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NORTH CONWAY, NEW HAMPSHIRE, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2020 / — We go through a lot in our lives, relationship break ups, the grief of losing a loved one, illness, stress, and other traumatizing life events and our childhoods that set our unique pathway of suffering or towards resilience. When we are able to eventually bounce back, and genuinely recover from setbacks not allowing it to crush our spirit, this is resiliency. Being resilient improves our ability to deal with life’s difficulties, remain calm and rational, and discover successful solutions for a joyful more well adapted life.

Monica A. Nicoll is a top-notch Counselor for over 30 years and owner of the Resilience Counseling and Training Center treating children and adolescents as well as adults, Marital/Couples and Family Counseling, and author of Key to Chivalry and Key to Calm.

“When you are able to bounce back and overcome adversity, to acknowledge that healthier internal voice within you, that’s key to building resiliency and resiliency is the core for living a more fulfilling, happier life,” says Monica. “It becomes easier for us to set positive goals rather than hide or go into isolation.” There is a solution to everything. Our internalized voice has been filled with software and can be limiting. The goal in resilience therapy is to reset to a belief in ourselves and find productive life fulfilling solutions.

When clients enter Monica’s office they are affably greeted not only by soothing music and plush comfy couches, but by her delightfully adorable pooch Shelby who gives doggy kisses and tremendous comfort to clients, especially the children. Monica’s strong heartfelt connection with young people gives them a sense of belonging and comfort.

“I bring my clients from discouragement and despair to building a strong foundation for individual, marital and family life,” says Monica. “I encourage them to authentically get to know themselves, believe in themselves, and how they can contribute fruitfully to each other and society.”

Monica says you can only move forward when you listen to your positive, internal voice and that’s the resilience factor. And when people are able to work through life’s problems and become stronger they come back to a loving place more rapidly and freely with a general sense of balanced well-being. For the couples she counsels, resilience is key to loving one another and bouncing back together by not holding on to anger.

Monica’s parenting books and children’s fairy tales, Key to Chivalry and Key to Calm provide parents with practical tools and solutions to help young people develop emotional and social intelligence while reading to them.

“When I work with families I remind them how we are human and are expected to make mistakes, and how challenges are part of life,” says Monica. “So many people feel discouraged, have self -fulfilling prophecies and we want to get beyond that and give them the ability to find solutions and never give up even when we face dark times and family crisis.”

Continually developing ways to mentor and teach others is Monica’s purpose and passion. She provides international training, teaches at Plymouth State University, and holds workshops that are really a way to touch people’s lives and teach them to inspire others by being role models.

Monica also recommends healthy ways to naturally heal from stress that can cause us to become physically ill and an emotional wreck. Whether it’s yoga, meditation, journaling, running, exercise do what brings you peace and makes you authentically happy.

“I wholeheartedly believe in the notion that we can spread love if each one of us contribute,” says Monica. “We can find our dreams and don’t let that internalized voice ever hold us back from reaching for the stars. Bring that resilience and allow yourself to develop growth and you can full and you can fully live the life of your dreams.”

Close Up Radio will feature Monica Nicoll in an interview with Jim Masters on Tuesday April 21st at 2 p.m. EST.

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