Christian Mom Regina Raymond Launches Book With Creative Life Publishing About Daughter's Courageous Cancer Battle

Cecily's Hope by Author Regina Raymond

Cecily’s Hope by Regina Raymond

Regina Raymond shares story originally started by her Daughter on the courageous battle through cancer and the faith that creates legacy.

HICKORY, NC, UNITED STATES, October 28, 2019 / — Creative Life Publishing and Learning Institute
Tricia Andreassen, CEO and Founder
Cecily’s Hope: The Story of Faith and Hope and A Courageous Cancer Battle

Creative Life Publishing Assists in New Book Release By Christian Author Regina Raymond
Regina Raymond of Texas shares her story of being by her daughter Cecily during a courageous battle through cancer. Tricia Andreassen, CEO of Creative Life Publishing and Learning Institute is a part of the launch for this book that can be used in churches or personal study programs throughout the country. It is Raymond’s desire to bring hope, encouragement and comfort to those who are going through cancer or for those who have lost a loved one.

“While writing this book in honor of Cecily, God has taught me, grown me and instilled in me a desire to share with others how life and hope can go on to help others. Parents who have lost their child need to hear and know the encouraging words of God faithfulness.” Comments Raymond. The book can be purchased at

“I am hoping this book will find its way into the hands of many. I am hoping to keep Cecily’s memory alive through the works our ministry (CRG Ministry) will be doing to honor our sweet Cecily.” CRG Ministry will do all the works Cecily wanted to do, including scholarships, coloring books and bed sheets for children’s hospitals, providing bibles, and helping families at Christmas time. Regina hopes to travel and tell Cecily’s story to bring people closer to God and awareness to brain cancer. CRG Ministry can be reached directly by contacting Cecily's Foundation on Facebook at

Creative Life Publishing and Learning Institute who has assisted Raymond is dedicated to helping aspiring writers express their voice and share a message of hope, encouragement, faith, and success strategies in life and business. The learning division is focused on providing educational resources to grow in multiple areas of life including: personal growth, parenting, dream building, business and marketing, faith and spiritual growth as well as writing retreats that help aspiring Authors become published.

Tricia Andreassen’s personal coaching practice varies on the individual on what they want to achieve whether it is business related or personal growth related. She also leads a team of faculty that provides teaching to the public. Andreassen’s business book, Interfusion Marketing: Unlock The Secret Code To Dominate Your Market hit #1 in less than 5 hours of book launch and has continued to be offered internationally and on the best seller list for over 59 weeks spanning multiple categories. She continues to write and personally is an 8 time best selling author. She continues to speak worldwide.Her latest book "Unlock Your Inner Warrior" also reached the best seller list.

For more information on Tricia Andreassen and Creative Life Publishing and Learning Institute visit or . For information on how to become a published Author and learn the strategies of becoming a Best Selling Author or have a desire to develop content as a professional speaker with a clear message please email

Tricia Andreassen
Creative Life Publishing and Learning Institute
+1 7049686994
email us here

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Healthline Media Introduces New Resource for Parents at M2Moms® The Marketing to Moms Conference

Healthline Media Introduces New Resource for Parents at
M2Moms® The Marketing to Moms Conference

Taking control of their health and well-being – and now their family’s—is a way of life.”

— Dria de Botton Barnes, General Manager, Healthline Parenthood

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, October 16, 2019 / — Dria de Botton Barnes, General Manager of Healthline Parenthood, will introduce Healthline Parenthood a new resource for parents at. M2Moms® -The Marketing to Moms Conference, October 16 & 17, 2019. Healthline Media is the #1 online health property in the U.S. M2Moms® is presented by Fordham’s Center for Positive Marketing (CPM) at Fordham University’s NYC Lincoln Center campus. It is attended by national and global brand marketing executives to learn how to achieve better business with women and moms.

A New Generation of Parents
“The new generation of Millennial and Gen Z parents is distinct from generations past as becoming a parent and parenting create a whole new dimension to their already fully engaged lives,” Barnes explained. “New parents believe in the power of personal development to make them better people. They want to be as informed as possible and are willing to research to learn. Taking control of their health and well-being – and now their family’s—is a way of life.”

