It's an Inside Out World – Book by Lori Carpenos – Helps Teens Find Peace of Mind & Inner Happiness

Helping Teens and Young Adults Find Peace of Mind, Happiness, Contentment & Personal Empowerment

It's an Inside Out World by Author Lori Carpenos, LMFT is now available at

WEST HARTFORD, CT, USA, March 23, 2016 / — Author Lori Carpenos, a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in West Hartford, CT, recently published, "It's an Inside-Out World" which is available for purchase at The book was written to help teens find peace of mind, more satisfaction and contentment by guiding them to explore a new paradigm of reality that enhances and improves the way they relate to themselves and one another. The paradigm shift is real, but the story line of the book is fictional as follows:

Two girls, who are learning about the effects of feelings and emotions and how they originate, do a test to discover whether feelings come from inside or outside themselves. As they see how to calm their minds, they begin to realize that fresh, new, positive thoughts naturally take the place of insecure thinking. They learn that they don't have to take other peoples' thinking personally because they are free to create their own reality. There is unlimited potential and the free will to choose which thoughts to act upon and which thoughts to let go.

Author Lori Carpenos points young people directly to the natural happiness and good feeling that are born into each and every person. This "inside out" path means no fixing, no focusing on problems, no trying to figure things out. Rather readers "wake up" to their own well-being and a fresh view of life! What a rare opportunity to not only discover health inside but to discuss anything immediately with Lori via her blog. A genuine connection like this has unlimited possibilities!
Kathy Marshall Emerson, Executive Director, National Resilience Resource Center

Lori has helped many, many people find happiness within. She now introduces us to two teenagers who do their own experiments to uncover the inside out nature of life. Find out their results, then try these experiments for yourself and see how this understanding benefits you!
Christa Campsall, B Ed, Dipl Sp Ed, M A; Website:

This book is for the kid at heart in all of us. Kids’ problems are our problems and vice versa, and the answers all point in the same direction: from the inside out. This is a very important book for teenagers that has potential to truly help them in their lives.
Jack Pransky, Ph.D., Author, Parenting from the Heart and Somebody Should Have Told Us!,
and coauthor, What is a Thought (A Thought is a Lot)

Lori Carpenos has written a book that is fluid and clear and a real eye-opener for youth. In simple, easy to understand terms, It's an Inside-Out World describes some of the difficulties in life that youth face in a way that can help all youth, and even adults, with their entire lives.
Ami Chen Mills-Naim, author of State of Mind in the Classroom and The Spark Inside.

A fresh and contemporary introduction to how life works for young people in their often multi-channeled, fast-paced world.
Dave Nichols, Executive Director, Center for Sustainable Change

About the 3 Principles
The book is inspired by the 3 Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness, discovered by Sydney Banks in 1973. The 3 Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness, are simple words with simple definitions, yet their implications for humanity are limitless and profound. Their formlessness speaks to the source of reality, before all ideas and concepts, beliefs and belief systems.

Mind: The formless energy and intelligence of all Life.

Thought: The ability to create images and form ideas. The tremendous gift we have as human
beings to create our own emotional realities.

Consciousness: The ability to be aware of reality and of how reality is created for each of us.

These Three Principles work in unison from the inside out, creating each and every person’s
reality. They are always at work within us, whether we are aware of them or not.
When people recognize the Principles at work in themselves, they gain freedom and clarity.
They gain the ability to live life with grace and creativity, because they see that the external world holds no power over their peace of mind. Peace of mind comes from within, from a deeper, quieter source of Thought.

Everyone has access to insight, wisdom, and common sense. Stability, well-being, and personal security are our birthright, regardless of circumstances. When people realize they create their own mental suffering via the Principles, they begin to realize the resilience, wisdom, beauty, and genuine potential for a gratifying life that lies within them—beyond their limited, personal thoughts.

If you are looking for a way to help teenagers and young adults find a new way to deal with life’s challenges, you will love the metaphors introduced in this book. The book illustrates the sacred event of bringing formless energy into the world of form; and that we all have the power to choose how our own reality unfolds, as we walk the line between our spiritual essence and our physical existence in the best possible manner, using our gift of thought to enhance life rather than diminish it. This realization provides positive mental and emotional empowerment for teens, at the time in their lives when they are often feeling vulnerable or insecure. Any teen or adult who reads this book will learn that their personal thinking is a divine gift that allows them to think anything, and that they have the free will to choose which thoughts they act on and which ones they let go.

