GossipDepot.com, a Black-Owned Social Network with Global Appeal, Launches to Provide a Voice for Social Justice

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Breakout film director Antonio James built the new social platform to deliver, discuss, discover, and enhance the consumption of daily news.

People need a platform where they feel free to express themselves without fear of virtual jails, suspensions, or being too Black, as can happen on other platforms”

— Antonio Dewayne James

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, August 27, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — ATLANTA—August 27, 2020—Antonio James, director of the films Trey the Movie and Resolution Song, has launches GossipDepot.com, a centralized, user-run soapbox where people can post the hottest gossip, news, interviews and memes of the moment. User-generated content on the site includes breaking news, confessionals, deals and coupons, personal secrets, recalls, celebrity gossip and more. James envisions the site as an online destination that fosters dialogue between community leaders and millennials all around the world by showcasing all gossip on the same worldwide feed in real time — an experience free from predetermining algorithms.

“People need a platform where they feel free to express themselves without fear of virtual jails, suspensions, or being too Black, as can happen on other platforms,” James said. “This is the environment we are creating with Gossip Depot. It’s the new barbershop, church and political corner. We put it online so the world can gossip anywhere and all day and night.” To this end, the site plans to host a virtual 2020 presidential debate.

James had originally intended to launch the site in early 2021, but he decided to move the start date up due to world events. He noted, “With all that’s going on in the world today, I made the decision to launch the platform early, because people are angry and scared right now. They need somewhere to constructively release.” While the site entertainment-oriented, it is highly capable of authentic, relevant, and informational discussions with professional reporters, bloggers, politicians, and influencers from around the world on a single news feed.

GossipDepot.com fulfills its mission by dividing gossip into dozens of unconstrained topics, each accessible by clicking the Topic Box. Users add gossip to each topic in the form of hyperlinks to external news articles, microblogging, or by going pro and adding media to their own gossip. For a limited time, users who sign up will receive free gossip space to add media to their gossips. The site is expected to have a high volume of content related to health and fitness, sports, entertainment news, parenting and being petty – to name a few.

Gossipers on the site are able to comment, add emojis, subscribe, message, and easily share gossip to other platforms while also interacting directly with other Gossipers worldwide in real time. Users can start gossiping September 1, 2020 simply by signing up using any faux gossip name, verifying their real email address, and pushing the bright green “+ gossip” button. The site empowers users to become their own reporters by uploading news, shoutouts, and gossip that they see in their hoods, their environment, and about the people around them. For GossipDepot.com, there is no fake news—just straight up raw news, shout outs, and gossip coming directly from main street.

People who wish to support GossipDepot.com can do so by purchasing the gossip storage that enables users to add various forms of media, including audio to their gossip. The company is seeking 1 million gossipers and $100 million valuation before the end of the year. To summarize, GossipDepot.com is concluding its development phase, allowing the first 1 million Gossipers access to the site starting September 1, 2020.

About Antonio James
After “Trey the Movie”, James, a US Air Force Veteran and experienced film director in Los Angeles, went on to produce numerous music videos and provide videography services for dozens of organizations and TV projects such as The Rundown, The Sound Off (FOX), the National Action Network for Al Sharpton, the Veteran’s Affairs Public Affairs Video team, and Arize V. Renaissance Center. From 2012 to today, Mr. James has directed over 15 short films, starred in five shorts, and performed background work for the movie Neighbors and the award-winning TV soap opera General Hospital.

For more information, visit www.gossipdepot.com


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Media Contact
Antonio James
Director, Resolution Song Movie
470-230-8311 (media only)
Personal: urbanstylz1@yahoo.com
Official: thedirector@blurbbed.com

Additional links:
Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_D._James
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2713831/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1
Directing Credit: https://www.sonypictures.com/movies/resolutionsong

Antonio Dewayne James
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Simply Destinee Receives SBB Research Group Grant to Promote Mental Health During Pandemic

Funds will support the creation of a youth liaison and advocate position.

