help?' button in the online course program.

Upon completion of the “Children” course, one will receive a certificate by e-mail.

This course is one of 19 courses offered online as part of the Church of Scientology’s Volunteer Ministers program. Based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard, these courses address common issues people are encountering, such as solutions for a dangerous environment, communication, marriage, and assists for illnesses and injuries. Anyone of any belief, who wants to do something to improve conditions around them, may avail themselves of these free courses.

As one of their many projects, Volunteer Ministers, around the country during much of 2020 have been reaching out to help their neighbors with basic hygiene protocol education booklets offered at the “How to Stay Well Prevention Resource Center” site. In the Washington, DC, metro area over 100,000 booklets have been personally distributed.

Rev. Susan Taylor
Church of Scientology National Affairs Office
+1 202-667-6404
email us here

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The Storks Warehouse Builds Nursery for YouTube Sensation ‘The Anxiety Couple’ on New Makeover Series: 'Dream Nursery'

Dream Nursery, Episode 2: Mely Cruz from “All Things Mely” – The Makeover

The Campbell Family: Rose and her 5 toddlers

Join Rose & Jennifer as they take their expertise on the road traveling across the US, helping families build the nursery of their dreams.

I love the nursery. It came out really nice! Great job The Stork's Warehouse. You out did yourselves again. Congrats to Anxiety Couple🎉🎊 #anxietycouple #dream #nursery”

— YouTube Viewer

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, October 28, 2020 / — The Stork’s Warehouse, a mom owned company featuring pre and postpartum support subscription boxes and products is now expanding its mission to create the best experience possible for parents by curating a reality TV web series called “Dream Nursery.” During the “Dream Nursery” experience, The Stork’s Warehouse partners with local and national moms and influencers to help design and create the nursery of any parent's dreams.

Partnering with many companies such as Nustle and offering products such as breastfeeding and postpartum stations (and everything else that parents need to survive the first six months postpartum), The Dream Nursery is sure to make an impact on any new family.

Owners Rose Campbell and Jennifer Jeppson combined have 14 kids, so they are the pros when it comes to parenting products, and they are most definitely rolling up their sleeves to curate the most boutique and personal nursery for you and your little one(s).

Recently, The Stork’s Warehouse partnered with The Anxiety Couple (over 33.4M views on YouTube Channel) to create the nursery of Scott and Haydee’s dreams. Receiving over 4k requests and personal messages on their social media channels nominating The Anxiety Couple to be the next family gifted a Dream Nursery, Rose and Jennifer were thrilled to announce their selection.

Now, within the first week of its launch, the video exceeds 17K views and 125 comments, and the show and couple definitely showcase an extreme likeability and success!

“We love the Anxiety Couple! 💚. Thank you so much for choosing The Anxiety Couple (Scott and Haydee)! Thank you Stork's Warehouse for filming this and taking us on the journey with ya. We appreciate it.” ~ YouTube Viewer

If you're looking for on-trend nursery design and inspiration, look no further than "Dream Nursery!" New episodes can be found every Thursday at 8pm CST, on The Stork's Warehouse YouTube channel.

"Dream Nursery" is brought to you by amazing sponsors including Mama's Milk Wrap, Rascal + Friends, Boober, Hemp Maiden, BEBorganic and of course The Stork's Warehouse.

Bianca Bucaram
+1 713-898-6552

Watch YouTube Sensation ‘The Anxiety Couple’ Get The Nursery of Their Dreams with The Stork’s Warehouse

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"Flash Gordon" Star Turned Psychotherapist, Melody Anderson, Offering Special Counseling Practices Through Zoom

Melody Anderson. Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

“You are not alone in this because I am here and have the expertise to lessen your burden. The tragic ones are those who do not ask for help.”- Melody Anderson

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, October 28, 2020 / — Jessica Grose of The New York Times, has cited a growing trend of substance abuse among caregivers she calls, “Pandemic Parenting.” Parents are extremely overwhelmed, as they must live with COVID-19, care and educate their children while having to work from home, face uncertain financial and career futures, deal with ailing parents, and run their households. Many have turned to THC gummies to help them sleep, as well as other drugs and alcohol to get a break from the pressure. Women’s alcohol intake has increased by 15% in the United States since March.