The book can be ordered at:

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Kicking Up Reproductive Freedom Through Live Streaming Theater on March 20

25 Plus Writers, 30 Actors, Reproductive Freedom, Health Rights and Justice in a One-Night Festival Live in New York and Live Streaming Everywhere

At a time when reproductive rights are under dire threat, the Reproductive Freedom Festival uses the power of the arts as a potent reminder of what is at stake: bodily autonomy and full equality.

— Producer, Reproductive Freedom Festival

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 9, 2016 / — The Reproductive Freedom Festival, a live theatrical and Live Streaming event, will take place on March 20, 2016, 6 to 9 pm (EST.)

The Live Stream, produced by partner Virtual Arts.TV is accessed directly (for free) at . The Live Streaming will be broadcast from New York City.

Writers and artists are speaking out about the past, present, future and timeless nature of reproductive freedom. At a time when reproductive rights are under dire threat, the Reproductive Freedom Festival uses the power of the arts as a potent reminder of what is at stake: bodily autonomy and full equality for all.

The performances are of short plays, poetry and spoken word selected from writers across the U.S., England and Canada about the past, present, future and timeless nature of reproductive freedom from an individual perspective. Topics address abortion rights, birth control, adoption, activism, pre-Roe years, incarceration of women in pregnancy, parenting, women who choose not to be mothers, medical care, menopause, sexual violence and politics.

In a partnership with VirtualArts.TV, high-quality multi-camera arts streaming program will bring viewers everywhere into the room with the actors. Viewers will be able to participate by tweeting and chatting with live audiences around the world. Artists and experts will speak to remote and live audiences, describing work across the country supporting reproductive freedom.

The theatrical event follows on the heels of the U.S. Supreme Court hearing in Whole Women's Health v. Hellerstadt, the most important abortion case in more than a decade. “Writers and artists are keeping up the drumbeat for people’s rights to make individual decisions about their healthcare and reproductive decisions without the interference of politicians, reactionary forces or the government,” said Cindy Cooper, director of Words of Choice, the producing organization.

The evening runs three hours and the performances are presented in half-hour segments. They are: HEROINES 6 pm – 6:30 pm, NEXT GENERATIONS 6:30 pm – 7 pm, CONFLICTS 7 pm – 7:30 pm, BODY POLITICS 7:30 pm – 8 pm, DISCOVERIES 8 pm – 8:30 pm, and WHAT WE KNOW 8:30 pm – 9 pm (all EST). Music, electronic art and interviews will interlace the half-hour performances. There will be a 5:30 (EST) performance focusing on Ireland and specific concerns there.

Writers in the Reproductive Freedom Festival include Marge Piercy, Jessica Litwak, Grisel Acosta, Angela Bonavoglia, Allie Costa, Judith Arcana, Jeremey Rishe, Yvette Heyliger, Mildred Lewis, Ellen Cohen, Kitty Chen, Laura Shamas, Henry Howard, Winter Miller, Margie Duffield and Greg Pliska, Mercedes Sanchez, Nicole Goodwin, Laura Zhatos. Michael angel Johnson, Jessica Feder-Birnbuam, Henry Howard, Debbie Miller, Junita Middleton, Ave Marie Cross, Melissa Bell, HSHP Drama Club, Abortion Looks Like (Jenny Dodson Mistry and Nadia Chait), Marcy Arlin, Stephen Cedars, V-Card Diaries (Therese Shechter) Samantha Lierens and Homework Collective (Ireland).

Directors include Thais Flaitt Giannoccaro, Joan Kane, Atonia Pettiford, Marcy Arlin, Francesca Mantani Arkus and Melanie Sutherland. Malini Singh McDonald of Theatre Beyond Broadway will co-host. Stacey Linnartz is the festival’s artistic consultant. Kathryn Velvel Jones is CEO of VirtualArts.TV.

Tickets to be in the New York City audience (limited seating) may be purchased at BrownPaperTickets, . The Reproductive Freedom Festival is a SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) event.

Sign up for Reminders, get Viewing Packets and access the Live Stream at:

#ReproRights #ProChoice

Jennifer Clarke
Reproductive Freedom Festival
917 603 6314
email us here

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