CHICAGO, IL, USA, August 21, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Simply Destinee, a nonprofit organization based in Aurora, Illinois, has received an unrestricted $5,000 grant from SBB Research Group, a Chicago-area investment firm that awards monthly grants to support impactful nonprofits during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Simply Destinee saves lives by promoting mental health and raising awareness about teenage suicide among Aurora’s youth. They are committed to providing community-based support for students to feel safe, healthy, and ready to learn. Working within the local school district, they offer inspirational dance and art programs designed to foster creativity and social and emotional learning. Simply Destinee’s programs reach over one thousand students annually.

As a result of COVID-19, many of Simply Destinee’s programs have been moved online, posing additional challenges for the group as they seek to guide and connect with their participating children. Martin Luna, the group’s Executive Director and co-founder, believes that SBB Research Group’s donation is a much-needed boost to their efforts to maintain their links to the community.

“Simply Destinee is very grateful for SBB Research Group’s interest and support of our community-based creative youth after-school program, which engages youth and their families in expressive dance, visual art, team building, workforce development, mentoring and community service, along with suicide awareness and youth mental health parenting and community education,” said Luna. “Particularly now, in the midst of this pandemic and remote learning, Simply Destinee shines the way forward for our youth to stay connected.”

Matt Aven, SBB Research Group’s COO and CCO, explained that Simply Destinee was selected by the firm in part because “the need has become even more urgent during the pandemic.” The CDC has cautioned that many people experience overwhelming fear when a new disease emerges. Additionally, social distancing can cause anxiety and loneliness.

“Simply Destinee is supporting mental health for over a thousand children and their families,” added Aven. “We are proud to support their important work, especially with the mental health challenges facing the community right now.”

For more information about Simply Destinee, please visit simplydestinee.com.

To apply for a grant from SBB Research Group, please visit sbbrg.org/apply-for-grant. Any 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is encouraged to apply and grants are awarded to different organizations every month.

About SBB Research Group
SBB Research Group is a Chicago-based investment management firm that views the market through a systematic, interdisciplinary lens. Led by applied mathematician Sam Barnett, PhD, and Matt Aven, an experienced professional in economics and computer science, the company specializes in bespoke investments designed to protect and grow investor capital.

Katie Lach
SBB Research Group
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International Virtual Summit – The Internet: Are Children In Charge?

Anti Internet Child Exploitation Team

The AICET Council

Presentations by International Experts On The Anti Internet Child Exploitation Team

Children need us more than they ever have in the history of the world.”

— Charlene Doak-Gebauer

LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA, August 19, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Internet Sense First (located in Canada), and their speaking team, the AICET Council (Anti Internet Child Exploitation Team), are hosting an International Virtual Summit “The Internet: Are Children In Charge?”. This summit is scheduled to be streamed from 8:00 a.m. October 30th to 11:30 p.m. October 31st. Registrants will be able to access the summit online over a 35-hour period, to accommodate various schedules and time zones.

The unique Theory of Digital Supervision, created by the Founder and Chair, Charlene Doak-Gebauer (a computer specialist in education and network administrator) will be supported by various experts in their respective specialities. The speakers on the AICET Council are from Canada, the United States, and Spain. This summit offers convenience for attendance, and many takeaways to help registrants proactively protect children online. Target audience – parents, caregivers, professional allies – all adults who work with or care for children.

Professional allies will be interested in learning more about liabilities when working with children who are using digital devices while in their care. The degree of vulnerabilities for children, and the degree of liabilities for professional allies, are increasing and changing on a daily basis. Professional admission tickets provide an opportunity to obtain a Certificate of Completion For Digital Supervision Training, for the year 2020 – which will help to enhance a portfolio, provide necessary information for volunteers, or to possibly increase professional hours required for renewal of registration of professional designations. General admission tickets are being offered for anyone not requiring a Certificate of Completion. COVID 19 has caused an increase in predation online, which is very concerning. This is so extensive, predators now have an online handbook on how best to lure children.

