Parents Discuss The Weirdest Things They’ve Ever Googled

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Welcome to the weird and wonderful mind of a parent

LONDON, UK, July 21, 2020 / — Parenting website Yet Another Mummy Blog has launched a post discussing the weirdest Google searches ever made by parents.

Parents are in a constant state of worry and confusion, which has led to some incredible Google searches. Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of a parent’s brain. The blog post compiles submissions from parents, as well as recorded Google searches.

“I had the idea for this blog post when I caught myself in the middle of a particularly weird Google search. I had just typed in ‘Why does my toddler always sniff loudly instead of saying the number “eight”, and I realised I’d gone a bit mad. But it did get me to thinking that other parents had probably researched equally baffling things. ”

— Samantha Lyon, Founder, Yet Another Mummy Blog

Weird Google Searches Parents Have Made

Among others, here are a few examples of what parents have searched for in the past.

My baby weed in his own eye, will he go blind?
Can I die from sleep deprivation?
Is it normal for a baby to growl?
Can I give my toddler sleepy time tea?
Why does my child get worms all the time?
Why does my child look like my brother?

The blog post also includes questions parents have asked as a result of discussions with their kids, including:

Do hippos have three legs?
Do spiders have willies?
Can a goldfish disintegrate?

To Read Parents’ Weird Google Searches

To read the strange questions and queries, visit the blog post below:

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