A Single Dad's Guide Book to Parenting Won Many Hearts

Get Custody Of Your Child

Author releases a book that shed light to custody battles, parenthood, and being Single.

CHARLOTTE, NC, USA, February 1, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Author releases a book that shed light to custody battles, parenthood, and being Single.

Get Custody of Your Child is an aggressive book that aims to address a father's experience in the midst of an ugly custody battle.

The author Richard A. Quick, stirs up the emotional hurdles about fulfilling the duties of a father and being involved with his children's life. The book is a straight-up guide to lone parents particularly fathers who remain invincible in their fight for child custody and how being a father can be a fulfilling and rewarding mission.

In a society where the system favor the women in the fight for child's custody, Quick's book will serve as step-by-step pointers to better understand the struggle faced by single fathers and those without any clue about being involved with the day-to-day struggle of being a solo parent.

The book acknowledges the differences between raised with two parents and being a single mom and being a single dad. Quick believes, that raising a child and being a part of their lives can be challenging. He also believes that through his book, one will not be alone and misguided with the endeavor to be the best parent despite the absence of a partner.

The book dispels widespread assumption that solo parent can't have good children is relatively false. Some men do prefer to be pro-active in their children's lives than run off and abandon the duties of being a father.

The narrative will inspire more dads to do more as the author chronicles his own struggles as a full-time and hands-on father while doing volunteer work in the community.

Get Custody of Your Child will guide parents in learning parenting skills and how to achieve them.

About the Author:
A retired officer of the United States Air Force, Richard A. Quick is a single father of two. Born and raised in North Carolina, Mr. Quick, a graduate of NCA&T University spends most of his time being a full-time hands-on father and volunteering in the community. Although constantly attempting to have a significant relationship with his son, like with his daughter, his son’s mother made this opportunity extremely difficult. After many years of going back and forth to court with the mother of his son attempting only to obtain and exercise joint custody, Mr. Quick decided to peruse and finally gain primary custody. He decided to use his years of experience to put together a very simple and direct guide for men to assist with getting custody of their child.

Product Details:
Get Custody of Your Child
Written by Richard A. Quick
Paperback | $7.99
Book copies are available at www.getcustodyofyourchild.com, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles.

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