What Can We Do as Actors to Spread Love, Acceptance, Respect to Each Other & Make Real Change in the World?

Nicole Brandon, Talented Actress and Motivational Speaker

By Actress Nicole Brandon

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — My heart is breaking today. To watch the world, to watch people be divided instead of standing as one. One being, one humanity, one heart, one world, one love. I remember, I was on a date after 9/11, we were at dinner and my date asked me; if you were the President and 9/11 happened, what would be the very first thing you would do. I would cry, I answered. You would cry; he asked. Yes, I said. I would not vote for you; he said. Of course I told him, I would take steps towards unity and peace but first, the first thing I would do, is cry. Today is no different. Any caring being aches today from inside. No man or woman of any race or color should ever feel less than or compromised. How do we let that happen? In our world, under our care and watch.

I was reminded today of a Disney movie that changed my life, called the Color of Friendship. It was released in 2000 and takes place in 1977. The movie recounts the actual events and the flourishing friendship between two girls one from the United States and the other from apartheid South Africa. The film is based on the Dellums family who hosted a white South African teen as an exchange student. Their fears, the raw truths, the unfolding of dreams and their friendship is beautiful to watch. It's so heartfelt to watch these girls unlearn untruths and come together as best friends sharing teen years and learning from one another that friendship is not the color of your skin, or where you're from, friendship is a bond between people, who care and truly know how to love. Today I received an email that touched me so deeply from Erin Elizabeth Burns the entire email reminded me why I love her so much. This is an excerpt from her email. It pertains to all of us not just actors, may it move you as I was moved and may we all come together in peace harmony and love. There are resources listed here, use them, go to them, reach out and make a difference.

What can we do as Actors to spread love, acceptance, respect to each other & make real change in the world?

We can support films with a message.

We can educate ourselves.

We can donate to Anti-Racial organizations.

We can write scripts on these topics.

We can listen.

**Resources that other leaders I respect have recommended >>

Color of Change

Black Lives Matters

You are valued. You are loved. You are accepted here

Nothing can brighten a day more than peace, unity, oneness and love. I close this post with my favorite male dancer of all time. He has broken through every barrier of society, and old beliefs and archaic ideas. He is stunning in every way and his smile is the most radiant smile, he effervesces joy. Even in the darkest hour, he stands up tall and he himself is the beacon and light. I love you Christopher Charles McDaniel. Thank you for the beauty you bring to the world. Thank you all for sharing your own individual lights. Black Lives Matter. All Lives Matter and as Erin so poignantly said; You are valued. You are Loved. You are not only accepted here, you are here within my heart. Peace everyone – Be kind to one another, and ask; what would love do and Just Love.


Nicole Brandon

Nicole Brandon is a powerhouse and known around the world for her extraordinary versatility in touching people’s lives. On and off the camera her name is synonymous with success and change creation around the globe. Nicole is known internationally for her five popular and highly success radio shows, "Unlimited Life," "Hour Glass Bride," "Parenting Today," "Keys to Success," and "Happily Ever After." Her online segments "Ready to Look Younger" compel audiences to tune in and to learn the secrets, hints, tools and keys to eternal youth and happier and healthier living.

Nicole is a New York Times Bestselling author having penned 32 books and numerous television programs. Today you will find her as a Producer for Goliath Films and Media Holdings Inc. To add to the recipe of success, Nicole was inducted into the "Martial Arts Hall of Fame" and she was inducted into the "Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame". Nicole is a "National and International Title Winner" in the World of Dance and her "Hotel Workout Videos" can be seen in 5 Star Hotels throughout the globe.

Nicole is most highly recognized as a Philanthropist and Humanitarian titled the "Ambassador of Kindness" around the world. Nicole has been "Knighted" for her Humanitarian work and most recently she received the "Presidential Volunteer Service Award" for her Humanitarian efforts, service and love. She is a proud member of the Transformational Leadership Council (The Secret) and a she is a chosen carrier of the World Peace Flame. On May 25th "The USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame" will name her "International Actress of the Year" recognizing her work and "Motion Mastery in Motion Picture Arts and TV".

Nicole Brandon owns and operates Nicole Brandon Worldwide, Unlimited Life, The Hotel Workout, Hour Glass Bride and "Artistry in Motion", a phrase she coined, which of course, is the way, she lives.

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