One woman who has been on the frontline of recovery and trauma treatment for over 20 years, is the well-known actress, now turned psychotherapist, Melody Anderson, LCSW. Ms. Anderson, starred in many films such as "Flash Gordon" and “Firewalker.” Today, she has stepped off the movie screen onto people’s computer screens, via her Zoom Therapy sessions. She specializes in addiction and trauma treatment, family and relational issues, grief, loss, and life changes. Anderson states, “My goal is to provide a personal map to help guide clients through these times with my on-going support and compassion.”

Ms. Anderson redirected her career path from acting, almost 24-years ago, when she graduated from New York University with a Masters Of Social Work. In her private practice, she treats everyone from film and sports celebrities to those who struggle to pay the rent. Ms. Anderson is a media presence who wrote, produced, and hosted her own talk-therapy radio show in New York, has appeared on television, radio, and has been a spokesperson in several documentaries. Due to Ms. Anderson’s successful career in Hollywood, she has been invited by those in the industry to consultant on their projects. She has also lectured at medical schools, treatment centers, and hospitals and presented at international conferences on families and addiction.

Ms. Anderson’s healing Skills are based on mindfulness and somatic principles. By calming the body when in the stages of flight, flight, freeze, or appease, which results from feelings of being danger, her Skills calm the body by bringing more oxygen into it, thus lowering one’s heart rate. The executive part of the brain is then able to engage in problem solving and rationally decide if the threat is real or not. This is because the mind is focused on the physical senses, instead of the fearful perceptions. After performing the Skills, clients are then asked to notice where in their bodies they feel the release and calming, which also helps them keep their focus away from the threatening thought and in the safety of the present.

Melody offers us two effective Skills:

“Try to take a pause at least once every hour and use your cell to help remind you. Gently breathe-out through your mouth, which empties your lungs of CO2 (carbon monoxide), making room for more oxygen. Most people get anxious or can even have panic attacks, because they have too much CO2 in their bodies and not enough oxygen. Then, gently breathe-in through your nose and hold for 5 seconds. Gently breathe-out again through your mouth, like you are blowing-out candles on a cake. Repeat 3 times and notice which parts of your body are relaxing. My other skill is “Grounding,” which helps my clients bring focus to their bodies and present in the moment. Just try placing a heavy bag or weighted blanket on your feet, then notice if there are any sensation shifts in your body, or not. You can use these tools especially while sitting at your computers, talking on your cell, writing, or Zooming all day!"

While these times can certainly be frightening and leave many to wonder what their next steps and future may look like, Ms. Anderson wants to remind you that support and guidance are always available. “You are not alone in this because I am here and have the expertise to lessen your burden. The tragic ones are those who do not ask for help.”

If you would like to learn more about Ms. Anderson, check-out her website or call (310) 285-9410

Melody J. Anderson, LCSW, has a private psychotherapy practice in Westwood, LA and New York City. She works with couples, individuals, adolescents and families who face: anxiety, relational conflict, depression, trauma, addiction, impulse control, step-family issues, child-rearing, couple disputes, how to live with an addict, 12-Step Programs; life transitions, career concerns, life-coaching and grief. Ms. Anderson is also a Licensed California Reverend, offering pre-marital counseling and wedding services. She also offers marital guidance for couples in recovery. Skype and Zoom sessions are also available.

Aurora DeRose
Boundless Media Inc.
+1 951-870-0099
email us here

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Children’s Album Awarded 2020 NAPPA Gold Award “OOH LA LA TOO DOO NA NA OOP BOP OOP BOP RIBBIT” by Kelli Welli

Ooh La La Too Doo Na Na Oop Bop Oop Bop Ribbit album cover with NAPPA Award

“Ooh La La Too Doo Na Na Oop Bop Oop Bop Ribbit” Awarded 2020 NAPPA Gold Award

Awarded the 2020 National Parenting Products Gold Award for recognition as the best in the industry.

