Tasty Tie® – The First Wearable Baby Teething Tie

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Tasty Tie®

Mom-Invented & Patented. A stylish solution that prevents the constant dropping of most teething toys. Provides endless stimulating CRINKLE entertainment.

GREENSBORO, NC, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Momtrepreneur, Erin Pate, wanted to create the ultimate teething toy for her son. After her frustration with other baby teethers on the market, Erin invented the Tasty Tie® – a stylish solution that prevents the constant dropping of most teething toys. The Tasty Tie® clips on safely and securely to any baby outfit, providing endless entertainment. It provides all- day access for babies who want to soothe their sore gums or just play with it to hear the stimulating crinkle sound it makes.

The Tasty Tie® is available in 12 different color/pattern styles. It is made with BPA and phthalate-free, 100% food grade silicone and soft, breathable, water-resistant fabric that is machine washable. Tasty Tie® has been tested by a 3rd party authorized lab to ensure it meets or exceeds all federal safety requirements.
The Tasty Tie® has received several awards and honors, including the 2020 National Parenting Product Award and the 2020 Best New Product Award from Baby & Children’s Product News. It has also received the Mom’s Choice Award and the Seal of the Approval from The National Parenting Center.

Parents who use and love the Tasty Tie® have said it is a lifesaver on car rides and during church, and it is the perfect Easter basket stuffer or holiday gift, baby shower gift or present for a baby's baptism or 1st birthday. Parents say the Tasty Tie® helps children who are more orally fixated that need something to chew on instead of the collars of their shirts or sleeves.

Click HERE for a video featuring Erin Pate talking about the Tasty Tie® and to see the product in action!

To feature this story and for more information, please check out the website OR contact Erin Pate at (336) 202-7962 OR email erin@tastytie.com.

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Introducing Tasty Tie® – The First Wearable Baby Teething Tie!

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Rick Littlefield Penning Two Books Detailing Observations and Insights Gained Through Experience at Robin Hood Camp

Robin Hood Camp owner Rick Littlefield uses his experience running a celebrated summer camp to write insightful books on education, interviews, and more.

CARMEL, CALIFORNIA, US, March 26, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — For nearly a hundred years, Rick Littlefield and his father before him have been the sole operators of Robin Hood Camp, an exciting summer program praised for its world-class offerings and professional oversight. Today, children from more than 40 countries around the world spend their summers in the rurals of Maine where the camp is located. 

“We offer campers a range of activities, sports, and excursions that are each led by top professionals from their industries,” says Rick Littlefield. “Parents who allow their children to attend Robin Hood Camp know their kids will receive top instruction that will help develop lifelong traits and skills. It’s a very unique program that allows our campers to take their scheduling into their own hands and determine what activities they’ll participate in during their stay and at what level.”

Before children are accepted into the summer camp program, each child is first personally interviewed by Rick Littlefield to determine eligibility. This has led him to dozens of countries where he weeds out the kids who are troublemakers or on the fence about going from those campers who would take full advantage of all the perks the camp has to offer. 

Because he’s performed such interviews for decades, he’s developed a thorough understanding of the best methods for interviewing children and discovering underlying facts without it feeling harsh or calculated. In his 45-year career, Rick Littlefield has interviewed more than 7,500 children across the globe, and he has put together his observations and insights into a new book called How to Interview Children.

“Adult interviews are vastly different from those focused on children, which require alternative approaches, tones, specific understanding and more to be successful,” says Rick Littlefield. “I’ve chronicled my own experiences and the techniques I’ve developed in this new book to help interviewers in similar positions learn how to communicate with kids and observe optimally.”

Additionally, Rick Littlefield is also using his decades of experience working with children and their families internationally to write another book entitled Contrasting Educational Systems and Parenting Philosophies Around the World. The work will cover more than his experience interviewing kids and parents to include perceptions and anecdotes gained through interviewing educators and mental health professionals from around the world.

