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Pandemic - The story of mankind

Pandemic-the story of mankind

Zsa Zsa Tudos author

Happiness the Missing Factor

Without the core, information floats and will never become knowledge. Allow yourself open and make your life more fulfilled.

Only through the Universe, you can reach yourself (AKIA-Path-Finder 10)”

— Zsa Zsa Tudos author – educator

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, August 16, 2020 / — Humanity has never been more confused than today. The core of the confusion, as always, is lack of information. This emptiness derives from the deficiency in the basic understanding of physical interrelations within the universe. The “Only through the Universe you can reach yourself”, AKIA-Path-Finder number 10, suggests that by not knowing the origin, the result will show merely the surface, without the proper foundation and the steady structure to build on. That is why humanity is floating above LIFE, rather than LIVING it.

It is commonly understood that there are basically two types of human beings. 1. Sleeping and 2. Awaken. Since the time passed on the path between the ends, mirrors the mental and emotional intelligence of the walkers, they are somewhere in between. Nevertheless, they are not awaken therefore, they still belong to the group of sleepers.

The Path is a very important part of life, for living only starts after finishing it. Until then, human beings only exist. The revelation of awakening comes with the sensation of being part of the Cosmic Existence and having the urge to acquire the Cosmic Knowledge. Its importance lies in the understanding that everything is interrelated therefore, derives from the same source. The natural conclusion from this disclosure is that all human beings are equal. However, equal doesn’t mean the same.

The road is bumpy, to say the least, and it is individual. It cannot be eased by money, or by committing to group movements, such as religions of any kind, floating spiritual studies or superficial esoteric lessons. Only by teachings that are capable to guide and trigger the mind towards asking questions, and push the person to collect missing information. As likes attract, knowledge desires more learning, and it will not stop until the end.
The searching mission cannot be stopped by life’s so-called important events, such as relationship, parenting and career, for the learning process helps these happenings.

Today, when the political, social and economic movements are pushing people towards money centred floating and robot-like behaviour, it is difficult to step out of the capitalism centred lifestyle. That is why the two books coming to mind help. Apart from providing good reading with an original storyline, they explain and clear misconceptions, provide information, open the gate on the comfort-zone and allow changes in thoughts and behaviour patterns.
The two books are available for download free of charge, on the 16th and the 17th of August.

Have fun, and healthy existence.

Zsa Zsa Tudos
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