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, October 26, 2020 / — Award-winning Children’s performer and songwriter Kelli Welli is thrilled to announce that her first full Children’s album, “OOH LA LA TOO DOO NA NA OOP BOP OOP BOP RIBBIT” has been awarded the 2020 National Parenting Products Award (NAPPA) for recognition as the best in the industry.

Praise from the NAPPA Awards: “Very well done, Kelli Welli! The award-winning Portland, OR-based musician exhibits a wonderful sense of silliness for little ones on tracks “Turtlurtlurtle,” “Tacos, Bananas, and Toy Boats,” and “Hello, I Am a Monkey.” But she also reveals (mainly in the middle of the album) a quiet, gentle side with songs like “I’m In Love with You,” “Just Snuggle In” and “La Lullaby.” Wrapping up the album, “Pretend Summer,” “Got So Much Love For You,” and “Cooking Up Some Happiness” provide joyous music for the whole family to enjoy. Good-humored and good-hearted, Ooh La La Too delivers a strong set of twang-flavored songs (you’ll find some fine picking on “Little Ray of Sunshine” for example)… If you’re new to Kelli Welli, this album will serve as a great introduction to her music.”

Several of the songs on this album have also been recognized with songwriting awards in the last year, including the prestigious International Songwriting Competition, the West Coast Songwriters International Song Contest (Winners in both 2019 and 2020 competitions), and the 2019 SongDoor International Songwriting Competition.

What is the story behind this album’s unique and very long title? Each part of the title is taken from parts of one or more of the songs in the album… “Ooh La La” is the title of a favorite lullaby Kelli actually wrote first for her doggie… “Too Doo” and “Na Na” are in other songs and lullabies… the “Oop Bops” and “Ribbits” are sounds both frogs and kids are encouraged to make along with “The Froggie Song.” Most of the songs have some piece of the title somewhere. And Kelli was very deliberate about including these sounds in her songs, “I love that simple sounds like these in songs for kids and their grownups help make it easier for them to sing along before they know the words. As a songwriter dedicated to craft, I think a lot about those kinds of details. As a mother dedicated to her young children, I care a lot about the songs being smart, accessible, and fun.”

This album is a compilation of favorite Kelli Welli sing-a-long and storytelling songs, along with some new tunes, and the lullabies she wrote during her first year as a new mom to boy/girl twins. Kelli’s original songs, often inspired by the kids and animals in her life, weave unique, sometimes silly tales, celebrate love, sunshine, nature, different languages, and honor the details that come with raising the amazing little people in our lives. The album was produced by masterful musician Timothy James Uecker and excellent recording engineer Gabe Johnston at Falcon Recording Studio in Portland. It features children’s voices and musical talents of some parents whose kids a few songs were written for.

Listen to the album now on SoundCloud:

The album is currently available on CD and all digital streaming platforms including: Pandora, YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Amazon

Free Download Activity to go with the album: The “Pick-a-Song” fortune teller style fold-up and play activity is a free download that parents can print out for their kids to play along with the album.

About Kelli Welli: Kelli Caldwell is an active songwriter in both the Children’s and Singer-Songwriter/Americana “grown-up” music arenas, mainly performing for kids as Kelli Welli. She’s released several children’s EPs and singles over recent years and though she’s new to the thriving Portland kindie scene, was named TOP 5 Parent Picks for 2020 by PDX Parent Magazine. Drawing on her unique upbringing (more below), Kelli’s wide-ranging songwriting for children is smart, fun, often hilarious, sometimes reflective and deeply sweet. Always genuine. Kelli’s been called, “hysterical and superbly talented” by fellow artists and parents often say, “This is music I can actually listen to over and over… and over… and still enjoy!” And a local fan mom recently wrote to say, "I've cried twice now when listening to 'I'm in Love with You.' Such lovely songs!"

Kelli has a Master of Publishing degree and a B.A. in Speech Comm with minors in Japanese and German. After working in PR for Harper's Magazine in NYC, she returned to Portland and started a corporate publishing business before focusing more full time on motherhood and music. Kelli has studied speech-level singing with The Voice Project and spent 8+ years as a key member of the Portland Songwriters Association board, is a member of West Coast Songwriters, Nashville Songwriters Association, Children’s Music Network, and SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators).

