Adoptive Parenting Coach Kaye O'Neal of Kaye O’Neal Coaching to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

One in every 25 families with children in the US includes an adopted child.”

— Kaye O'Neal

MARIETTA, GEORGIA, USA, March 21, 2017 / — Parenting is perhaps the greatest and most challenging leadership job in the world. Parenting children who are adopted, fostered or stepchildren can take that another level deeper. The responsibility of raising healthy and capable children is rewarding and not for the faint of heart.

“Parenting is tough and terrific rolled together and we all struggle sometimes” says Kaye O’Neal, founder of Kaye O’Neal Coaching. “I meet many capable parents who have all they need to succeed but feel stuck and not living up to the challenge.”

Kaye O’Neal Coaching helps parents gain a new reality check and shift toward positive energy and resolution.

“We’re blessed to be parents.” says O’Neal. “I help parents capitalize on their strengths. The goal is to help clients see and feel their own brand of confident and compassionate parenting. That’s the vision for Kaye O’Neal Coaching.”

One in every 25 families with children in the US includes an adopted child. There are many parents navigating the complex emotions associated with raising adopted children. For an adopted child, each stage of life is accompanied by a layer of complexity and uncertainty which is different from the experiences of their biologically raised peers. Infants adopted immediately after birth experience a sense of loss as they grow. Some young adult adoptees describe this as feeling out of sync, that they are missing something important in their lives.

“The search for identity, accepting and moving through the hurt of abandonment, the insecurity are all real experiences for many adoptees. These actions don’t mean they love their adoptive families less but it can look and feel that way.” says O’Neal. “It takes both love and courage.”

O’Neal is an advocate for courageous adoption and parenting. Where possible and desired, O’Neal advocates for birth families, adoptive families and adoptees to learn about each other and connect. That is not always an easy thing for parents to do.

As a proud mother of two adopted children now in their 20’s and a successful career professional, she understands the challenges of life in both arenas. O’Neal’s practice is focused primarily in the adoption arena. She learned firsthand that resources are plentiful leading up to placement and almost non-existent after placement when they are needed most. Kaye’s experience motivated her to do something about that. She founded Kaye O’Neal Coaching.

“Adoption is deeply human,” says Kaye O’Neal. “Many people understand the impact of abandonment and loss from an intellectual place. I’ve learned that if you’re not intimately involved in adoption you won’t fully get it. You may not understand it emotionally and intellectually. That’s what I bring to my clients. I coach from a place of understanding. I get it.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Kaye O’Neal in an interview with Jim Masters on March 24th at 3pm EDT.

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