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Two international authors working together for the online safety and protection of children globally

Two Authors On A Mission

An Insidious Health Crisis For Our Children

Police have warned they are listening to the chatter among predators. Predators are bragging about how easy it is to access their prey online – our children.”

— Charlene Doak-Gebauer

LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 26, 2020 / — “My kids are online all of the time. I just found a nude picture of my daughter. I can’t believe it. When I asked her about it, she laughed and said everyone is doing it! Calm down!”, said a frustrated and concerned parent of a 9-year-old child.

Author, Charlene Doak-Gebauer, warns this type of situation is far greater than parents and caregivers realize. When speaking in schools, she explains that children aged six to 18 consider sending “nudes” to be a joke. Law enforcement will explain this situation is not a joke, and can meet the definition of producing and distributing child pornography under most criminal codes, globally. Because the parents own the digital device contracts, they are in possession of child pornography, even though the pictures are of their child. She explains “Envision this – the police come to your door at 6:00 a.m., go through your house and seize all computer equipment because your 9-year-old child has been sending nudes to an unknown. You could be viewed as a perpetrator until proven innocent. Do you want to have this conversation with police?” True story – London, Ontario, Canada.

The Internet has provided a “virtual buffet” for predation, by unknowns, but also peers and “peer victimizers". Peer victimizers are the fastest growing group of predators, and can be the most damaging. Too often children have sent nudes in confidence to a “friend”, only to find their pictures have been broadcast throughout a school and a community. This causes anxiety, depression, suicide, and other emotions. “With today’s apps and digital devices, one nude picture in a school of 1,000 can circulate within minutes, less than an hour”, says Doak-Gebauer. “We are all fearful of COVID but we have to remember our children online. Police have warned they are listening to the chatter among predators. Predators are bragging about how easy it is to access their prey online – our children.”

Charlene Doak-Gebauer, a computer and network specialist in education, has developed a Theory of Digital Supervision for supervising children while they are on digital devices, which is designed to aide the digitization of parenting. It is written in user-friendly language for all to understand and apply. Her newest release “The Internet: Are Children In Charge?” provides parents and caregivers with the knowledge and tools they need to supervise digitally, a complete and interesting resource for Digital Supervision. Also included in her book are interviews with police, a lawyer, and therapists, who have worked in the area of Internet child exploitation; and, interviews with victims of Internet child exploitation. Doak-Gebauer explains, “My book is written to be user friendly and without complicated technological verbiage that would confuse parents and caregivers”. She emphasizes it is time to digitize our parenting skills.

Doak-Gebauer warns, “Children are being given too much ownership for their decisions, particularly online. An eight-year old has little choice as to what to have for dinner, and yet they are supposed to make the right choices while communicating online. They lack the life skills and maturity to do so effectively. We have to supervise on digital devices.”

Therapists are seeing children as young as six years old who have pornography addiction issues. The pandemic crisis and the possible long-term effects of online negative experiences, has given Doak-Gebauer an even greater determination to help parents and caregivers in their challenges to protect children online.

Charlene Doak-Gebauer, from Canada, is an Author, global speaker, Founder and Chair of the Canadian Federal charity Internet Sense First, and Founder and Chair of the AICET Council (Anti Internet Child Exploitation Team). She has teamed up with Global Keynote Speaker & Inspirational Thought Leader, Holly Dowling, from the United States of America. Holly is Founder of "Extraordinary Pivot: Turning Chaos Into Calm", focusing on personal and family mental well being – separating professional life from home life for mental health. Doak-Gebauer says “Holly is a dear friend and a true leader in thought and inspiration. When I asked her to join me in helping families cope with the online challenges for our children, she responded ‘yes’ without hesitation. We are proving borders are surmountable when it comes to working together.”

Doak-Gebauer emphasizes we should all practice solidarity without borders for the online safety of our precious children. Together, the authors emphasize – “protection of children should be nonpartisan, without borders, and unified globally”.

Holly’s book “Hollyisms: Let Your Light Shine!” provides parents with inspirational and spiritual quotes to help them in their emotional struggles, as families cope with challenges. Dowling explains, “In addition to helping adults, this book can be used to educate children regarding positive emotional approaches to so many challenges, allowing their light to shine.”

Dowling and Doak-Gebauer believe their two books together are excellent for parents, grandparents, and all caregivers. Both books are useful in households to help combat the challenges families are facing. The authors agree it is important to learn how to digitally supervise children for online protection, and have strong spirit at the same time.

Doak-Gebauer is Founder and Chair of the AICET Council, which has international members, representing Canada, the United States, and Spain. Members of the AICET Council contribute their expertise regarding the three parts of Doak-Gebauer’s Theory of Digital Supervision. Charlene – “I developed the AICET Council because I wanted to have an international team of experts who would expand on my Theory of Digital Supervision”. Holly and Charlene both present as part of the AICET Council. Reading their books further explains their determination and dedication to the safety of children. The mandate of the AICET Council – “Solidarity without borders for the online safety of our children globally”.

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