About NAPPA: Integrity and honesty are at the core of what NAPPA stands for. For over 30 years, the
National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) has been ensuring that parents purchase the highest quality products that help them connect and enjoy time with their families. NAPPA’s team of evaluators, along with parent and child testers, select the best baby gear, toys, apps, games, books, music, and other family must-haves to be award winners through year-round product testing. For more information, visit NAPPA. For additional questions, contact NAPPA Director Elena Epstein: or 818.264.2222, ext. 222. | #NAPPAAwards #NAPPAWinner #PlayLearnConnect

For more information visit: | Instagram: @kelliwellikids | Facebook: kelliwellikids.

Contact Kelli at or 503-476-5300
Ooh La La Too Doo Na Na Oop Bop Oop Bop Ribbit | #oohlalatoodoonanaoopbopoopbopribbit #familymusic #kelliwelli #turtlurtlurtle #childrensmusic
Suggested Retail: $12.00
For Ages: Expectant parents, Parents, Birth to 8 years
UPC: 194660696168

Link to the album cover:

Link to the “Pick-a-Song” activity to go along with the album:

Kelli Caldwell
Kelli Welli
+1 503-476-5300
email us here

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November is Family Court Awareness Month

Fueled by the desire for awareness and change in the family court system and to honor the 758 children who have been murdered by separating or divorcing parents

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2020 / — Contact: Tina Swithin
Phone: (805) 365-5028
Email: tina@onemomsbattle
Web Site:


Tina Swithin, author, and founder of One Mom's Battle, is embarking on a mission to declare November as Family Court Awareness Month. Her objective is to protect vulnerable children in the family court system while honoring the 758 children in the United States who have been murdered (as of 10/17/2020) by divorcing or separating parents.1 To share her message, Swithin will travel by RV from Los Angeles to South Carolina beginning November 1st to meet with survivors and advocates along the way and to shine a light on the need for child-safety as a priority in family court proceedings. This movement is bringing together domestic violence and family court advocates all over the country.

Jacqueline Franchetti believed in the justice system. According to Franchetti, “I never thought I would say that my daughter Kyra had been murdered by her father. My story is not an isolated incident. Kyra is one of 14 children in a span of three years who had been murdered by a parent due to the negligence of the New York Family Court System. This system is destroying our families. If we do nothing another child will die.”

No stranger to the family court system, Swithin endured a ten-year child custody battle in pro per. Over 50 court dates, two full child custody evaluations, more than twelve police reports were generated, and a total of three child welfare reports determined that her ex-husband was a “moderate risk” yet did nothing to protect her children. In the fall of 2019, Swithin successfully terminated her ex-husband's parental rights and is thankful to be free of what she deems a very broken system.

“In my decade of work as a family court advocate, I have yet to encounter a state that prioritizes children’s rights over parental rights,” states Swithin.

As a survivor of domestic violence and domestic violence by proxy due to a broken family court system, Swithin is also a staunch advocate for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month which takes place in October. Declaring November as Family Court Awareness Month is a natural progression to address an epidemic that is destroying families and a child’s right to be safe, loved, and nurtured.

“When we leave abusive relationships, we are applauded and told to be brave. We unknowingly walk into new avenues of abuse; post-separation abuse and the family court system. Today, my children are safe, but many are not and until all children are prioritized, I will continue to raise awareness. There are so many parents who are silenced by this system and I plan to be their voice,” states Swithin. “I am fueled by the desire for awareness and change.”

Visit for One Mom’s Battle appearance itinerary. The tour begins November 1, 2020 (4:30pm-6pm) in Los Angeles with a gathering of survivors and family court advocates.

About One Mom's Battle
The mission at One Mom's Battle is to increase awareness of high-conflict divorces and child custody battles and their impact upon shared parenting. One Mom’s Battle works to educate judges and other family court professionals that it only takes one personality disordered parent (narcissistic personality disorder, whether diagnosed or not) to create a high-conflict divorce. Until family court professionals (Judges, Commissioners, Magistrates, CPS workers, Guardian ad Litems (GAL), Parenting Coordinators (PC), Custody Evaluators, therapists and attorneys) are educated on domestic violence, trauma and post-separation abuse, they are unable to truly act in the best interest on the children who are depending on them.