Where to register and purchase tickets? Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite.ca (CAN funds). The goal of the AICET Council is to expand the knowledge of Digital Supervision within the adult population, in order to ensure the proactive online protection of children. "The talent and expertise of our speakers and their information is rare to have on one virtual stage for a conference.", says Doak-Gebauer. Time commitment? Approximately four hours. The speakers make every minute count in their presentations.

Speakers and topics:
Charlene Doak-Gebauer, B.Ed., Honours Bus. Specialist, Computer Science, Network Management, RHN. Founder and Chair of Internet Sense First and the AICET Council. Charlene has developed her Theory of Digital Supervision for online child protection. AICET Council presentations are based on this theory, and is the theme of this online summit.

Dr. Daniel Grushka, BSc, MSc, MD, CCFP(EM), FCFP, Medical Advisor for the AICET Council, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at Western University and practices full scope family medicine as well as palliative care and emergency medicine. Dr. Grushka will be discussing the topic of child sexual exploitation from a medical perspective – what physicians encounter and their process of dealing with child sexual assault.

Retired Detective Sergeant Jeremy Spence, Ontario Provincial Police, Child Sexual Exploitation Unit. Detective Spence will be presenting the police involvement with methods of detection of child sexual assault, how police deal with it, the difference cases with which he has managed as a police officer in the ICE Unit.

Rose Dyson Ed.D. M.Ed., B.A., RPN (University of Toronto) is a Consultant in Media Education. Rose is a specialist in the harmful effects of violent video gaming and related forms of violent entertainment, especially on children.

Heidi Olson (RN, MSN, CPN, SANE-P) is a Certified Pediatric Nurse and a Certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE). Heidi will present results of research on the effects of exposure to pornography on children, and resulting child on child sexual assault, which she describes as becoming an epidemic.

Shevelle McPherson, Esq began her career as an Assistant District Attorney for the City of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. Shevelle will be presenting the many cases she has dealt with and the legalities for parents, grandparents, caregivers, and professionals as they relate to children and their use of digital devices.

Bill Tucker, B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed, specializes in child/youth anti-bullying campaigns, school environments, and administrative challenges in this regard. As a former director of education, Bill developed the Anti-Bullying Pledge, which was adopted across Canada. He will be discussing the negative effects of bullying in schools from the administrative perspective. He and Charlene will be discussing the digital environment and how it affects children in the school environment.

Marilyn Evans, BA, Founder and CEO of “Parents Aware”, an organization dedicated to helping families develop healthy methods of communication on the subject of pornography. Marilyn will be discussing the topic “Prepare or Repair A Child’s Exposure To Pornography In the Digital World”.

Kevin Dixon, B.A., M.DIV. Kevin has had extensive experience in rescuing sex trafficking victims both in Canada and internationally. He will be presenting his experiences and the reality of the extent of this crime from a global perspective.

Roland Coffey –Roland’s presentation will be one of sharing the trauma and the life-long challenges he has experienced as a child sexual assault victim.

Holly Dowling is in great demand, an award-winning global speaker and inspirational thought leader on topics including empowerment, leadership, engagement, and finding your passion and living it. Holly is the Moderator for the Summit and brings the Digital Supervision segment of hope.

Internet Sense First and the AICET Council emphasize the magnitude of vulnerabilities for children and families. Charlene Doak-Gebauer explains, "We need to digitize parenting and professional approaches to children. Digitize people ask? We are in the digital age and it is time to become more aware of the reality of it, and to supervise children using Digital Supervision in a holistic approach to child protection. I advise we need to avoid using the simple, traditional approach to parenting, caregiving, medical treatment, education." "We encourage all adults to attend this summit." says Doak-Gebauer, "Children need us more than they ever have in the history of the world."