“Each of these books will distill my personal experiences into relatable accounts that share what I’ve learned over the years with the masses,” says Rick Littlefield. “Through them, I hope that more professionals will have a better understanding of child psychology during interviews and how varying world philosophies and educational approaches are instilled in children today.” 

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Mövenpick Hotel Gammarth Tunis: Protect Planet and People

Mövenpick Hotel Gammarth Tunis – Beach Clean-up

Green Globe recertfied Mövenpick Hotel Gammarth Tunis earlier this year.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ —
Mövenpick Hotel Gammarth Tunis is situated on a private golden sand beach overlooking the beautiful bays of the Mediterranean and the hills of Sidi Bou Said. Families and discerning travellers alike enjoy basking in the sun at this elegant hotel.

Green Globe recertfied Mövenpick Hotel Gammarth Tunis in Tunisia earlier this year.

Imen Touhemi, HACCP Quality & Hygiene Coordinator and Green Globe Project Leader at the hotel said, “The entire Green Globe team within the hotel is very happy that we have achieved our green goal to attain certification again in 2019. We hope that we will always be ready to protect the environment, help disadvantaged people and be a part of the global movement to save our planet.”

In line with their Sustainable Management Plan, Mövenpick Hotel Gammarth Tunis focuses mainly on three principal areas – responsible resource management, CSR sponsored environmental projects and social initiatives that strengthen lasting relationships within local communities.

Operational strategies are designed to protect natural resources and minimize impacts. In efforts to save energy and water, energy and water consumption and affiliated costs are recorded each month. In addition, waste management practices involve the selective sorting of waste at all levels within the property and agreements have been made with approved recycling and general waste collectors.

Employees are encouraged to fully understand the importance of environmental protection through ecological initiatives such as clean-up days and inhouse meetings where sustainable objectives and the hotel’s green actions and projects are communicated with all staff members.

Mövenpick Hotel Gammarth Tunis works in collaboration with the OMNYATI association, SOS Gammarth and other associations on various social initiatives. Omnyati is a non- profit Tunisian organization which aims to grant the wishes of children suffering from life threatening medical conditions. The SOS Village based in Gammarth supports disadvantaged children by ensuring they have adequate access to education, nutrition and health services while parents are given guidance on income-generating skills and parenting practices. The organisation also works toward strengthening support networks within the community. Future projects will be decided and organized by the hotel during the remainder of 2020.

“We are very proud of the fact that we are part of Green Globe and we support its noble cause to protect our planet and people. After all, we only have one Earth, don't we?”, concluded Ms. Touhemi.

About Green Globe Certification
Green Globe is the worldwide sustainability system based on internationally accepted criteria for sustainable operation and management of travel and tourism businesses. Operating under a worldwide license, Green Globe is based in California, USA and is represented in over 83 countries. Green Globe is an Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). For information, please visit www.greenglobe.com


Imen Touhemi
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Avenue Taieb M’hiri BP 36
La Marsa
P: +216 71 741 444 | +216 71 740 400
E: Hotel.Gammarth.Hygieniste@movenpick.com
W: movenpick.com

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Haitian Org. Partners with DC Publisher to Create Bilingual Creole Picturebook Exploring Caretaking in the Animal World

Award-winning early childhood book promotes science learning and language development for children who speak Haitian Creole

Our goal is to give one of these beautiful books to each of the children we serve so they have something of their own to treasure, and this book will certainly be a treasure to hold for the children.”

— Dr. Frank J. Nice

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, March 16, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Platypus Media is thrilled to announce that their award-winning children’s book is now available in a bilingual (English/Creole) edition, titled Cuddled and Carried / Karese'm epi pote'm.

Cuddled and Carried was originally released in June 2018 as a bilingual (English/Spanish) book. The title introduces readers to early science concepts while spreading feelings of warmth and attachment, two notions that are very important to Maryland resident and humanitarian Dr. Frank J. Nice.