1 The Center for Judicial Excellence

Tina Swithin
One Mom's Battle
+1 805-365-5028
Visit us on social media:

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Sharpen Adds New Speakers & Dates for its Popular Fireside Chats

Conversations cover topics such as suicide prevention, school behavioral health, and student wellness

Sharpen wants to facilitate conversations that might provide someone a ray of light during these difficult times.”

— Sharpen Founder Robyn Hussa Farrell

SPARTANBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, October 16, 2020 / — Sharpen Founder Robyn Hussa Farrell’s popular Fireside Chats have received such positive feedback and support that they will continue for the foreseeable future. Featuring national experts focused on student and family mental wellness, the fireside chats began during Suicide Prevention Month. Educational leaders and journalists are encouraged to attend live by registering at or view a catalog of previous conversations.

The Sharpen Fireside Chats are a free resource available live via Zoom that provides best practices to support individuals, communities and families. The content will also be available on Facebook Live.

“As the pandemic continues to force schools to postpone or cancel classes across the country, students are feeling more mental and emotional stress than they can handle alone,” said Hussa Farrell. “Anxiety affects students at a higher rate than the general population and the continued quarantine guidelines make their lives even tougher. Sharpen wants to facilitate conversations that might provide someone a ray of light during these difficult times.”

Three additional 60-minute fireside chats are scheduled, with more on the horizon:

Alcohol, Substance Use Disorders and Suicide (Oct. 14 @ Noon EST)

Join Medical University of South Carolina’s Dr. Therese Killeen, a national expert in the field of substance use disorders and PTSD, who will discuss the models that have shown to be successful regarding substance use disorder and suicide prevention.

Resilience & Suicide Prevention Programs in Schools: Practical Tips and Tricks (Oct. 15 @ Noon EST)

Learn best practices from four different perspectives: Dr. Terry O. Pruitt, Chief Academic Officer for Spartanburg School District Seven; Tye Tindal, III, Clinical Director of Spartanburg District 7 RBHS Program; Colin Bauer, Lead District Social Worker for District Seven; and Ruth Schoonover Coordinator of Parenting and Social Work at Spartanburg School District Three.

A Community approach to improving behavioral health (Oct. 20 @ Noon EST)

Tom Barnet and Heather Witt – Co-Directors at the Spartanburg County Behavioral Health Task Force for the United Way of the Piedmont – will be joined by two founding members -Carey Rothschild and Roger Williams – to provide keys to creating a successful community based approach to health.

Fireside chats are available to watch on replay at The topics include:

School Behavioral Health, Student Wellness, and Suicide Prevention

Growth Mindset: Optimism in the Midst of Pessimism

Mindfulness and suicide prevention in higher education

Looking Beyond Stereotypes: Who is Really at Risk for Suicide

Sharpen collaborates with licensed mental health professionals to provide school leadership programming for mental health and students self-help information, techniques and guidance in a safe environment. Unique to Sharpen, the content is offered in the voices and perspectives of students themselves to increase engagement and decrease stigma.

For more than 10 years, Sharpen has worked with individuals from diverse backgrounds and with national experts and researchers to create a library of more than 450 educational videos and materials that have shown to decrease stigma, improve the connection to treatment and improve mindfulness and healthy coping skills.

To join in on the fireside chat series, log on to Also video captured of the fireside chats can be made available to the media and will be broadcast on Facebook Live. To learn more about Sharpen, please visit

# # #

About Sharpen

Sharpen is a cloud service that improves behavioral health outcomes for communities. Our turn-key solution includes inexpensive, branded mobile environments that can be quickly deployed at state, county and municipal levels, evidence-based screening tools and over 450 educational modules created in collaboration with national experts. Our service offers private communication networks and patient self-help techniques in a discreet and safe environment. Unique to Sharpen, the content is offered in the voices and perspectives of the audience being served.

Amy Parrish
Rhythm Communications
+1 404-310-6559
Visit us on social media:

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New: Nanobebe Launches the Most Advanced Silicone Baby Bottle

2 babies drinking from Nanobebe bottles, left drinking breastmilk from the Breastmilk bottle, right drinking formula from the Flexy Silicone Baby Bottle.