Healthline Parenthood provides news and feature articles for new and expecting parents who care about their well-being as critical to creating a happy, healthy family. Healthline Parenthood is part of, the flagship property of Healthline Media that also publishes and Healthline Parenthood articles examine all aspects of health and well-being, including mental health, relationships, sleep, post-partum, nutrition, going back to work, managing chronic conditions and a baby, family planning, and more. Articles are authored and verified by specialists nurses, doctors, educators and thought leaders recognized for their expertise.

Healthline Parenthood stands out for its point of view and evidence-based approach to health, wellness and medical information. It speaks to a parent as a whole person, not just the care taker of a new baby, and focuses on an individual’s growth as a parent as well as baby development. Healthline Parenthood pursues Healthline's fundamental value of inclusivity and diversity, seeking zero bias in content development and reporting.

“Dria’s presentation zeros in on the overriding theme of marketing to moms and bringing them solutions in that moms are continually changing and evolving,” according to Nan McCann, M2Moms® producer. “We’re featuring multiple sessions on how moms and women are rapidly adopting new ways of parenting, embracing every new form of tech and using every screen at their disposal to network, search, get advice, recommend, shop & buy. The tech sessions & media discussions will be presented by Google, Facebook/Instagram, YouTube Kids, Foursquare, BuzzFeed, and Edison Research. Additionally, we’ll explore how “smart” innovation is changing the home environment.”

More 2019 Highlights:
“We’re also looking at how intergenerational marketing has become a key component of marketing to moms and women. It includes timely new presentations on the very real differences between millennial moms and the massive emerging cohort of Gen Z moms and women. And we’re seeing how micro-insights help marketers increase their research ROI and get the most out of their data and info. We’ll also take an in-depth look at the moms market in China. Every year 15 million new babies are born in China versus only 4 million new US babies. It absolutely dwarfs the US market,”

Creative Engagement & Awards:
“It’s not all work. In keeping with our annual traditions we’ll present our “Mom First” & “This Woman Means Business” Awards. The “Mom First” Award is given to a mom who saw and successfully pursued a business opportunity she discovered while being a mom. The “This Women Means Business” Award is presented to a proven business leader… an innovator and visionary…who in words and actions recognizes that women can be a transforming economic force in the world today…that for every successful enterprise, women mean business.”

Dria de Botton Barnes Bio:
Dria de Botton Barnes
GM Healthline Parenthood

Dria de Botton Barnes is General Manager of Healthline Parenthood. She's a mom of two pre-schoolers and was a media executive at Scripts Network Interactive, CBS Interactive and Cafe Media before becoming editor-in-chief at, which Healthline acquired in February 2019. Recognizing work-life balance doesn't exist in most companies, Dria calls for work-life integration where parents can be the best of both of their selves.

M2Moms® / M2W® Sponsors:
Presenting Sponsor for 2019 is The Center for Positive Marketing at Fordham University. Additional sponsors include: Google, AARP, Facebook, Healthline, Foursquare, WongDoody, GfK, The Motherboard, FlashLight Insights, Playwell LLC, Marketing to Mums, Tinybeans, Incite, The Female Factor, The Pepper Miller Group, Edison Research, BuzzFeed, Millennial Ad Network, Foundry 360 at Meredith, Snippies, Tiny Tutus and Destination Maternity. M2Moms® is proud to support The First 1,000 Days.

About M2Moms® / M2W®
M2Moms® -The Marketing to Moms Conference
M2W® -The Marketing to Women Conference
October 16 & 17, 2019, Pope Auditorium at Fordham University

For information:, or 860.724.2649 or
M2Moms® & M2W® are produced by PME® Enterprises LLC.

Nan McCann
PME Enterprises LLC
+1 860-724-2649
email us here

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Succulent Crystals Announces Whimsical Yoga Wear Collection for Fairies of All Sizes.