Twenty years ago, Dr. Nice helped start the Orphelinat Coeur d’ Jesus (Heart of Jesus Orphanage), a K-12 school in Haiti that today serves 550 students and houses around 50 orphans. He contacted Platypus Media about commissioning bilingual English/Creole editions of the book to be donated to the students of the school. According to Dr. Nice, “Our goal is to give one of these beautiful books to each of the children we serve so they have something of their own to treasure, and this book will certainly be a treasure to hold for the children.” Dr. Nice is working with two translators on the project, Pierre Alix Occide and Honoré Jean, who have also served as English teachers, translators, and interpreters for many medical missions in Haiti.

Dr. Nice’s has also been helping build a medical clinic for the Heart of Jesus students as well as the students of another local school, Bon Pasteur (Good Shepherd). When construction was almost completed in 2016, Hurricane Matthew struck, leveling the structure. With help, Nice has begun making the children’s health clinic a reality yet again.

These books will make a wonderful gift for the students of Heart of Jesus, as it helps nurture the same compassion for others that Dr. Nice always displays. Through gorgeous art and gentle text, this book also introduces young children to mammal families from all over the world. Cuddled and Carried is used in schools, daycares, literacy and after school programs, as well as with healthcare and parenting groups across the country.

“I’m so glad to see this book getting recognition. I wanted to show children that, in many ways, animal caretaking is not so different from humans,” explains Michels, who is also the author of If My Mom Were A Platypus: Mammal Babies and Their Mothers and This Is How I Grow. “I want children to think about how the babies of each species matures and survives, and what their communities look like—whether pride, flock, or family. Showing children this type of attachment in the natural world fosters empathy, kindness, and compassion.”

Dr. Frank J. Nice, RPh, DPA, CPHP, served in the U.S. Public Health Service for 30 years as a Commissioned Officer and pharmacist, during which time he worked as an Assistant Program Director for the National Institutes of Health Clinical Neurosciences Program. He is the author of several books including Non-prescription Drugs for the Breastfeeding Mother. In 2008, he was a founding member of Health and Education for Haiti, an organization that helps Haitians build churches and orphanages and allows students to get to know Haiti and the world a little better. It's Dr. Nice’s dream to help make Haiti the most beautiful country in the Caribbean.

Dia L. Michels is an internationally published, award-winning science writer who is committed to promoting attachment parenting. She has authored or edited over a dozen books for both children and adults. She can be reached at Dia@PlatypusMedia.com.

Mike Speiser’s beautiful images of mother and baby animals have appeared on the cover of National Geographic’s Wild Animal Baby magazine. His work can be seen at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, WI. He can be reached at Mike@PlatypusMedia.com.

Platypus Media is an independent press that creates products with a broad appeal to diverse families who believe in the importance of close family relationships for the full and healthy development of children. We are committed to the promotion and protection of breastfeeding and donate a percentage of profits to groups that work in this field.

Cuddled and Carried / Karese'm epi pote'm is now available for purchase through National Book Network and direct sales at PlatypusMedia.com. The accompanying free, downloadable Teacher’s Guide (in English only) is an excellent resource for educators as well as parents, and can also be found at PlatypusMedia.com. It includes additional content, vocabulary, and hands-on activities that help children develop cognitive skills and improve literacy.

Cuddled and Carried / Karese'm epi pote'm
Platypus Media • March 2020
Written by Dia L. Michels • Illustrated by Mike Speiser
Bilingual English/Creole • Ages 0-4 • 6 x 8” • 32 pages
Paperback ($8.95) ISBN: 978-1-930775-82-4
eBook ($7.99) ISBN: 978-1-930775-78-7

Cuddled and Carried / Consentido y cargado
Platypus Media • June 2018
Bilingual English/Spanish
Ages 0-4 • 32 pages
Available in hardback, paperback and eBook formats
Comes in two sizes: 8.5 x 11” and 6 x 8”

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ChildWise Connects 200,000 moms for Intl’ Women’s Day online course

MomWise 3.8 MOOC

MomWise 3.8 MOOC

MomWise 3.8 MOOC-1

MomWise 3.8 MOOC-1

MomWise 3.8 MOOC-2

MomWise 3.8 MOOC-2

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 10, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ —

On March 8th, International Women's Day, more than 200,000 Chinese mothers connected with three female education and business leaders on a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to learn about the latest policies impacting women worldwide, and to learn Scientific Parenting.