With the launch of the brand new Flexy Silicone Baby Bottle, Nanobebe provides the perfect bottle options, whether parents are feeding their little ones breast milk or formula.

The Flexy Silicone Bottle product image with all 4 colors: pink, teal, gray, and white.

The Flexy Silicone Bottle comes in 4 vibrant colors: pink, teal, gray, and white.

The globally adored baby brand now offers a complete feeding solution with the debut of their newest innovation

CHARLESTON, SC, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2020 / — To the excitement of new parents everywhere, Nanobebe is expanding their line-up of innovative baby care essentials with the introduction of the Flexy Silicone Baby Bottle. The new addition accompanies the brand’s award-winning Breastmilk Bottle to provide the complete bottle-feeding solution for newborns through early toddlerhood, whether fed breast milk or formula.

Silicone baby bottles are in high demand for their multitude of benefits, but the assortment available to new parents had significant pain points. Nanobébé studied every critique of the current contenders on the market, and meticulously designed features that solve each issue. These advancements include mom-like softness, a stable base that won’t tip over, and a non-collapsible nipple for the perfect latch parents can trust. Its genius anti-colic system is the first of its kind with a 360° triple vented design.

“Our team's commitment to the health of our next generation drives the design of every Nanobébé product by identifying the day to day challenges of modern parenting and finding real solutions that work. Our new Flexy Silicone Bottle does just that and there’s more to come.” – Asaf Kehat and Ayal Lanternari, co-founders

From the first nutrient-preserving breastmilk bottle to the most advanced silicone baby bottle on the market, Nanobebe provides specialized, health-focused options for every little one’s feeding journey. Now a one-stop-shop for all things feeding, Nanobébé is leading in innovation and revolutionizing convenience for the modern parent.

About Nanobebe

Dedicated first and foremost to babies' health, Nanobebe joined forces with a team of pediatricians, lactation consultants, and biomedical engineers with a vision to be the first choice in baby care. Their team continuously designs new technology in baby care that supports the special bonding moments feeding time creates between parents and their little ones.

The product line includes the first ever nutrient-preserving baby bottles, the most advanced silicone baby bottles on the market, eye-catching travel essentials, innovative breastmilk storage, 100% silicone pacifiers, and more. The sleek and modern ecosystem is a complete game changer with designs that make nutritional feeding and travel with little ones an absolute breeze, without sacrificing on style and convenience.

Mary Williams
Visit us on social media:

Nanobebe Flexy Silicone Baby Bottle

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Pandemic stresses parents beyond their limits

Parenting in a Pandemic

Great Parenting Simplified – Pandemic Parenting Movement

Great Parenting Simplified Logo

Great Parenting Simplified Logo

Great Parenting Simplified (GPS) survey results reveal pains of pandemic parenting and ways that you can make an immediate difference and get support at home.

More than 37% of parents surveyed admitted they are “totally overwhelmed” and experiencing “financial problems.”… with no end in sight to the pandemic”

— Jacqueline Green, founder and CEO of the nonprofit cooperative, GPS. a

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA, October 14, 2020 / — More than one-third of all parents surveyed about parenting during the pandemic by Great Parenting Simplified (GPS) insist they “can’t take on another thing at the moment” and are struggling to make it through each day.

GPS is a global online parenting network that has already supported 40,000 families in more than 101 countries during the past 10 years. Its programs include parent coaching, group support and access to leading parenting experts — ALL ONLINE! It now wants to provide community-based support to an expanded network of parents, but it can’t do it alone.

“We need your help to get funding in place to provide support for families right now, in their homes,” says Jacqueline Green, the founder of the movement.
By making a small donation to GPS’s recently launched crowdfunding Help Families Survive the Pandemic you can be a part of a village that is helping someone else just like you.

Most parents GPS surveyed during the month of September agree that the global pandemic has made parenting harder and 27% say despite some support from their village they are still struggling. “These are the parents that GPS has the ability to support, to get them and their children from struggling to thriving,” says Green.