A starry background with the silhouettes of fairies flying into the moon, with the words, "The Faerie Folk Collection by Succulent Crystals."

Succulent Crystals Announces New Yoga Wear Collection for Fairies of All Sizes.

A Snow Fairy surrounded by crystals, succulents, roses, and pinecones, with the words "The Faerie Folk Collection by Succulent Crystals."

The Faerie Folk Collection by Succulent Crystals launches Nov. 1st at 12pm EST.

A dark forest and a fairy with bat wings, with the words, "coming November 1st."

The Faerie Folk Collection will be available exclusively in the Succulent Crystals Etsy shop starting November 1st.

Known worldwide for magical yoga clothes in color-drenched designs, Succulent Crystals is launching a new fairy-themed collection this winter in sizes XS-6XL.

It's a unique lifestyle. My designs aren't for everyone, but for those who resonate with the art and message behind Succulent Crystals, it means finally feeling seen, understood, and represented.”

— Leslie Athanason

OCALA, FL, USA, October 11, 2019 / — The world of modern yoga wear brims over with monochromatic yoga sets in muted shades, modeled on ultra-thin Instagram influencers in perfect ponytails. Independent artist Leslie Athanason, designer and CEO of Succulent Crystals, constantly strives to break that mold by creating outrageously bold, colorful, enchanting designs with truly inclusive sizing, inspired by the crystal-collecting, plant-parenting, wand-waving lifestyle of the modern fairy. Her upcoming Faerie Folk Collection is no different, with five brand-new fantasy-themed designs that come to life on luxuriously soft yoga leggings (XS-6XL) and sports bras (XS-2XL).

“My customers, and especially the ones wearing plus sizes, were sick and tired of searching for fun workout clothes and finding the same old thing,” Leslie says, “I wanted to offer them something different. Something that lets them express themselves and feel magical, beautiful, and worthy at every stage of their journey. Like a moving, breathing, dynamic work of art.”

Fans (AKA "Fairies") of Succulent Crystals eagerly await the Faerie Folk Collection, which launches Friday, November 1st at 12pm EST. Over the past several months, Leslie has meticulously painted the Moon Fairy, Snow Fairy, Forest Fairy, Garden Fairy, and Briar Fairy designs, then (with a wave of her wand) turned them into cozy yoga leggings and bra sets. To eliminate wasted materials and overstock, each piece is printed, precision-cut, and hand-sewn to order for each individual buyer.

The Faerie Folk Collection will be available for purchase exclusively in the Succulent Crystals Etsy shop at

Leslie Athanason began designing her richly artistic, fantasy-themed athletic wear in 2018, after noticing a problem women like her were having. “As a lifelong athlete, yoga-lover, and comfort enthusiast, I’ve worn my share of leggings. You’ve got your workout leggings, which are durable and functional, but usually pretty stiff and boring,” Leslie quips, “and then you’ve got your ‘cute’ leggings that show your personality, which are probably covered in unicorns. And in the back of the drawer are your worn-to-death leggings, which are faded and have no waistband left, that are so comfy you keep them to sleep in. I just started wondering, why can’t we have it all?” Succulent Crystals was born from the idea that a woman should be allowed to feel gorgeous, magical, and comfortable, all at the same time, at any size, whether she’s lounging on the couch or running a marathon.

Leslie Athanason
Succulent Crystals
+1 352-547-9276
email us here

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CEOGC’s HEAP Winter Crisis Program Begins Next Month

CLEVELAND, OH, UNITED STATES, October 10, 2019 / — The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland’s HEAP Winter Crisis Program officially begins on November 1 and will operate through the end of March.
The program helps income-eligible Greater Cleveland residents who have been threatened with disconnection, maintain their utility services.

This is a one-time benefit and is to be used in emergency situations. You MUST schedule an appointment to utilize the HEAP Winter Crisis Program.

To schedule an appointment please call, (216) 350-8008 or use a smartphone or computer to visit Appointments are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Walk-ins will not be accepted.