Charlene Doak-Gebauer
Internet Sense First
+1 519-854-1249
email us here

Meet The Speakers On The AICET Council

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Acclaimed Attorney Scott Levin 'Chief Peacekeeper,' Shares The Benefits Of Mediation Over Traditional Divorce Litigation

Scott Levin, "Chief Peacekeeper", is responsible for helping hundreds of families to find peace in their divorce.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 18, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Since 2004, Scott Levin, a California native, husband and father of three young children, has been practicing law. Having graduated with his law degree from the University of Virginia, he got his start as a family law litigator. Nearly a decade consisting of endless battles spent in court, Scott felt defeated and disillusioned by the inability of the common couple to achieve peaceful agreements. The first step of a litigation attorney when engaging a new client is to try to understand as many negative things about the other party as possible, according to Mr. Levin. While one spouse is busy digging up dirt on the other, you can be sure that the other party with their own attorney is doing exactly the same. When ample "dirt" is revealed, the proceedings will begin. This procedure is not only frustrating but also extremely lengthy; California's typical court case is around 2 years in duration. This process can prove to be extremely toxic in many cases and both parties are forced to live in the past, constantly digging up bad memories, and unable to look forward to or achieve any real growth during this season. The situation becomes even more difficult when children are involved, as many parents struggle with the co-parent and exist amicably while the proceedings are still in motion.

Although Scott won numerous cases, he never really felt as though he was "winning" upon seeing the destruction of the entire family to just come to an agreement. One day, after a terribly challenging case, and having recently learned of the negative effects on children of the divorce ligation, Mr. Levin realized that he could not continue to represent spouses in their war against each other. He overhauled his practice immediately and set up a mediation firm. Vowing to never take another litigation case again. Almost a decade later, Scott remains true to his word and is responsible for helping hundreds of families to find peace in their divorce.

Mr. Levin is known among his clients as the "Chief Peacekeeper." In comparison to a litigation attorney, Scott does not represent one spouse, but instead enters into a relationship with both spouses with the intention of achieving an amicable arrangement, saving the assets, and ensuring the future of each party. There's already so much confusion about a divorce, according to Chief Peacekeeper Levin, the last thing a person wants to think about is what the divorce will cost them or end up with thousands of dollars in unforeseen fees. After Mr. Levin and his female co-mediator have completed the initial meeting and decided that all sides are in a mutually beneficial match, Scott establishes a team with the spouses, stating that they are all on the same side from here on, to battle the challenges of divorces itself, not one another.

From here, Chief Peacekeeper Levin is willing to listen to the wishes and needs of both spouses to best help them come up with innovative solutions that will benefit both parties, protect the children, if applicable, and allow each spouse to prepare for their future. This process involves the division of all assets and debts, and the establishment of a parenting plan that addresses all co-parenting ins and outs. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), Mr. Levin is highly knowledgeable in financial matters and is able to provide his clients with the best financial advice possible. Because of his incredible success and the impact his methods have had on the lives of countless couples and families, Scott rapidly became one of Southern California 's top mediation lawyers, though his services are available to clients across the nation.

Divorce doesn't have to be a complicated, drawn out, spiteful experience. On average, Scott's clients are able to resolve their divorce through mediation in approximately four to six weeks; a fraction of the time it takes most litigation cases to be resolved. Divorce doesn't have to be a complex and convoluted, spiteful, stretched-out experience. On average, Scott's clients will be able to resolve their divorce in about four to six weeks through mediation; a fraction of the time it takes to resolve most litigation cases. Even though nothing can change the painful aspects of a divorce, the proceedings should not be mischievous, and the emotional distress prevented by finding an agreement quickly and comfortably cannot be priced at. Mr. Levin is hopeful for most people that reconciliation is feasible, and that they emerge from a divorce as supportive co-parents and even friends.

Contact Name: Scott Levin
Business Name: San Diego Divorce & Family Law Mediation
Address: 9820 Willow Creek Rd Ste 410, San Diego, CA 92131
Phone Number: 858-255-1321
Contact Email Here
Website Link: www.sandiegofamilylawyer.net

Aurora DeRose
Michael Levine Media
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The Story of Mankind

Clearing Obstacles

Open your Life Path

Pandemic - The story of mankind

Pandemic-the story of mankind

Zsa Zsa Tudos author

Happiness the Missing Factor

Without the core, information floats and will never become knowledge. Allow yourself open and make your life more fulfilled.