This online course was co-organized by ChildWise and New Dimension. Ying LIU, Acting President of the International Early Education Institute and Child Development Associate (CDA) Professional Development Specialist, was the keynote speaker. In addition, special guests, Jing Zhao CESARONE, CEO of the Global CSR Foundation and Founder & CEO of ChildWise, and LAW Yee Ping, CSO of ChildWise and General Manager of Nobel Early Education, attended and shared their thoughts and experiences on parenting and issues impacting women.

ChildWise is the only authorized partner of the CDA Council to develop and provide CDA training in Greater China. ChildWise provides Early Childhood Education training for teachers, families, and caregivers. New Dimension independently developed the Internet of Xroom (IoX), and provided technical support for MOOC.

LAW Yee Ping, who is participating in the International Women's Day Conference and the 64 Sessions of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW64) at the United Nations in New York, shared the "Five Most Important Things Women Care About Worldwide" put forward by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, which include: better political representation, building an inclusive economy, bridging the digital divide, conflict resolution, and climate change.

LAW Yee Ping observed that parent training has entered the policy stage. According to Beijing's new policy, as of 2025, 80% of families with children age 0-3 must receive at least six sections of scientific parent training. According to the latest policy of Sichuan Province, there will be 10 caregiving vacancies for children ages 0-3 for every thousand residents in newly developed districts.

Ying LIU shared the three basic skills of parenting to help mothers and their children, including the development of a positive parent-child relationship, understanding the growth and development of the child, and observing the child. She gave the example, "father may be busy at work, but he insists on tucking in the child every night,” as a way to establish parent-child relationships through small acts. This example was widely praised by the participants.

As International Women’s Day originated from Chicago on March 8, 1909, Jing Zhao CESARONE, who lives with her family in Chicago, feels a special connection to the holiday.

Jing introduced the origin and mission of ChildWise, which is “ChildWise committed to providing high-quality early childhood education training for teachers, families, and caretakers in the U.S. and around the world.” She also discussed the course’s theme, MomWise-Fighting Against COVID-19. It is one of the vocational training and parent training programs for ChildWise to promote scientific Early Childhood Education (ECE) in China. The aim is to support the Chinese education system as they continue education at home during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Jing also shared the 1997 Italian film, Life is Beautiful. In the film, the father makes survival in the concentration camp a game for his child, so that the child can stay brave and not miss out on love and beauty in the extremely harsh environment.

In addition, Ying told the participants that she recommends children ages 0-3 use fewer electronic products. Before the age of 5, children should watch less TV to avoid affecting the child's brain development. Electronic products’ one-way form of communication means a lack of real interaction for the child.

Regarding the next generation’s children, Ying said that, from a scientific perspective, the most important thing for a 0-3 year-old is to have a long-term companion or caregiver, such as a grandparent. Though there may be a generational gap between grandparent and grandchild, Liu says that conflicts may be resolved by using the three basic skills mentioned earlier.

Finally, the three speakers extended greetings to mothers and parents in Wuhan, as well as the rest of China and other countries impacted by COVID-19.

Special thanks to the support of strategic partners such as World Women Organization (WWO), Zhihuishu, Topmuying, EYAS Education Group, Zoomedia, Beijing Family-Building Promotion Association, Wuhan Tongfu Mother Academy.

ChildWise provides a variety of training and credentialing services for educators, administrators, caregivers, and families of children ages 0-6.

With our leading experts in the field of early childhood education (ECE), ChildWise has developed a bilingual Childhood Development Associate (CDA) Credential training program in line with the most up-to-date ECE practices. In 2017, ChildWise became the exclusive organization to launch the CDA training pilot program in China. After the success of the pilot program, ChildWise became the only authorized partner of the CDA Council to provide training to Greater China.