More than 37% of parents surveyed admitted they are “totally overwhelmed” and experiencing “financial problems.” In addition, insomnia and the increase in high-risk coping mechanisms are leading to an increase in mental health issues for these parents, with no end in sight to the pandemic, says Green.

GPS is poised to support these parents with the COVID safe tools that help teach parents “real and usable techniques that help the whole family,” as well as “introduce new ideas to help parents reframe their mindsets.”

With a fundraising goal set for $75,000, says Green, we are hopeful that we will be able to get as many families serviced as soon as possible. “You can be a part of this village and support these parents in need,” says Green.

To support the movement go to: Help Families Survive the Pandemic or (standing for crowdfund). There you can read testimonials from parents who have benefited from GPS programming in the past, as well as donate to a family or many families. $30 is all that is needed to support one family.

About Great Parenting Simplified (GPS)
We provide a safe space where parents know they will receive simple and actionable support from peers and certified parent coaches to help transform their relationships within their family. During the current pandemic, we want to be able to expand our program to offer it to more parents in need. #PandemicParenting #ittakesavillage

We have a proven and effective on-line program that can provide the support families need. It includes:-
– Supportive and practical private online community
– Live coaching calls
– Focused training for specific needs highlighted by the pandemic such as anxiety or co-parenting
– Access to global parenting experts through our Great Parenting Show

For media enquiries or interviews please contact Victoria Bennett +1 403 589 7992
Local spokespeople are available from all over Canada and the United States, as well as in Europe, the UK and Australia and New Zealand.

Victoria Bennett
Bennett Milner Williams Consulting Ltd
+1 403-589-7992
email us here

Great Parenting Simplified Campaign Video

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Chief Peacekeeper, Scott Levin, Gets Certified In "The Better Apart Method"

“I believe greatly in the benefits of continuing our education and to help improve our skills." – Scott Levin

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2020 / — Renowned attorney mediator, Gabrielle Hartley, recently published a phenomenal book titled ‘Better Apart’ and she has taken to teaching a course to divorce professionals titled by the same name. This week founding partner and Chief PeaceKeeper, Scott Levin, took this course and became certified by Ms. Hartley.

“I believe greatly in the benefits of continuing our education and to help improve our skills. Although I have been a full-time mediating attorney for years, it only helps to take courses like that offered by Ms. Hartley, and this one in particular was valuable,” states Scott Levin.

Gabrielle Hartley is a warm and caring guide who can help you compassionately part from your partner. Whether your separation is amicable, or your ex is combative, “Better Apart” is aimed to help you find peace, calm, and hope. Blending practical advice from a legal perspective together with spiritual wisdom, Gabrielle is an expert and realist who has created a simple five-step process that uses original meditations, perspective-shifting exercises, and fresh suggestions to help navigate the common legal and emotional pitfalls of divorce. Gabrielle’s insight of practices and exercises are accessible for all. She shows you how to meaningfully shift your mindset and to move forward though any—or all—parts of the emotionally fraught process.

Scott Levine concludes, “I feel that I am now better able to help clients start on the road to divorce in a positive manner and to help them reframe disputes and conflict with a positive slant. This will help us improve the results for our mediation clients.”

Scott Levin, CDFA is a mediator in private practice who specializes in negotiating fair settlements based on informed client consent. A lawyer who graduated from the University of Virginia School of Law, Mr. Levin practiced law for more than 10 years at major international law firms and in his own private practice. After years of experiencing the destructive legal structure facing divorcing couples, Mr. Levin made the choice to put clients first. Mr. Levin is an active member of The Academy of Professional Family Mediators and many other organizations that promote the benefits of family mediation. Scott is also a licensed attorney in the state of California as well as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.

Along with an experienced, trained and caring staff, Scott’s firm, San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law, will focus on your goals and personal needs while controlling costs and emotional stress. They can’t guarantee a particular result but you can count on them to always follow up and return your phone calls so that they may solve your problems and maximize results.

Mr. Levin’s clients are quite unique, and their practice is not for everyone. San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law brings both parties to the divorce together in one room for a series of mediations. Clients generally face complex property and support issues and/or delicate matters involving parenting their children. It is possible for two people dissolving a union to work through these matters with Mr. Levin’s guiding hand and you need not fall prey to an industry that encourages conflict, blowing up of the family unit and high court fees.

