An Appeal to the UAE Government.

Brain education is about actualizing your full emotional health power.

Wisdom education is brain cleaning education.

Create your pure self by healing your brain through brain education.

Stop letting your emotional baggage rule your life.

Brain and mind are two separate entities and so mind and brain education are different.

The quality of the self-image determines the quality of life for individuals, groups and countries.

The UAE leadership are the world's greatest #VisionActualizers who are focused on innovating a new world and I would like to offer them my path to a Wise World.

Why wait for old age to become wise. Get rid of the wisdom blocking emotional baggage now. Wisdom is pure love and as love is an emotion so is wisdom that effortlessly springs from emotional health.”

— Sajid Khan, Wisdom through brain education.

DUBAI, UAE, February 7, 2019 / — The improvement of the world will not come from the UN or the Wisdom Gurus or even, 'The Summit' currently being held in Dubai. They all keep talking about changing the mindset. The mind is the smoke/fragrance/reflection of the brain and so to change the mind the brain has to be healed. Our experts have fuzzy knowledge about the brain and mind being two separate entities. They keep trying to change the smoke when they need to deal with the fire!

Any wonder that in spite of all these conferences and meetings of the most brilliant and latest knowledge packed minds, the world is as emotionally ill/challenged as ever. All these experts are stuck on changing minds! The results are almost as bad as trying to change a reflection.

The #1 problem that needs to be fixed is the emotional health of the vast section of the population. Emotional health is the foundation of health and yet there is no testing or manual for emotional health. No wonder in spite of all the advances and break throughs society is as messed up as ever.

It is not because of lack of effort to improve the emotional well being of the population. It is just that the experts are focused on trying to solve the problem by trying to make everyone emotionally intelligent. Emotional intelligence is the science term for wisdom and like wisdom it is the smoke where emotional health is the fire. So all efforts are directed to creating smoke instead of lighting the fire.

The problem is compounded as hundreds of thousands of papers and tens of thousands of books on emotional intelligence have been published where emotional intelligence is branded as the panacea for the social ills. Will these authors and publishers ever admit that they are wrong? Most leading universities now have emotional intelligence department when they should have emotional health departments. In fact not just universities even hospitals and businesses and even jails should have emotional health departments.

Emotional health departments are even more essential as happiness is a top priority of every government department in the UAE. Pure happiness is an attribute of emotional health, as are all the other attributes of wisdom because wisdom is emotional health!

There are two every prominent universities that have Wisdom Research Institutes, Chicago and Berlin Universities. Their problem is that they consider wisdom as a stand alone entity which it is not. Also they are still confused about the mind and they lump the brain and mind as one. So no matter how much research they do they are stuck in half baked knowledge.

You have a chance to open, The Zayed Wisdom Research Institute. I have already done the fundamental research, so you will have a head start. We may call this institute, The Zayed Emotional Health Institute as emotional health (EH) is wisdom.

This institute will create text books on EH for educational entities from hospitals to universities.

Brain, mind, and addiction therapies for hospitals. Manuals for emotional health, happiness, relationships.

Create working, crystal clear definitions based on pure science for the big mysteries of philosophy.

Create emotional health apps.

A Robotic seal that should be on every desk.

Create a separate subject of Brain Education.

Produce movies, songs, sculpture, paintings, seminars, toys, robots etc. on wisdom.

Create Wise Parenting guidelines.

Create a new profession of Brain Healers.

Create a fundamental formula for peace.

Establish Wisdom Land, Brain Power Club, Wisdom Day, Wisdom Hall of Fame, and Emotional Health Day etc.

Create testing and manuals for emotional health, happiness, relationships etc.

Also a whole new profession of Wise Parenting Inspectors, and Brain Education (BE) Coaches.

I already have the basics for all of the above.

The reason why professors in the west do not endorse my ideas is because they have already published half-baked ideas and even thousands of books with fuzzy and defective knowledge and so they will have to admit that all these published papers and books are wrong filled with only partly true knowledge.

For example Oprah has been promoting defective knowledge for 4 decades and do you think she will admit that she and her experts are wrong? The biggest so called expert on Emotional Intelligence has written many books describing EI by its four attributes. It is like describing a cake as a mixture of eggs, sugar, flour and butter. I told him that the world wants to know the cake and he is showing them that the cake is eggs, sugar, flour and butter. So I drew on a paper plate these cake ingredients and told him to look at this drawing and eat these items and tell me what a cake tastes like and and tell me how a cake looks like. He had no answer. So he will have to admit his books are defective. He is now slowly shifting to my idea.

Big universities now have EI departments when they should have EH departments. You will be the first to have EH departments as well as in all other institutions including hospitals.

You have a big opportunity to bring the Nobel Prize to the UAE. The bigger opportunity is that you will change the world.

With all this you will be opening a massive opportunity for creating all kinds of jobs and the social benefits will be priceless!

You have the power to create the right path to an emotionally healthy world!

Sajid Khan, President
4th R Foundation
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All emotions, including wisdom and love etc can now be defined in numbers. The art of living is now a science. Wisdom is a science!

Source: EIN Presswire