ACC GLOBAL MEDIA features Doula Child Birth Educator & Parent Coach Martha Lerner



ACC GLOBAL NEWS features Expert Doula Martha Lerner on Child Birth Education & Parent Coaching

Whether assisting Mothers through the Process of Pregnancy or the Resolutions of Parenting, Expert Doula Child Birth Educator & Parent Coach Martha Lerner's EXPERIENCE is second to NONE in this Field.”


CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 24, 2017 / — ACC NEWS Interview with Martha Lerner, Founder of Zenmamalove MONDAY FEBRUARY 27TH, 2017 at NOON(12:00 p.m. EST) Coral Springs, Florida
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ACC NEWS Spotlights Martha Lerner of Zenmamalove on Doula Child Birth Education, & Parent Coaching

ACC News Talk Radio Spotlights Martha Lerner of Zenmamalove

Coral Springs, FL – Pregnancy, preparation and parenting… The most incredibly exhilarating yet mildly terrifying sensation can be the moment a person realizes that they’re going to be responsible for a child’s life. For pregnant women, the spectrum of emotions can turn moments of happiness into instances of deep sadness. For their family and significant others in their lives, support is equally necessary for a multitude of reasons. Everyone desires a smooth and easy pregnancy, both physically and emotionally. The reality is that this is no simple task and thankfully there are trained Doulas like Martha Lerner of Zenmamalove.

Martha spent over 15 years as a Middle School/High School teacher and always felt a deep connection towards helping others. Martha experienced the birth of her son at the age of 38 and suffered from post-partum depression. Losing her mother at a young age, Martha didn’t have the support system that is often necessary for a new parent after giving birth but she was fortunate enough to be introduced to a Doula. While attempting to continue teaching, Martha realized ultimately that her heart was no longer there as she yearned to help others to avoid the feelings and issues that she experienced firsthand.

Martha became a certified Doula and since then has focused all of her attention on empowering women and assisting them and their families to navigate through the twists and turns that pregnancy and parenting can bring. Understanding that everyone is different, Martha is able to bring a unique approach to every individual and family that she encounters. By phone, email, text, individual and group sessions: Martha makes herself completely accessible to everyone she works with. Additionally, Martha teaches babywearing classes and several parenting workshops including Peaceful Parenting 101.

“Because of the struggles I faced as a pregnant/new mom, the hurdles I overcame and rose above, I am devoting my profession to helping Moms and their family members hopefully feel a little less lost or alone,” exclaims Lerner.

The future is bright for Martha Lerner as she has a growing client base and founded a babywearing network that has now expanded to over 400 members. Furthermore, Martha has created two new courses to be released this year called Mindset Makeover and Heart to Heart Parenting. In the meantime, Martha also holds a free monthly Women’s Support Circle for her clients to help create a safe space and unite the different women at various stages of pregnancy, postpartum and parenting levels so they can lean on each other and feel like part of one unified village of support.

Martha Lerner will be featured on ACC News Talk Radio on Monday February 27th at 12pm EST. For more information visit, email or call 305-968-3735.

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