Mr. Levin utilizes his extensive legal, business, mediation, and negotiation experience to offer clients high-quality professional services in his mediation practice. “We serve individuals and business owners who want to maintain control over their own lives in a private setting that will accelerate resolution of all issues with reasonable fees. After agreement is reached, our office will prepare all court papers, deeds, and other documents,” states San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law

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PrognoCIS and PRC Together Rebuilding a Stronger, Rewarding Patient Experience

Patient portal and follow up reminders from PrognoCIS EHR helped reduce the complexity in patient-provider communication for a Non-profit organization, PRC.

SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, October 6, 2020 / — About PRC and their Goal:
The PRC ( Pregnancy Resource Center) in Athens County, Ohio, is a non-profit organization that provides compassionate ambiance, confidential education, resources, and medical services to individuals and families making decisions regarding relationships, sexual health, pregnancy, and parenting. The goal is to positively influence their decision-making and lifestyle.

A small but dedicated staff creates a setting that is comfortable and safe so that clients can freely engage in conversation about their health without any judgment. Clients receive educational information pertinent to their specific circumstances that empower them to make informed decisions about their overall health and well-being as it is linked to their social and relationship well-being.

"Our donors have allowed us to connect deeply and invest heavily in the time offered to each patient. All services are offered free of charge and are supported by passionate local donors" says Sharon Colvin, Director Of Cilent Services, PRC.

We utilize PrognoCIS EHR ( Electronic HealthRecord) in our STI clinic which we opened in 2017

The Problem:
PRC currently operates on selected days. Prior to PrognoCIS, the clinic was functioning completely on a paper-based health record system. Providers had to be physically present in the clinic to complete documentation or return patients' calls. Also, if a patient requested a refill, or wanted to discuss their health needs. They had to let the patients know that answers would be provided only when the clinic would be open.

The charting and scheduling process was also proving to be tedious and laborious. Providers were unable to schedule patients over calls since the patient registration and appointment information would be in the clinic. Patients would have to wait until they were in the clinic to access provider availability.

So, PRC was definitely in need of an EHR system that would streamline communication amongst patients, providers, and the medical staff. A system that offered flexibility, efficiency, and quick and responsive system support.

The Solution:
PrognoCIS made charting and scheduling streamlined and efficient, reducing the overall burden on the staff. The clinic built transparency and trust with its patients since patients now had easy access to their own medical records and test results. The patient portal within PrognoCIS further enhanced the patient- provider communication. The automated reminders for important follow-ups by the clinic prevented missed appointments and patient no-shows.

"This system helps with the efficiency of our operations, providing more time for directing our energies toward patients and our mission. We were able to create very specific templates, eRX, and specific reports. Due to the nature of the clientele, previously the providers were able to see only 8-10 patients a day, now with PrognoCIS, we have the ability to see double the amount of patients and provide better care, as providers now have access to the system anywhere, anytime" said Sharon

“Apart from improving clinical efficiencies, PrognoCIS helped cut down costs for the clinic".

It also created greater ease and convenience for their patients. Patients can now fill out all the forms, schedule appointments & follow-ups, and also view test results (via the patient portal) from the comfort of their home. With extra time on hand, PRC is now planning to open its clinic on additional days to accommodate more patients.

PrognoCIS improved overall operational efficiency for PRC. It helped allocate extra time for providers to direct their energy towards patient care while also making the most out of their donor dollars.

According to PRC “PrognoCIS is simple to use yet robust enough to allow us to track all the data we need. It ultimately helped us achieve our mission of creating a culture where individuals and families are equipped to make life-affirming choices for their health needs”.

About Bizmatics Inc: Bizmatics Inc. is a healthcare technology company serving the needs of Ambulatory Medical Practices of all sizes and specialties. PrognoCIS – their cloud-based EHR provides physicians with tools that promote quality and value-based care for their patients. PrognoCIS helps providers take utmost care of their patients by seamlessly integrating important workflows like scheduling, documentation, billing, practice management, and patient engagement.

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