With training available in both English and Chinese, ChildWise has given CDA training to hundreds of ECE educators, and helped dozens of teachers and administrators receive their CDA Credential and become Professional Development Specialists.

ChildWise believes that the principles of early education are universal, and values the importance of cultural and intellectual exchange. ChildWise is an advocate for the advancement of ECE around the world and operates in both the United States and Greater China, with offices in Chicago, Boston, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou. ChildWise’s partners include RYB’s Scholastic International, EYAS Group’s EYAS Kids, Xiehe Education Group, Rainbow Bridge, Day Star Academy and many others. ChildWise was founded and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

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Top 5 Questions Dr. Freda Deskin Suggests To Ask When Choosing a School for Your Child’s Education

Dr. Freda Deskin of ASTEC

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, UNITED STATES, March 9, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Aside from their health, the most important and influential element in your child’s formative years is their education. Of course, it’s not just the academics that affect students, either. Culture, demographics, activities and clubs, environment, and any particular focus the school may have — for example, an immersive language program or a STEM-centered curriculum — are also part and parcel of what makes a particular educational institution a good choice for your family.

Dr. Freda Deskin, whose decades-long career helping children learn, thrive, and succeed makes her one of the nation’s most notable educators, offers some advice. Here are her top five questions to ask as you begin your search for the perfect school.

Will the School Meet Our Practical Needs?

Before going any further, you will want to find out about practical issues such as school start and end times, transportation options, after-school activities or programs, and whether students receive breakfast and lunch.

If your schedule doesn’t accommodate driving a child 20 minutes to school each morning, or if you can’t pick them up afterward and there’s no after-school program, the remainder of your questions will be moot.

What Is the Student to Teacher Ratio?

This can be an excellent barometer of a school’s quality. When there is a high student to teacher ratio, the teachers are stretched thin — which makes it much more difficult for them to connect with each child.

Dr. Freda Deskin says that while teacher’s aides and parent volunteers can help, most of the time a teacher won’t have full-time assistance.

How Do Teachers Handle Poor Behavior?

Discipline can be a sticky issue, but it is essential that you know how behavioral problems will be addressed. Some schools use a system of demerits, detention, and suspension; others use sticker charts or another method of rewarding good behavior. There is a wide range of behavioral management systems. Find out about the school’s official policy, but also ask how much leeway instructors have to implement their own methods.

Even if your child is a perfect angel, remember that sooner or later they will be impacted by others’ behavior — and you’ll want bullying or other problems to be handled appropriately. So if the school’s approach doesn’t jibe with your parenting style, you will likely be better off elsewhere.

Can You Tell Me About Your Standards and Curriculum?

According to Dr. Freda Deskin, a school’s standards relate to the specific skills taught at each grade level, and what the students are expected to know, understand, or do before moving on to the next grade. Its curriculum, of course, is the materials and methods that teachers use to help students meet those goals. Some parents insist on an atmosphere of academic rigor; others prioritize creative pursuits or the freedom for a child to explore their own interests and steer their own education.

To What Extent Can Parents Be Involved?

Does the school have an active PTA or other parent-involved organization? How do teachers communicate with parents? Is it possible for you to volunteer in your child’s classroom or elsewhere in the school? Do the parents have any say in school policies or procedures? Explains Dr. Freda Deskin, these are all good questions that will give you a sense of how receptive administrators and teachers will be to you playing an active role in your child’s education.

What educational considerations are most important for you and your family? Have you had to choose a school for one or more of your children, and if so, how did you go about making that decision? Connect with us on social media to share your thoughts!

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Julie Phillips Hatch of Mums on a Mission to be Featured on Close Up Radio

FAIRHAVEN, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, March 9, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — As a parent, do you constantly find yourself yelling and giving your children time outs desperately trying to control their behavior and temper tantrums? If so, you are not alone. Raising children is one of the most rewarding but most difficult challenges we face. Parenting doesn’t come with an instruction manual but luckily there is help peeking around the corner so you can achieve your parenting dreams and build a happy healthy relationship with your child.

