Pam Levin's Hilarious Comedy TALES OF MODERN MOTHERHOOD THIS SH*T JUST GOT REAL Back for ONE NIGHT at White Fire Theatre

Philadelphia Native, Pam Levin

Tour de Force, Pam Levin brings her hilarious comedy Tales of Modern Motherhood This Sh*t Just Got Real to White Fire Theatre Tuesday, July 24th

This one woman show is witty, entertaining, poignant, real, raw, all in one; in short, it’s everything fine theatre should be.”

— Bonnie Priever – Curtain Up

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 22, 2018 / — To birth or not to birth, that is the question, but what if, “to NOT” is a deal breaker? Pam Levin had managed to convince her husband Brett to postpone parenting for 5 years, but now time’s up and her husband’s biological clock is ticking. However, Pam has a different strategy…SPERM ASSASINATION! “Tales of Modern Motherhood…this sh*t just got real” is Pam Levin’s brutally funny comedy about the fear of becoming a parent, and why she seriously considered just settling for a dog.

Tales Of Modern Motherhood has played to sold-out houses from coast to coast since it opened last year. On the heels of another sold out show last month in Philadelphia, Levin is bringing it back to LA one more night at the Whitefire Theatre after headlining the Whitefire's Solo Fest 2018 in January and February. The East Coast Premiere, Off-Broadway, sold out at the United Solo Festival in New York City and was awarded with two encore performances. Audience members return over and over again connecting with Levin in wonderful ways whether they have children or not.

One Night Only: Tuesday, July 24, 2018 at 8 PM – White Fire Theatre (13500 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks 91423) Tickets are $20 (Student & Senior Discounts available) at Brown Paper Tickets.

Pam Levin is a veteran of the stage and the solo show genre. She toured all over the world, off and on for six years with the AWARD-WINNING show, The Quiet Room. She also had the pleasure of performing, In My Own X-Rated Words, written by Fredrica Duke for the last 2 1/2 years in Los Angeles. This is Pam’s first time writing her own solo piece, which she crafted in Terrie Silverman’s Solo Master Class in LA.


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TOMM Trailer

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Children's Book Publisher Baxter's Corner Receives Two Creative Child Awards

"Oakley in Knots" Earns Prestigious Creative Child Preferred Choice Award® and Oakley Wall Art Earns Creative Child Product of the Year Award®.

LOUISVILLE, KY, UNITED STATES, July 12, 2018 / — Creative Child Magazine has presented two of its seals of achievement and desirability to Baxter’s Corner® products. Oakley in Knots, a book about an octopus who figures out how to untangle himself from difficult situations, is the recipient of the Creative Child Preferred Choice Award and the accompanying Oakley character wall art has received the Creative Child 2018 Product of the Year Award.

Creative Child Magazine developed its awards program based on the belief that each child should discover what 'creativity' means to them. Studies have shown that children who are given an opportunity to be creative often will exhibit a greater ability to learn in other subjects such as math, reading and writing and that children whose creativity is nurtured at a young age are also often found to have more confidence as they mature and develop through their adolescent years.

Creative Child Magazine's Awards are unique in that all products submitted are reviewed by more than 60 moms, educators and early education professionals. Therefore, every product that is reviewed is by the very people who would purchase them.

"We are so excited about being recognized by Creative Child Magazine,” said Baxter’s Corner Managing Partner and Chief Crayon Mary Ellen Stottmann. “Creative Child’s goals fit perfectly with our mission to provide creative storytelling to young children that encourages discussion with parents, teachers and caregivers in order to teach valuable life lessons.”

Oakley is one of the many animal friends from other Baxter’s Corner titles, including Ally
Alone, Ellema Sneezes, Sideways, Fred, Gerome Sticks His Neck Out and What a
Tree It Will Be! In addition to the story, each Baxter’s Corner book provides a “Go Beyond” section that provides an added experience, complete with thought-provoking questions and fun learning activities. Each Baxter’s Corner story illustrates a fundamental value, including compassion, respect, cooperation, determination and resilience.