Only through the Universe, you can reach yourself (AKIA-Path-Finder 10)”

— Zsa Zsa Tudos author – educator

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, August 16, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Humanity has never been more confused than today. The core of the confusion, as always, is lack of information. This emptiness derives from the deficiency in the basic understanding of physical interrelations within the universe. The “Only through the Universe you can reach yourself”, AKIA-Path-Finder number 10, suggests that by not knowing the origin, the result will show merely the surface, without the proper foundation and the steady structure to build on. That is why humanity is floating above LIFE, rather than LIVING it.

It is commonly understood that there are basically two types of human beings. 1. Sleeping and 2. Awaken. Since the time passed on the path between the ends, mirrors the mental and emotional intelligence of the walkers, they are somewhere in between. Nevertheless, they are not awaken therefore, they still belong to the group of sleepers.

The Path is a very important part of life, for living only starts after finishing it. Until then, human beings only exist. The revelation of awakening comes with the sensation of being part of the Cosmic Existence and having the urge to acquire the Cosmic Knowledge. Its importance lies in the understanding that everything is interrelated therefore, derives from the same source. The natural conclusion from this disclosure is that all human beings are equal. However, equal doesn’t mean the same.

The road is bumpy, to say the least, and it is individual. It cannot be eased by money, or by committing to group movements, such as religions of any kind, floating spiritual studies or superficial esoteric lessons. Only by teachings that are capable to guide and trigger the mind towards asking questions, and push the person to collect missing information. As likes attract, knowledge desires more learning, and it will not stop until the end.
The searching mission cannot be stopped by life’s so-called important events, such as relationship, parenting and career, for the learning process helps these happenings.

Today, when the political, social and economic movements are pushing people towards money centred floating and robot-like behaviour, it is difficult to step out of the capitalism centred lifestyle. That is why the two books coming to mind help. Apart from providing good reading with an original storyline, they explain and clear misconceptions, provide information, open the gate on the comfort-zone and allow changes in thoughts and behaviour patterns.
The two books are available for download free of charge, on the 16th and the 17th of August.

Have fun, and healthy existence.

Zsa Zsa Tudos
AKIA Publishing
email us here
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Intersextion – and the work together

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Action Emojis and Emoji Apps

Using the brain and mind emojis to show how the mind and brain can be used to improve each other.

A double mind and brain emoji drawing attention on brain education and brain and mind being separate entities.

An emoji that is a reminder for behaving wisely.

An emoji with fetus, child, adult and guru emojis bunched together.

We need more female emojis. Creating a more distinct female emoji.

Female emoji with long hair.

Taking emojis to the next level by creating action emojis to explain in clear and simple terms a path to emotional health. Using emojis to create EH apps.

Action emojis and apps will redefine the brain and mind relationship and focus on the neglected brain education creating an emotionally healthy society. Making America an emotional health super power.”

— Sajid Khan

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Emojis have become one of the essential keys to expressing our feelings. Let us take emojis to the next level. Let's create a path to wisdom by making one minute apps with emojis. Instead of just singular feeling emojis we are creating action emojis that consist of two or more emojis to create wisdom/EH improving mind and brain exercises. The next step will be all about using emojis to fill the missing gaps in education and solving the ills of society. Using multiple emojis together will enable the transformation of the world from being emotionally challenged to emotionally healthy.

Please consider the following questions:

1) Infrastructure, education, inventions, civilization are all improving so why are the social ills as bad as ever?
2) There are 44.000 books on happiness then why is happiness still almost impossible to teach?
3) Why do powerful leaders like Biden and Bloomberg cannot find even one expert who can help them overcome their sex addiction?
4) Why do almost 50% of Americans have a hard time making ends meet.