Julie Phillips Hatch is an exceptional Parenting Coach and owner of Mums on a Mission: Consciously Connecting with our Kids.

“My focus is working with parents who are struggling with their child’s behavior to eliminate the overwhelming stress and confusion out of parenting. I help them navigate ways to enjoy parenting life again,” says Julie. “Parenting is not about taking control of your children. It’s about teaching and guiding them to build and solidify life skills for now and the future.”

Prior to becoming a parenting coach Julie worked for over 30 years as a pediatric nurse practitioner in pediatric intensive care. A dedicated proud mom of three boys, with a unique perspective for working with children, Julie recognized the need for parents to have the proper tools to address the behavior of children. She is also a certified acupuncturist and combines those skills into her coaching.

“Our children unequivocally rely on us and mimic us so we are their absolute role models,” says Julie. “My approach is uncovering the true nature of a child. Temperament and personality type are defined by their true nature. By connecting with this true nature, a parent can help any child grow up with security, confidence and ultimately able to make better life choices.”

Through her innovative videos and online coaching sessions, Julie offers practical individualized ways for parents to strategize plans and solutions. Every program is customized to each and every client’s exact needs.

“It’s so thoroughly rewarding to see how parents have that aha moment as things start to make sense and as their kid’s behavior remarkably improves,” says Julie. “Young children can easily be taught compassion, gratitude, and mindfulness because these already naturally exist in them. With encouragement and nourishing their inner nature, your child will truly shine.”

Julie says depression among children has increased significantly over the past decade and heavy use of social media and smartphones plays a significant role. Too much time spent on Snapchat and Instagram means less face to face interactions which means never establishing real connections with peers. Learning to appreciate the present moment, spending active time outside, and developing skills and talents that are aligned with the child’s inner nature, are pivotal to healthy growth and development.

“It’s ultimately up to moms and dads to raise future generations full of compassion and leadership skills,” says Julie. “If we focus on paying attention to what our kids’ natural strengths are, and we parent to those strengths, whether they are athletic, academic, creative, or otherwise, they will flourish as they grow into young adults. Let them create who they really want to be and not who we wish them to be and the result will be a happy, confident, resilient person.”

Close Up Radio will feature Julie Phillips Hatch in an interview with Jim Masters on Wednesday March 11th at 1 p.m. EST

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have any questions for our guest, please call (347) 996-3389

For more information on our guest please visit www.juliephillipshatch.com

Written by: Beatrice Maria Centeno

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Panoramic Picture Book from Debut Illustrator Explores What it Means for Mammals to Be All Grown Up

On a light blue background, the front cover shows the heads of 8 different animal babies -- including an elephant, bat, giraffe, kangaroo, polar bear, whale, cougar, and squirrel -- peering in from the edges, surrounding a burst of water shooting from the

The front cover of This Is How I Grow displays three of the awards this title was awarded before its publication: the Tillywig Brain Child award, Creative Child Magazine’s Book of the Year award, and the first place Feathered Quill Book Award.

A fan of two pages: on the left is a first page from the book's elephant section, showing an elephant mother and calf walking towards the viewer; on the left is a page from the back explaining environmental details of the first's illustrations, including a sloth bear.

Explore an Asian elephant calf’s environment, then flip to the back to learn more about the hidden details of the environment drawn by debut illustrator Wesley Davies.

Two pictures show mammal babies from the book. On the top/left, a newborn giraffe nurses from its mother as zebras pass in the background. On the right/bottom, two tiny cougar cubs nap in a cave, deer and birds outside of the cave behind them.

Explore the world of mammal moms and babies from across the globe, including Masai giraffes and North American cougars.

New Book Lies at the Intersection of Early Science Education and Attachment Parenting

Kids find the wide-ranging skills these animals must quickly develop in order to survive to be all the more compelling for their, and our, shared classification as mammals.”

