GossipDepot.com, a Black-Owned Social Network with Global Appeal, Launches to Provide a Voice for Social Justice

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Gossip Depot Logo

Breakout film director Antonio James built the new social platform to deliver, discuss, discover, and enhance the consumption of daily news.

People need a platform where they feel free to express themselves without fear of virtual jails, suspensions, or being too Black, as can happen on other platforms”

— Antonio Dewayne James

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, August 27, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — ATLANTA—August 27, 2020—Antonio James, director of the films Trey the Movie and Resolution Song, has launches GossipDepot.com, a centralized, user-run soapbox where people can post the hottest gossip, news, interviews and memes of the moment. User-generated content on the site includes breaking news, confessionals, deals and coupons, personal secrets, recalls, celebrity gossip and more. James envisions the site as an online destination that fosters dialogue between community leaders and millennials all around the world by showcasing all gossip on the same worldwide feed in real time — an experience free from predetermining algorithms.

“People need a platform where they feel free to express themselves without fear of virtual jails, suspensions, or being too Black, as can happen on other platforms,” James said. “This is the environment we are creating with Gossip Depot. It’s the new barbershop, church and political corner. We put it online so the world can gossip anywhere and all day and night.” To this end, the site plans to host a virtual 2020 presidential debate.

James had originally intended to launch the site in early 2021, but he decided to move the start date up due to world events. He noted, “With all that’s going on in the world today, I made the decision to launch the platform early, because people are angry and scared right now. They need somewhere to constructively release.” While the site entertainment-oriented, it is highly capable of authentic, relevant, and informational discussions with professional reporters, bloggers, politicians, and influencers from around the world on a single news feed.

GossipDepot.com fulfills its mission by dividing gossip into dozens of unconstrained topics, each accessible by clicking the Topic Box. Users add gossip to each topic in the form of hyperlinks to external news articles, microblogging, or by going pro and adding media to their own gossip. For a limited time, users who sign up will receive free gossip space to add media to their gossips. The site is expected to have a high volume of content related to health and fitness, sports, entertainment news, parenting and being petty – to name a few.

Gossipers on the site are able to comment, add emojis, subscribe, message, and easily share gossip to other platforms while also interacting directly with other Gossipers worldwide in real time. Users can start gossiping September 1, 2020 simply by signing up using any faux gossip name, verifying their real email address, and pushing the bright green “+ gossip” button. The site empowers users to become their own reporters by uploading news, shoutouts, and gossip that they see in their hoods, their environment, and about the people around them. For GossipDepot.com, there is no fake news—just straight up raw news, shout outs, and gossip coming directly from main street.

People who wish to support GossipDepot.com can do so by purchasing the gossip storage that enables users to add various forms of media, including audio to their gossip. The company is seeking 1 million gossipers and $100 million valuation before the end of the year. To summarize, GossipDepot.com is concluding its development phase, allowing the first 1 million Gossipers access to the site starting September 1, 2020.

About Antonio James
After “Trey the Movie”, James, a US Air Force Veteran and experienced film director in Los Angeles, went on to produce numerous music videos and provide videography services for dozens of organizations and TV projects such as The Rundown, The Sound Off (FOX), the National Action Network for Al Sharpton, the Veteran’s Affairs Public Affairs Video team, and Arize V. Renaissance Center. From 2012 to today, Mr. James has directed over 15 short films, starred in five shorts, and performed background work for the movie Neighbors and the award-winning TV soap opera General Hospital.

For more information, visit www.gossipdepot.com


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