The books are available at Each book also
has its own set of accessories including plush toys, puppets and original wall art
available as decals, posters and canvases to help create the Baxter’s Corner

About Baxter’s Corner®
Baxter’s Corner is a Louisville-based company whose mission is to use creativity and storytelling to affect behavior choices through open discussion between children and adults about values and ethical topics that challenge today’s society, because Building Character is Child’s PlayTM. For more information, go to

About the Creative Child Awards®
Creative Child Magazine is a national monthly parenting magazine that expands the definition of creativity by providing originality and spontaneity to parents seeking resources to nurture their child's creativity. Creative Child Magazine's Awards Program includes a two-day event where over 60 guest reviewers are invited to attend a product review. Guest reviewers sit and review each product at every station to ensure multiple reviews. Review forms include written comments and a score value based on criteria that corresponds to the product's category. Upon completion of the event, all scores are tabulated and comments are reviewed. All products submitted, including award winners, are officially announced on our website,

Building Character is Child’s PlayTM.

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Paul F. Eagle was appointed pro tempore Family Law Court Commissioner for King County Superior Court.

Attorney At Law

Mr. Eagle looks forward to serving the people of King County in family court in his capacity as a pro tempore Court Commissioner.

SEATTLE , WASHINGTON, USA, July 9, 2018 / — On June 18, 2018, Paul F. Eagle was appointed a pro tempore Family Law Court Commissioner for King County Superior Court. Mr. Eagle looks forward to serving the people of King County in Family Court in his capacity as a pro tempore Court Commissioner.

Family Law Court for King County Superior Court adjudicates most family law matters, including (but not limited to):

 Divorce or legal separation (with and without children)
 Parenting plan/residential schedule
 Paternity/parentage
 Child support
 Spousal support/maintenance
Domestic violence

A Northwest native, Paul F. Eagle enjoys deep roots in Seattle and the general King County region. Raised by his beloved single-parent mother, and the youngest of thirteen (13) children, Mr. Eagle grew-up in Green Lake and Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. “I am so appreciative of the significant responsibility and genuinely thankful for the opportunity to serve King County. I look forward to bringing my (almost) 25 years of family law experience to King County Superior Court as a pro tempore Court Commissioner. My lengthy private practice history, education and overall background will fortify my already innate desire to do the best possible work as a pro tempore Family Law Court Commissioner,” said Paul F.Eagle, Attorney at Law.

After receiving his education at St. Benedict’s Elementary School and Bishop Blanchet High School, he attended Saint Martin’s College (now Saint Martin's University) in Olympia wherein he graduated, cum laude, with degrees in religious studies and philosophy. Mr. Eagle obtained his Juris Doctorate from Gonzaga University School of Law in Spokane, Washington. While studying at Gonzaga University School of Law, he was one of few students chosen to intern with the Washington State Attorney General’s Office. Since 2004, Mr. Eagle practiced family and criminal law at Eagle Law Offices, PS in Seattle, Washington.

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Christine Rose to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

BONNEY LAKE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, July 6, 2018 / — Women executives and business owners are generally confident in their roles. But in this post-#MeToo world with unprecedented change taking place, how prepared are we for the unexpected? How do we handle an increased workload, ask for a promotion, deal with a demanding boss, carve our niche as a business owner, or excel at work with so much demand in our personal lives? What if there was an exceptional coach with the expertise to help us accomplish our goals?

Christine Rose, ACC is an extraordinary Business and Executive Coach and founder and owner of Christine Rose Coaching and Consulting.

“I aspire to give back and help others live their best lives,” says Christine. “It is my unrelenting passion to share with other women that we don’t have to be stuck and we really can shift into a life that is far greater than we ever imagined for ourselves.”

Having experienced the distress of growing up in an abusive household, and navigating demands of changing careers and parenting, Christine’s past challenges help her identify with her clients’ hurdles. But it was when she hired a coach to guide her through a nerve-wracking divorce, that she reached a turning point. Christine was so moved by the deep impact of coaching on her life that after she retired at age 53 from a rewarding career, she began to study coaching, finding her calling.

“I spent such a tremendous period of my life feeling powerless,” says Christine. “Hiring a coach helped improve every aspect of my life: relationships, work, health, finances, faith, and self-confidence.”
According to Christine coaching is powerful for helping accomplish the impossible and overcome the obstacles that hold us back. Assisting business women to thrive in leadership roles is her forte, and she’s pleased when her clients accomplish their dreams and make valuable contributions to society.