In order to apply for emergency energy assistance, a resident must have the most recent bills for gas and electric utilities, proof of citizenship and/or U.S. residency, photo identification, Social Security numbers for all household members and verification of all income for all household members eighteen years or older for the previous 30 days or 12 months. Permanently and totally disabled customers must provide proof of disability. For those households who have no income, an IRS Tax Transcript is required. Self-employed applicants must provide an IRS transcript and/or copy of filed 1040. Renters living in multi-unit dwellings may be required to provide their landlord’s name and contact information.

Ohio Development Services Agency’s Office of Community Assistance (OCA) now requires 30 days or 12 months of income to qualify for HEAP, Summer and Winter Crisis, and PIPP Plus. All seasonal and self-employed applicants must provide 30 days or 12 months of income.

The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland is a nonprofit organization and the Community Action Agency for Cuyahoga County that operates programs and services dedicated to transforming the lives of residents. The Council delivers education, personal and professional development programs and support services to residents of Cuyahoga County. Programs include Early Head Start (birth to three) Head Start (three-five years of age); individual assessments for classes and coaching sessions on topics including parenting, anger management, and life skills; job readiness, customer service training, and job placement. The Council also delivers the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). For more information, visit

Parrish Purnell jr
Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland
+1 216-696-9077
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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By Popular Demand: Bilingual Picture Book that Explores Animal World Released in New Stroller Bag Size

Front cover of the bilingual book shows three cougars cuddled together like cats.

Small stroller-bag book pokes out of a blue diaper bag, all ready to go.

Educational children’s book promotes family attachment and jumpstarts English and Spanish language development

When parents read it with their children, it not only gives them a chance to enjoy a special time together, but it also helps model attachment for the parents while promoting curiosity for the child”

— Tangela Johnson, Healthy Start Program Assistant in Tulsa, OK

WASHINGTON, D.C., UNITED STATES, October 9, 2019 / — Platypus Media is thrilled to announce the release of a new edition of their beautiful bilingual (English/Spanish) children’s book, Cuddled and Carried / Consentido y cargado. This new “stroller bag” edition of the popular book––perfect for reading on the go––contains engaging new back matter in an adorable grab-and-read size.

The title was originally released in June 2018 in a larger “story time” size (8.5”x11”) in paperback, hardcover, and eBook formats. The original book is perfect for group reading and classroom use, but customers also wanted a more portable size. This new release, in a convenient 6”x 8” paperback edition, also contains new educational content on animal classification as well as mammalian caretaking strategies in the natural world.

Through gorgeous art, this book introduces young children to exciting mammals from all over the world. It celebrates the cherished bond between mother and child across the mammal class. With simple text and captivating illustrations, children begin to see the differences and similarities between themselves and animals who share the Earth with us.

The warm paintings and lyrical text resonate with babies as well as older children. “This book has made quite the impression with the children in our program. It has risen to become the single most popular book for our first graders, and the fourth most popular book overall,” says Bonnie Lurie, head of book selection at Kids Read Now, a literacy program in Troy, Ohio serving over 35,000 children across eight states. “We love the fact that it is bilingual. It helps our English Language Learners work toward proficiency, while introducing our English speaking children to the concept of bilingualism.”

In addition to literacy programs, healthcare and parenting groups are also using this book in their family support programs. “We love giving this title to the families we serve. When parents read it with their children, it not only gives them a chance to enjoy a special time together, but it also helps model attachment for the parents while promoting curiosity for the child,” explains Tangela Johnson, a Healthy Start Program Assistant in Tulsa, OK.

The New Mexico Women, Infant and Children (WIC) program is also using the book in their family support programs. “We fell in love with this book as soon as we saw it,” explains Sharon Giles-Pullen, Breastfeeding Promotion Manager. “The art captures everyone’s attention and the message of nurturing is powerful. We were happy to order several thousand of these to support our work with new parents.”

The accompanying Teacher’s Guide is an excellent resource for educators as well as parents. Available for free download at, it includes additional content, vocabulary, and hands-on activities that help children develop cognitive skills and improve literacy.

