This Time Around The Protests Are Not About Police Brutality Alone

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A new movement is emerging powered by realization that most of the struggling Blacks & Whites are all in the same boat of exploitation, neglect and injustice.

The powers that be cannot pull wool over the eyes of the exploited masses any longer. It is clear that the system is stacked against the struggling Whites, Blacks, Browns and Native Americans.”

— Sajid Khan

WASHINGTON, DC, WASHINGTON, DC, USA, June 9, 2020 / — There we go again. The actual situation on the ground is being misread by our leaders. They are acting on the understanding that these protests are about police brutality alone. The vast majority of struggling Americans, Black, White and Brown have realized that the police behavior is just a symptom of the whole system being stacked against the poor, the bottom half of the economic ladder. The virus stimulus package has shown that the government is all for their top well connected associates, the filthy wealthy class. The already rich get the seat at the table with all kinds of cakes in their ivory towers while less than sufficient crumbs are thrown to the vast majority of struggling Americans down below. 

This protest is not just about the police being the judge, the jury and the executioner. It is about the system needing to change providing the same resources to the poor as are provided to the rich. 

A new movement is emerging powered by the realization that most of the struggling Blacks and Whites are all in the same boat of exploitation, neglect and injustice. The system is there just for the rich and powerful.

If our leaders want these protests to subside some of the steps that are necessary are as follows:

1) Make illegal the killing of civilians and using brute force like choke holds and stopping. 

2) Body cameras must be made essential and those cops without cameras must pay a fine.

3) Black and poor neighborhoods need to be made into tax free enterprise zones with full financial support and coaching . 20% of all government contracts must be given to businesses from these areas.

4) Poor neighborhood schools must be provided the same resources as the rich neighborhoods. 

5) Banks that discriminate with mortgage refusals and higher interest rates to the underprivileged must be fined big time and the money used to improve the poor neighborhoods. 

6) With the all round discriminately tactics the emotional health of the struggling masses is messed up. Brain therapy for the old and full support for Wise Parenting of the young has to be fully funded.

7) The education system has to be reformed by creating a separate subject of Brain Education for all.

8) Petty criminals end up in jail for years while corporate criminals often go scot free. These laws have to be reversed. All discriminatory laws must be abolished. Especially three strikes and you are out for small crimes.  

9) Those with nonviolent jail terms must be allowed to vote. 

10) Provide the same support and privileges to the Native Americans.

11) Emotional health (EH)/wisdom departments must be established in hospitals and educational institutions.

Injustice and discrimination will no longer be tolerated.


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