ACC GLOBAL MEDIA features Doula Child Birth Educator & Parent Coach Martha Lerner



ACC GLOBAL NEWS features Expert Doula Martha Lerner on Child Birth Education & Parent Coaching

Whether assisting Mothers through the Process of Pregnancy or the Resolutions of Parenting, Expert Doula Child Birth Educator & Parent Coach Martha Lerner's EXPERIENCE is second to NONE in this Field.”


CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 24, 2017 / — ACC NEWS Interview with Martha Lerner, Founder of Zenmamalove MONDAY FEBRUARY 27TH, 2017 at NOON(12:00 p.m. EST) Coral Springs, Florida
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ACC NEWS Spotlights Martha Lerner of Zenmamalove on Doula Child Birth Education, & Parent Coaching

ACC News Talk Radio Spotlights Martha Lerner of Zenmamalove

Coral Springs, FL – Pregnancy, preparation and parenting… The most incredibly exhilarating yet mildly terrifying sensation can be the moment a person realizes that they’re going to be responsible for a child’s life. For pregnant women, the spectrum of emotions can turn moments of happiness into instances of deep sadness. For their family and significant others in their lives, support is equally necessary for a multitude of reasons. Everyone desires a smooth and easy pregnancy, both physically and emotionally. The reality is that this is no simple task and thankfully there are trained Doulas like Martha Lerner of Zenmamalove.

Martha spent over 15 years as a Middle School/High School teacher and always felt a deep connection towards helping others. Martha experienced the birth of her son at the age of 38 and suffered from post-partum depression. Losing her mother at a young age, Martha didn’t have the support system that is often necessary for a new parent after giving birth but she was fortunate enough to be introduced to a Doula. While attempting to continue teaching, Martha realized ultimately that her heart was no longer there as she yearned to help others to avoid the feelings and issues that she experienced firsthand.

Martha became a certified Doula and since then has focused all of her attention on empowering women and assisting them and their families to navigate through the twists and turns that pregnancy and parenting can bring. Understanding that everyone is different, Martha is able to bring a unique approach to every individual and family that she encounters. By phone, email, text, individual and group sessions: Martha makes herself completely accessible to everyone she works with. Additionally, Martha teaches babywearing classes and several parenting workshops including Peaceful Parenting 101.

“Because of the struggles I faced as a pregnant/new mom, the hurdles I overcame and rose above, I am devoting my profession to helping Moms and their family members hopefully feel a little less lost or alone,” exclaims Lerner.

The future is bright for Martha Lerner as she has a growing client base and founded a babywearing network that has now expanded to over 400 members. Furthermore, Martha has created two new courses to be released this year called Mindset Makeover and Heart to Heart Parenting. In the meantime, Martha also holds a free monthly Women’s Support Circle for her clients to help create a safe space and unite the different women at various stages of pregnancy, postpartum and parenting levels so they can lean on each other and feel like part of one unified village of support.

Martha Lerner will be featured on ACC News Talk Radio on Monday February 27th at 12pm EST. For more information visit, email or call 305-968-3735.

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Close Parent Win 2 Awards for Incredible Product Innovation in Baby Products

Close Parent has won two awards for their incredible innovation in baby and toddler products.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 21, 2017 / — The team at Close Parent are no stranger to awards as they have collected many since their launch. Their commitment to providing fantastic products, that work, for multitasking mums and dads ensures they’re always at the top of the shortlist when the awards are handed out.

They have many products that have become a staple for everyday parenting, most notably the close Caboo baby sling which featured on Channel 4 and the pop in reusable nappies.

In their own words, “It all started back in 2004, two mums got together; one with a passion for baby wearing and the other a love of cloth bottoms. Close has since established itself as a great British parenting brand, lucky enough to win a few awards and many loyal fans both home and abroad along the way
Like all brands, we needed some good fortune and in 2007, the original version of our Caboo Carrier featured in the Channel 4 series “Bringing Up Baby”, just before we launched “Pop-in” nappies to a happy hubbub of approval…. We have always appreciated the concerns of parents regarding the world your little one will grow up in, alongside the pressures and need to manage a family budget. As a result, we believe in making things that are durable, built to last and clearly communicated, so you can make the right choices for you and your little nipper, today, tomorrow and everyday…”

Close Parent have now rebranded to simply “Close” and continue to expand their range. They have now won a Top Product Award from Sunday Woman Magazine for their travel accessories and been reviewed and approved by The Consumer Voice.

Sunday Woman Magazine are very impressed with Close, and in their own words, say, “Close Parent have been on our radar for some time, but it's only recently we delved a little deeper into their products and innovative designs. They first caught our attention back in the day when Peaches Geldof argued with Katie Hopkins over attachment parenting. Close Parent has developed the Caboo Baby Sling that is a safe cocoon for babies, and a dream for multi tasking parents. As their baby sling is so popular, we assumed this was all they did, but we were wrong, as a little more delving revealed some ingenious products for dad and mum.
ALL of Close Parent's products win our top product award, as each one has been designed with mum, dad and baby in mind. The ultimate in convenience, while being eco friendly, these products make it easy to travel, to keep babies and toddlers comfortable and to bring up a child without compromising core values, such as a belief in a cleaner, healthier world, and a happy contented child.
If you thought Close Parent only concentrated on the Caboo Baby Carrier, look again. You'll see eye catching pop in nappies (Minkee and Bamboo) feeding accessories, travel must haves, and even incentives from local councils to make disposable nappies a thing of the past.
We're proud to promote every product as we truly believe you will love every accessory as much as we did. Whether you have a newborn or are potty training, there's a product for every parent, they are also high quality gifts, that any parent would love to receive.”