“I’m so glad to see this book getting recognition. I wanted to show children that animal families are not so different from human ones,” explains Michels, who is also the author of If My Mom Were A Platypus: Mammal Babies and Their Mothers. “I want children to think about how each species matures, survives, and what their communities look like—whether pride, flock, or family. Showing children this type of attachment in the natural world fosters empathy, kindness, and compassion.”

Dia L. Michels is an internationally published, award-winning science writer who is committed to promoting attachment parenting. She has authored or edited over a dozen books for both children and adults. She can be reached at

Mike Speiser’s beautiful images of mother and baby animals have appeared on the cover of National Geographic’s Wild Animal Baby magazine. His work can be seen at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, WI. He can be reached at

Platypus Media is an independent press that creates products with a broad appeal to diverse families who believe in the importance of close family relationships for the full and healthy development of children. The publisher is committed to the promotion and protection of breastfeeding, and donates a percentage of profits to groups that work in this field.

Platypus Media products are available for direct purchase. They are distributed to the trade by National Book Network. Library-bound editions are available from Children’s Plus. Review copies available upon request. Sample pages, cover scans, and Teacher’s Guide at

Cuddled and Carried / Consentido y cargado – Stroller Bag Edition
Platypus Media • October 2019
Written by Dia L. Michels • Illustrated by Mike Speiser
Bilingual English/Spanish • Ages 0-4 • 6 x 8” • 32 pages
Paperback ($8.95) ISBN 13: 978-1-930775-65-7
eBook ($7.99) ISBN 13: 978-1-930775-66-4

Anna Cohen
Platypus Media
+1 202-546-1674
email us here

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Screenings of New Documentary Expose Trauma Inflicted on Children of Divorcing Parents by our Family Court System

Canadian Screenings Start Oct 9th, Run in Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat


Screenings of New Documentary Expose Trauma Inflicted on Children of Divorcing Parents by our Family Court System

Canadian Screenings Start Oct 9th, Run in Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat

TORONTO, ON — (October 8, 2019) – The new documentary Erasing Family gives voice to the avoidable trauma experienced by over one million Canadian children of divorcing parents.

The goal of this film is to make family break-up healthier for children by offering a concrete road-map for policy and service improvements. This message resonates with a broad consensus that we have a broken family law system that urgently needs repair. With an election around the corner, the film is a wake up call to policy makers to work toward structural reform that puts children first.

The film interviews activists for change who believe the most impactful remedy would be a presumption of equal parenting between mothers and fathers in the event of separation or divorce. Although a Nanos poll showed that 70% of Canadians support equal parenting and only 13% oppose it, and despite social science research demonstrating that equal parenting provides the best outcomes for children, legislative efforts have been repeatedly blocked.

The film's prequel, Erasing Dad, which explored parental alienation in South America, was originally banned from YouTube because it exposed how some professionals make money by keeping parents and children separated. The ban was overturned, the film became incredibly popular and it helped to improve family law in Argentina.

For full information and the screening schedule, visit


Justin Trottier
Executive Director,
Canadian Centre for Men and Families

The Canadian Centre for Men and Families is a men’s health and social service agency with offices across Canada.


Justin Trottier
Canadian Centre for Men and Families
+1 416-402-8856
email us here

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Author and Nationally Syndicated Columnist Lisa Sugarman Dispels the “Perfect” Parent Myth

Meet Lisa Sugarman, author and parenting expert

Lisa Sugarman shares her vivacious laughter with friend and contributing author Debra Gansenberg, MSW, LICSW as they discuss topics in their new book, “How To Raise Imperfectly Perfect Kids And Be Ok With It.”

Parenting expert and author Lisa Sugarman dispels the “perfect” parent myth in her latest book “How To Raise Perfectly Imperfect Kids And Be OK With It.”

Download SocialMama App today at the Apple App Store

In her newest book, “How To Raise Perfectly Imperfect Kids And Be OK With It,” author and columnist Lisa Sugarman dispels the “perfect” parent myth.