All these problems arise because we lump the brain and mind as the single entity of the mind when these are two separate entities. Thus all attention is focused on mind education while brain education is not only ignored the brain is miseducated and as a result about 80% of the population develops emotionally challenged brains from mild to severe. Cutting edge mind education generates improved infrastructure etc. while messed up brain education results in messed up emotionally challenged brains that generate all these ills of society.

All these books do not teach us happiness because these books try to teach the mind happiness when it is the brain that needs healing. Same with sex healing. They try to persuade the mind to give up sex addiction when it is a brain addiction and it is the brain that has to be treated. Even though we Americans make good money with our well educated minds but we spend it with our miseducated brains.

As the brain and mind are listed as one, we have mind sickness and brain sickness defined as just mind sickness. So even when the brain is ill we try to heal the mind. Mental health is mind health where emotional health is brain health. As the brain is under the radar screen emotional health is under the radar screen.

Also we have much fewer female and minority emojis. Instead of emojis made with circles only we need to add braids and long hair with ribbons to the circles to depict female images.

Our first action emoji is an image of the mind observing the brain with a magnifying glass with one eye closed. Also the brain image is observing the mind with a magnifying glass with one eye closed. This dual image emoji of the brain and mind observing each other will wake up the world to the fact that the brain and mind are two separate entities. It will show that we need to have separate education systems for brain and mind education. Mind education is acquiring the expertise through regular education where brain education is through mostly wise parenting and emotionally healthy upbringing.

This dual emoji is for those who have missed the bus of wise parenting. They need to heal the emotionally challenged brain by identifying with their mind and with it heal the brain.

My second action emoji consists of four emojis in a single picture. The emojis are of a) Fetus (-2), b) Child (-1), c) Adult (+1), d) Guru (+2). The medical sciences are mostly focused on just 3 stages of mind development from child, adult and guru when in reality there are four stages of fetus, child, adult and guru. When upbringing is emotionally healthy and regular education is effective the mind and brain develop to the +2 level. In most cases in America mind education is better positioned while brain education is mostly messed up from severe to mild. Most Americans develop their brains to the adult +1 level.

At different times we act from fetus. child. adult or guru levels. This emoji is a reminder that -2 behavior will always provide -2 results. In order to achieve +2 results one must act from guru +2 level. This emoji reminds everyone to act wisely.

4th R Foundation
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This video explains why our current world order is based on ignorance.

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Parenting Kids with ADHD and Related Challenges Just Got a Little Easier

Mother and Daughter Laughing in the Sun

Parenting Kids with ADHD and Related Challenges Just Got a Little Easier!

Parent Virtual Support Group

As a parent of complex kids myself, I’m passionate about helping other parents overcome the burnout and exhaustion they experience, especially now. This is where they can have support and connection.”

— Cheryl Susman

NORTHBROOK, IL, UNITED STATES, August 7, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — As the school year begins, parents of children with ADHD and related challenges have a more challenging road ahead with hybrid learning and e-learning. To help support them, Cheryl Susman, ADHD Coach & Educational Therapist is offering a Complimentary Preview on August 26 or Thursday, September 10, Noon – 1, for the new virtual support group, Partnering with Parents of Complex Kids. The purpose of the group is to support parents in these unprecedented times so they can build stronger family relationships, gain skills to cope with daily challenges, and help their children become more independent learners with less stress.

The group will meet twice-monthly, Wednesdays, Noon – 1 pm, the first and third Wednesdays of the month (September will meet 9/16 and 9/30).

“As a parent of complex kids myself, I’m passionate about helping other parents overcome the burnout and exhaustion they experience, especially now,” said Susman. “Oftentimes parents can feel overwhelmed, isolated, and alone, and I’m excited for this group where parents can have some support and connection.”
To find out more, go to bit.ly/PartneringPreview

Cheryl Susman, ADHD Coach & Educational Therapist, helps parents, adults, and entrepreneurs living with ADHD and related challenges reduce stress, boost confidence, and create the family life they want.

Cheryl Susman
Cheryl Susman ADHD Coaching
+1 847-757-8780
email us here
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