“We all possess inner wisdom,” says Christine. “This is true whether we’re already doing great and would like greater success, or we’re desperately struggling. Coaching facilitates moments of clarity. When we align with this wisdom, we make intentional choices which move us in the right direction. We are free to release our best selves to bring positive change to the world.”

A certified Taylor Protocols CVI coach, Christine offers her clients access to the most accurate, reliable assessment available helping clients know themselves at the deepest level. Living in alignment with themselves gives them a sense of purpose and meaning bringing authentic happiness.

“My mission to empower as many women as possible to design and live their best future,” says Christine. “Everyone can co-create their best future and we can absolutely write a triumphant ending to our stories.”

CUTV news will feature Christine Rose in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Monday July 9th at 12 noon EST and with Jim Masters on Monday July 16th at 12 noon EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have any questions for our guest please call (347) 996-3389

For more information on Christine Rose please visit

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Wisdom 3.0

Identify with the mind and with it heal the brain.

Emotional intelligence comes from emotional health.

Brain education is about actualizing your full emotional health power.

Wisdom education is brain cleaning education.

Create your pure self by healing your brain through brain education.

Stop letting your emotional baggage rule your life.

There is an effective trick to creating a wise society. By defining wisdom not by its qualities and attributes but by whatever generates wisdom.

Will our leaders and experts ever climb down from their ivory towers and understand that the true nature of wisdom can be defined as a science!”

— Sajid Khan

WASHINGTON, DC, WASHINGTON, DC, USA, July 5, 2018 / — A very simple paradigm shift is all that is required to change the current chaotic world mess into an authentic wisdom powered world of harmonious order. The current world mess clearly stems from a nonlinear definition of wisdom. All that is required is to change the current fuzzy definition of wisdom to a predictable phenomenon. Let’s just change the definition of wisdom from being a philosophy to being a science. Wisdom and emotional intelligence are one and the same. They both stem from emotional health. The simple trick is to define wisdom as emotional health. Emotional health is as scientific a phenomena as they come. Focusing on emotional health will generate wisdom effortlessly.

A plan to create emotional health will replace the ills of society with a massive positive change that will mean not just successful sustainability but a super #full-means-ability. Combined with the effects of a wise society the creation of a Wisdom Industry will create massive jobs in all corners of the world which will result in huge economic gains. Just imagine a free Wisdom Land franchise with branches all over the world. Just imagine a whole new profession of Brain Healers, WisdomSeminar Leaders, Wise Parenting Coaches, Jail Instructors, Leadership Coaches, Happiness Coaches etc.

Every country, region, corner of the world can all be equal partners in such entities as Wisdom Day, Wisdom Land, Wisdom Hall of Fame, Brainpower Club, Shypower Club, Happiness Clinics, Divorce Clinics etc.

Some of the practical applications of my wisdom formula include toys that teach wisdom, a script for a movie,’The Story of Wisdom’, a sitcom on wisdom, a talk show on wisdom, The Wisdom Express, The Star of Wisdom Award, seminars on wisdom, happiness, love, deep brain relaxation etc.

Imagine what emotionally healthy brains on a massive scale will do to the world.

We Must Find the Path to a Wise Society by Any and Every Means Possible. The world is in chaos because we continue to produce emotionally challenged brains in the majority of mankind, not just at the individual level and even at the group and country levels.

There are extremely simple, crystal clear and effective tricks to creating a wise society.

Define wisdom not by its qualities and attributes but by whatever generates wisdom. Thus define wisdom as emotional health.

Identify emotional health as humility because it is humility that transforms every attribute of wisdom into wisdom!

As wisdom is the smoke where emotional health is the fire focus on lighting the fire instead of trying to create smoke on its own. To create emotional health create emotionally healthy brains by ensuring emotional baggage free brains. Thus define wisdom education as wise-parenting for the young and brain-therapy for all others.

Please google, ‘sajid wisdom’ to get a further idea of my work.

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Wisdom/Emotional-Health and even emotions can now all be defined, measured and taught as a science.

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