Sugarman uses her humanistic approach to parenting Gen Z kids and tells it like it is. The goal is not to raise perfect kids; the goal is to raise kind, responsible adults.”

— Amanda Ducach, Founder & CEO of SocialMama App

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, October 3, 2019 / — Modern parents face different challenges from their predecessors. In the age of social media, comparison can easily make moms and dads feel inadequate as they raise their kids. The pressure to be the “perfect” parent and to raise the “perfect” child surfaces everyday.

Children are also growing up differently. Born in a time when society tells every kid they should be the best and brightest in the room, parents of Generation Z kids often foster entitled attitudes by mowing down every obstacle in their kid's path, instead of letting them learn resiliency and be able to grow on their own.

Nationally syndicated columnist and author Lisa Sugarman dispels the “perfect” parent myth in her newest book, "How To Raise Perfectly Imperfect Kids And Be OK With It." Sugarman uses her humanistic approach to parenting Gen Z kids and tells it like it is, with a heavy dose of reality and advice straight from the front lines. The goal is not to raise perfect kids; the goal is to raise kind, responsible adults.

Contributor Debra Fox Gansenberg, MSW, LICSW uses her years of experience as a psychotherapist to sprinkle accessible tips and strategies alongside Lisa’s honest humor, giving readers a true field guide for how to navigate some of the common pitfalls of parenthood.

Lisa recognizes the power of harnessing relatable resources to help moms and dads find parenting success. She is a MentorMama on the SocialMama App, a ground-breaking social platform that connects moms to other moms on a similar path. As a parenting expert, Sugarman interacts with mothers nationwide through SocialMama, answering their burning parenting questions and offering connection and support.

“How To Raise Perfectly Imperfect Kids And Be OK With It" is bound to become a bedside companion for any mom or dad looking for a reminder that parenthood isn’t a straight line, and it’s not supposed to be.

Bianca Bucaram
+1 713-898-6552
email us here
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The Scariest Halloween Contact Lenses have been released

MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, October 2, 2019 / — The team at MesmerEyez Aus are worried that their new range of Halloween eye contacts have tipped over from being a friendly fright to a straight out shock.

The new range of Halloween contact lenses is one step closer to something truly creepy and unnerving.

When you see the collection of contacts on offer, you won’t be surprised about the concern.

The fear of this year

There’s always been a push to come up with something innovative and unique. That’s just as true when it comes to coloured contacts but there’s an added element to Halloween contact lenses.

What started out as unusual and eye-catching in the early days became standard fare fairly quickly.

Looks evolved into devil, wolf and zombie lenses. The industry was soon in an uproar about what could be done next and the characters and creatures that could be created with a new batch of coloured contact lenses.

The voice for more choice

With the increase in popularity of coloured contact lenses – especially for Halloween and costume parties – came a call for great variety and better quality lenses.

Consumers weren’t just voicing their concerns, they were screaming for a better product in all its facets.

That’s where the top names came to the fore and the market saw a huge expansion in what could be offered in looks, tones and shades.

The more outlandish offerings were made in the field of Halloween contact lenses.

No longer happy with a set list of characters, the market began catering for niche markets and special movie and pop star fans.

A classic example was the global success of the Twilight saga.

Suddenly, everyone wanted the look and style of Bella and Edward Cullen. The market went crazy for the best looking Twilight lenses and they sold by the truckload.

Where to now?

With the bar being raised from every year to every few months, it’s no wonder that the creation of some seriously scary looking lenses are hitting the marketplace.

Is there a point where the fun of a little fright becomes a shocking look that causes a trauma?

This is where the danger lies with lenses that invoke horror film characters and real-life maniacs.

The line between the two can be blurred and that is cause of concern for many parents.

Recent research from parenting websites and One Poll showed that showed that one in seven parents believe Halloween for children is becoming increasingly sinister, with some truly frightening Halloween costumes being worn.

Part of the fear factor is a result of Halloween eye contacts and the impact they can make.