The Consumer Voice are also delighted with the products and let their readers know why they chose Close to receive their reviewed and approved award, “The Caboo carrier has obviously been invented by a mother who understands a woman's body post childbirth. A mother who understands the importance of comfort, a mother who has managed to replicate the feel of a hug, a cuddle, and constructed an indispensable tool for attachment parenting, or for any mother looking to keep baby close while getting on with her life.”

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Zig Zag Feeding Seat

Zig Zag Diaper Bag

Zig Zag Medium Stroller

Introducing a new line of gender-neutral accessories that level the pretend playfield

For Adora, there is no right or wrong way to play. Girls and boys should enjoy the freedom to choose the toys they want to play with without fear of judgment or scrutiny.”

— Peggy Vicioso

LAGUNA HILLS, CA, USA, February 14, 2017 / — Adora believes that it's never too early to practice good parenting. As an addition to their successful line of playful pink floral patterned accessories, the award-winning toy company is proud to release a gender-neutral collection that will allow both boys and girls to have fun nurturing.

This launch is an important one for Adora. In an age where girls can play with planes, trains and automobiles, why shouldn't boys play with dolls and change diapers? When it comes to playtime, offering a choice is vital in creating secure, happy and well-rounded littles. Removing gender bias and giving boys or girls options other than pink, purples and pastels gives them the green light to engage in nurturing play without gender bias. Whether they are preparing to be a big brother or sister, dream of being a stay at home mom or dad, or just enjoy playing with dolls, these toys will help foster kindness, teach practical skills, encourage self expression and bring out a child's gentle spirit.

"For Adora, there is no right or wrong way to play. Girls and boys should enjoy the freedom to choose the toys they want to play with without fear of judgment or scrutiny," explains Peggy Vicioso, VP of Marketing and Product Development. The 25+ veteran of the doll industry believes "Children should be encouraged to play with the toys that bring them joy. The more options we have out there today, the more successful we'll be at developing the strong, confident persons and parents of tomorrow."

The new accessories are designed in a contemporary aqua and gray zig zag pattern that appeals to both mommies and daddies alike. This must-have baby gear gives little ones the chance to practice hands-on care for their baby dolls while encouraging hours of nurturing, interactive and creative pretend play. Ideal for feedings, changings or daily strollings, the new accessory line includes:

The Zig Zag Feeding Set • $14.99 • Fits up to 20" dolls • Ages 3+
Dine in with your doll at home or bring baby to brunch. Fully assembled, this portable highchair/booster seat hybrid conveniently attaches to most tables for simple seating, in or out.

The Zig Zag Diaper Bag • $14.99 • Ages 3+
Perform Mommy or Daddy diaper changes in style. Featuring a sturdy carrying strap and easy to open and shut velcro flap closure, this unisex bag includes a changing pad and two mini doll diapers.

The Zig Zag Medium Shade Umbrella Stroller • $29.99 • Fits up to 20" dolls • Ages 2+
Perfect for pint-sized parents on the go, this beautifully crafted ride features a handy storage compartment and convertible shade. Added bonus – it folds up for easy storage.

Adora is a division of Charisma Brands, LLC. Adora has been producing award-winning toys and accessories for kids age 0-6+, for 25 years. Adora toys are thoughtfully crafted to give parents peace of mind. Products are BPA-free, hypoallergenic, and most are 100% machine washable. Adora is known for its realistic and unique doll sculpts, sweet faces, and fun and whimsical interactive toys that both girls and boys love. Available at specialty toy retailers, Amazon and on their web site at

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A Single Dad's Guide Book to Parenting Won Many Hearts

Get Custody Of Your Child

Author releases a book that shed light to custody battles, parenthood, and being Single.

CHARLOTTE, NC, USA, February 1, 2017 / — Author releases a book that shed light to custody battles, parenthood, and being Single.

Get Custody of Your Child is an aggressive book that aims to address a father's experience in the midst of an ugly custody battle.

The author Richard A. Quick, stirs up the emotional hurdles about fulfilling the duties of a father and being involved with his children's life. The book is a straight-up guide to lone parents particularly fathers who remain invincible in their fight for child custody and how being a father can be a fulfilling and rewarding mission.

In a society where the system favor the women in the fight for child's custody, Quick's book will serve as step-by-step pointers to better understand the struggle faced by single fathers and those without any clue about being involved with the day-to-day struggle of being a solo parent.

The book acknowledges the differences between raised with two parents and being a single mom and being a single dad. Quick believes, that raising a child and being a part of their lives can be challenging. He also believes that through his book, one will not be alone and misguided with the endeavor to be the best parent despite the absence of a partner.

The book dispels widespread assumption that solo parent can't have good children is relatively false. Some men do prefer to be pro-active in their children's lives than run off and abandon the duties of being a father.

The narrative will inspire more dads to do more as the author chronicles his own struggles as a full-time and hands-on father while doing volunteer work in the community.

Get Custody of Your Child will guide parents in learning parenting skills and how to achieve them.

About the Author:
A retired officer of the United States Air Force, Richard A. Quick is a single father of two. Born and raised in North Carolina, Mr. Quick, a graduate of NCA&T University spends most of his time being a full-time hands-on father and volunteering in the community. Although constantly attempting to have a significant relationship with his son, like with his daughter, his son’s mother made this opportunity extremely difficult. After many years of going back and forth to court with the mother of his son attempting only to obtain and exercise joint custody, Mr. Quick decided to peruse and finally gain primary custody. He decided to use his years of experience to put together a very simple and direct guide for men to assist with getting custody of their child.

Product Details:
Get Custody of Your Child
Written by Richard A. Quick
Paperback | $7.99
Book copies are available at, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles.

Richard A. Quick
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