— Dan Levy, Tillywig awards chair

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, March 2, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Publisher Science Naturally is thrilled to announce a new addition to their collection of animal books for young children, available for purchase everywhere this Tuesday, March 3. More than a simple scientific introduction, the animal stories in This Is How I Grow celebrate those things that unite all mammals, fostering empathy, kindness, and compassion in their young readers.

The newest book in the Beginnings collection, This Is How I Grow, introduces readers to eight different animal ambassadors from habitats across the globe. In two-page vignettes, each mammal baby soliloquizes on their birth, nursing, and weaning experiences before exploring the skills they must learn from their mother and others in their community in order to achieve independence. This is an engaging approach for children ages 7-10 who are just starting to explore what it means for them to be “all grown up.”

All newborn mammals—whether they have hooves, flippers, paws, claws, or wings—rely on mother’s milk to help them grow. This book conveys that childhood is the period of time where mammals rely on their family and community to survive. This time together allows mammals to create strong bonds and loving relationships that readers young and old will recognize from their own lives.

This Is How I Grow just received the 2020 Book of the Year award from Creative Child Magazine and has also won a Tillywig Brain Child award. Tillywig awards chair Dan Levy celebrates the first-person narrative that “deeply draws young readers in.” He continues, “verbal gems and lush, lifelike illustrations infuse the writing with warmth and personality. Kids find the wide-ranging skills these animals must quickly develop in order to survive to be all the more compelling for their, and our, shared classification as mammals.”

The beautiful art from debut illustrator Wesley Davies fosters this sense of connection while imparting important information about each animal’s habitat, community, size, and more. These expansive, detailed illustrations infuse the book with a sense of scientific authority. Readers could get lost exploring the lush artwork overflowing with scientifically accurate flora and fauna from each animal’s habitat. In the back of the book, readers find questions that encourage them to delve more deeply into the visual text. These reference pages allow parents and educators to address the questions each little scientist is likely to have as they turn through the book.

This Is How I Grow explores the incredible variety of skills baby mammals must learn in order to survive and thrive. From bats learning how to fly to elephants gaining control of their trunks, animal families help their young develop the tools they need to hunt, forage, or scavenge.

This introduction to the mammal world is an easy way to introduce young children to STEM. Peggy Ashbrook, an early childhood science teacher, columnist, and author of Science Learning in the Early Years and Science Is Simple, writes, “With this beautifully illustrated introductory book, children will learn that mammals across the globe have ways of caring for their babies, a Disciplinary Core Idea of the NGSS (LS1B). The questions about each species that follow the text are exactly what children might ask after reading This Is How I Grow and the answers are appropriate for children as young as two while inspiring elementary students to use the referenced sources to learn more.”

An extensive Teacher’s Guide, available for free download at the publisher’s website, provides further information, hands-on activities, and articulations to the Next Generation Science Standards, making this book an invaluable early childhood science resource.

Author Dia L. Michels is an award-winning science and parenting writer who has authored or edited over a dozen books for both children and adults. This is her fourth book exploring science topics through animal stories. Studying mammals has helped her appreciate the simplicity and importance of attachment parenting and breastfeeding. The mother of three grown children, she lives in Washington D.C., where she shares her home with three cats and a dog.

Wesley Davies is an artist from New England who specializes in illustration and comic art. He received a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology from Kenyon College, earning Phi Beta Kappa honors, and has been making art all his life. He provided spot drawings for Platypus Media’s 2018 publication Babies Nurse. This book marks his debut as a children’s book illustrator.

Science Naturally books are distributed to the trade by the National Book Network (NBNbooks.com). For more information about our publications, or to request a review copy, please contact us. Cover images and sample content are available at ScienceNaturally.com.

This Is How I Grow
Science Naturally • March 2020
Written by Dia L. Michels • Illustrated by Wesley Davies
English • Ages 7-10 • 8.5 x 11” • 52 pages
Hardback ($14.95) ISBN: 978-1-93-849210-5
Paperback ($9.95) ISBN: 978-1-93-849208-2
eBook ($8.99) ISBN: 978-1-93-849209-9
Spanish language edition coming October 2020.

Anna Cohen
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