For Mark Wright of MesmerEyez Aust, it’s a matter of getting the balance right.

“Halloween is supposed to be fun and friendly, but there’s a chance some people might take the whole ‘Scary Outfit’ to the extreme.”

He warns against recklessly throwing the blame around.

“You have to trust people to know where to draw the line and to know when and where to wear something. You’re not going to turn up at your Gran’s 90th birthday party in a Grim Reaper outfit. That’s just plain stupid. At the same time, you can wear a great pair of contacts for Halloween and everyone just thinks you look awesome!”

Knowing your limits is a key.

He thinks it’s about knowing the audience and has a great rule of thumb, “If you’re scared of really frightening someone, like kids or oldies or someone you hardly know, then the best bet is to take your outfit down a notch and save that killer look for the right party”.

Is he worried about the new batch of Halloween contact lenses and the freak-out factor they have?

“To be honest, there’s some pretty freaky looks this year for Halloween. We just trust our customers to do the right thing. Have a hell of a lot of fun and don’t go too far with anyone”.

He asks clients to remember they’re wearing some pretty spooky lenses.

“Don’t be surprised the shocked reaction you get when you’re paying for petrol or buying a kebab after the party. Those Halloween contacts can pack a punch, especially after midnight”.

Mark Wright
+61 402 526 621
email us here
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Curlee Girlee's Crackin' the Kid Code Podcast Features Parenting Expert Dr. Ross Greene

Parenting takes center stage on Curlee Girlee’s Crackin’ the Kid Code Podcast

Dr Ross Greene, child psychologist, stars on Curlee Girlee’s Crackin’ the Kid Code Podcast

Podcast host Atara Twersky’s first book “Curlee Girlee”

Parenting expert Dr. Ross Greene visits new podcast Curlee Girlee's Crackin' the Kid Code and shares his wisdom on raising challenging children.

We needed the kids to be involved in solving the problems," says Dr. Greene. "So collaborative approaches are proactive, not reactive or punitive.”

— Dr. Ross Greene

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, October 2, 2019 / — Dr. Ross Greene, a former Harvard Professor and clinical child psychologist who developed an intervention model called Collaborative and Proactive Solutions visits the new Curlee Girlee Crackin' the Kid Code Podcast to share his insight on collaborative parenting. Greene outlines how how to reduce stress and bring harmony to your home. "Every parent can learn from Dr. Ross Greene," says Atara Twersky, founder of the curly girl movement and and host of the Curlee Girlee Crackin' the Kid Code Podcast. "I believe in his collaborative approach to parenting. As a mom of three myself, I've had experience with challenging behavior. We are all doing our best to navigate parenthood in a thoughtful and intentional way. Dr. Green’s approach really does work."

The episode is full of wisdom delivered in an informative and honest manner. "We enjoy interviewing our guests," explains Grace Cross, co-host, writer and owner of a global online magazine. "We know we don't know everything about parenting and we are always learning. We bring in amazing experts like Dr. Greene to give us stealth tools we can use in our everyday life."

In this episode, Dr. Greene shares his poignant and at times powerful insight into raising children today. As someone who has built systems to help parents of behaviorally challenged youngsters, Dr. Greene might surprise you with his approach. Enjoy the content of the podcast episode as you learn more about how to parent any child, difficult or otherwise, as all children have difficult moments. Dr. Greene explains how he came up with the methods he now teaches. "We needed the kids to be involved in solving the problems," says Dr. Greene. "If we can get people out of the heat of the moment, we can probably be in better shape. So collaborative is not reactive or punitive."

About Dr. Ross Greene

Ross W. Greene is a Professor at Virginia Tech as well as a clinical child psychologist and author of the books The Explosive Child, Lost at School, Lost & Found, and Raising Human Beings. Greene developed the model of intervention called Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS). He has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

About Curlee Girlee's Crackin' the Kid Code Podcast

Curlee Girlee's Crackin' the Kid Code brings the Curlee Girlee movement and the Babyspot together to help parents navigate the road to empowerment for both themselves and their kids! To help us navigate this often rocky road, hosts Atara Twersky and Grace Cross, will interview celebrities, experts, entrepreneurs, and fellow mom influencers. Between the two of them, Atara and Grace are raising two curly girls, one wavy haired girl, one baby, and a boy! Challenges abound everyday but life would never be the same without them; so let's do this and together let's get working on crackin' the kid code.

About Atara Twersky

Atara Twersky is an attorney and mother of three. Atara is the founder of the Curly Girl movement and owner of Curlee Girlee was inspired by Atara's youngest daughter, and written to inspire her and all girls to love what makes them different and value their unique beauty.

About Grace Cross

Grace Cross is an Author, a writer and owner of The Baby Spot (, a global online magazine celebrating the similarities and embracing the differences of parenting practices worldwide.

Atara Twersky | Grace Cross
Curlee Girlee's Crackin' the Kid Code Podcast
+1 212 3650588
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Baby Prams and Strollers Market 2019 Global Trend, Segmentation And Opportunities Forecast To 2025

Baby Prams and Strollers Market 2019 Industry Analysis, Growth, Size, Share, Trends, Forecast To 2025

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, October 1, 2019 / — Baby Prams and Strollers Industry


Baby prams and strollers refer to the transport mediums used for carrying the babies. Pram refers to the perambulators that used for carrying the infants. A stroller is typically designed for carrying the small children up to the age of three years. The baby prams and strollers are well equipped with safety accessories like safety belts and harness to ensure the optimum safety of the babies. Often, the prams and strollers also come with a canopy or hood to provide better protection to the infants. 

The hand pushes vehicles for the babies, and young infants are of distinct types specially designed for different age groups. Innovations and technologies are recently being incorporated into the baby prams and strollers to make the parenting activities easier. The emergence of eco-friendly prams, as well as strollers, is a recent addition to the global market. The global market of baby prams and strollers is anticipated to witness significant growth during the forecast period. 

The introduction of the innovative features of enhanced security and multi-functionality is a key market driver of the global baby prams and strollers market. Increasing concern about the safety of babies and young infants further propels the market growth. Growth in the number of nuclear families, the growth of single parents, and the fastening pace of life increases the demand for baby prams and strollers. Lack of skilled labor and high costs associated with the raw materials are the major limitations that hamper the market growth across the globe.

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The key manufacturers in the Baby Prams and Strollers include :- 

Goodbaby International, Combi, Seebaby, Newell Brands, Artsana, Ningbo Shenma Group, Zhongshan Baobaohao, Dorel Industries, Emmaljunga, Peg Perego, Pigeon, Evenflo, Joovy, Kolcraft Enetrprises

Market Classification

The global market is classified based on product type, end-user, sales channel, and region. 

Depending on the product type, the global baby prams and strollers market are segmented into comfort strollers, comfort prams, tandem strollers, buggies, and 3-wheeler strollers. The comfort strollers are the leading segment of the global market, owing to its convenience and safety features. The 3-wheeler strollers are anticipated to witness maximum growth during the forecast period. 

Based on the end-user, the global market is segmented into 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-24 months, and above 24 months. 

The sales channel of baby prams and strollers include baby boutique stores, mass-market stores, online retailers, and specialized stores. 

Regional Market Analysis

Depending on the geography, the global baby prams and strollers market are segmented into the North America region, Asia Pacific region, Europe region, the Middle East and Africa region, and the Central South America region. Europe occupies the leading position in the global market owing to the rise in demand for multi-functional and convenience prams and strollers in the region. The Asia Pacific region is projected to witness the highest growth due to the increase in the disposable income of the people. The increase in the number of babies across the different regions of the globe will increase the demand for the global market. 

Top Industry News

Land Rover and iCandy launched an all-terrain baby stroller. The stroller is designed in such a way that it allows the parents to take their infants anywhere outdoor. The style and functionality are carefully designed to deliver optimum convenience. The pushchair also has a rucksack to help in the storage of all that baby needs. 


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